Continue from same..
Avni went to gurudwara alone she admires the beauty of this place and prayed for each and everyone. She was sitting near sarovar and looking at temple.
Yuvi was there and his eyes went on Avni who looking really beautiful while covering her head with duppta he went to her sit beside Avni.While Avni didn’t know about him.

Yuvi:this is the best moment sunset..
Avni turned her face and found Yuvi sitting beside her..


Yuvi:yes I’m here why I can’t come here.

Avni: are you spying at me haa.

Yuvi:Till now I didn’t think so but thinking this only..

Avni:what type of boy you are haa.. don’t talk to me.

Yuvi:why madam.. let’s try to talk to me na.

Avni: why I’ll try I had work not faltu like you. Leave my way.

Yuvi: Till now no girls never talk to Yuvi like this.

Avni:acha.. than go to your girls leave me.

Yuvi: I’m not interested in them but in you winked at Avni.

Avni:shameless.. she said and went from there while Yuvi laughing.

Yuvi:really something she had.. uff.. it’s hard to make her fall for me only one day went I saw her still become mad like anything.

At Sarna [email protected]

Twinkle laying down cursing Lavanya and fuming in anger.here Prithviraj and Lata bring bua dadi with them.Usha and Avantika meet with her.

Prithviraj:avantika beta now it’s your responsibility to take care of didi ji.

Avantika:ji daddy ji.They take her in room. She lay down. Bua ji you take care of yourself.

Bua: I’m fine beta yeh Prithviraj bhi na I’m fine there but he bring me here..

Usha:he did good.. last time we saw you now you become so thin.. how’s that bua ji.

Bua: she is good you know her keshi hai mirchi se bhi jada tikhi😛😛.. Usha and Avantika sit beside bua.

Avantika:in you both bua ji we just love you. Our bua ji..

Usha:same too.. now you rest I’ll make something for you to have.they both went from there..Avantika send servant to call twinkle. Servant went and call twinkle down she come and went to avantika..

Twinkle:yes mummy ji you calling me.

Avantika:yes beta go and meet with bua ji.

Twinkle:bua dadi ji come she make scared face..

Avantika:smile and understand don’t worry she is not tantrum wali bua dadi she is daddy ji real sister she is very lovey go and meet with her okay..

Twinkle:acha than good. She about to go usha gesturing her on duppta she understand take on her head and went in room and see she laying her eyes were closed she went towards her and touch her feed take her blessing due to this she wake up and open her eyes and see twinkle. Namastey bua dadi ji..

Bua:namastey.. tum Kunj ki biwi ho na..

Twinkle: yes. She went near to her she give her blessing while resting her hand on her head twinkle sit beside her.. how’s you..

Bua:I’m fine what about you. you are so good..

Twinkle: even you too. I’ll bring something for you okay. She went and see avantika and Usha making healthy soup for her..
mummy ji I’ll make soup for bua dadi ji.

Avantika: you meet with her how’s she is.:

Twinkle:nice..twinkle take soup for her and make her drink with her hands because her hands shivering due to weakness. Twinkle and she talk to each other’s.

Bua:why you taking this duppta haa take off you are not used too.

Twinkle: so what bua dadi ji. I m good. Prithviraj and Lata too come there sit.

Prithviraj: aur didi ji hows you feel now.

I take your appointment.

Bua:I’m fine now more your daughter in law is so good.

Lata:humari twinkle toh best hai..

@After sometimes later tej and Manohar come back from office they get surprised to see their favourite bua ji meet with her spend sometime with her.twinkle thinking about kunj he didn’t come till now..
Priyanka and Anjali come back from out.

Later kunj and Rahul too back. Kunj went in his room searching twinkle in room she is not there.

Kunj:where is siyappa queen went..
let it be.He take his night dress and get freshen up. He tell servant to send twinkle.

Servant went to twinkle who is busy in bua dadi work.

Servant: bhabhi kunj Bhaiya calking you..

Twinkle: why.. he needed something than only he calling me.. you wait. She make coffee and send with him and he went in room and give coffee mug to kunj..

Kunj: where is twinkle I told you call her what is this coffee.

Servant: Bhaiya I call bhabhi you calling her but he give me coffee and send for you.

Kunj:siyappa Queen.you go and send her. He went again tell twinkle but she told him she’ll go. but she didn’t went it.Kunj waiting for her get irritated she didn’t come back. Twinkle busy in dinner rudra and om went in kitchen and see twinkle.

Rudra: hi bhabhi.

Twinkle:hi you come back.

Om: yes what you do whole day here..

Twinkle:nothing you all went and I get bored here alone.. you know bua dadi ji come.

Rudra: ugh 😫..

Om: not than one dadu sister she used to come London Make sweet for us idiot.

Rudra: means that cotton candy bua dadi I’m going to meet with her and bhabhi please give me something I’m very hungry.

Twinkle: okay I’ll bring. Om and rudra went meet with bua dadi.

Bua: Arey rudra and omkara.

Om: how’s you dadi ji. They take her blessing.

Rudra:what happened to you look so dull. My cotton candy he pulled her cheeks.

Om:rudra control on yourself..

Bua: let it be.. mere pyaar Rudra.

Rudra: cotton candy dadi you didn’t come before haa where you are busy your Prithviraj Bhai come India still.

Bua: you know I went vaishno Devi that’s why I didn’t come your another bua dadi ji come na.

Rudra:she is so spicy not like you😍😍.. they both give side hugged her.both pressing her hands due to this she feel so good and fall in sleep after they went in room. Twinkle take food for Rudra in his room. Went to him sit beside rudra.

Twinkle:rudra your food..

Rudra:haa bhabhi he was busy in his video game.Bhabhi aap hi khila do..

Twinkle:okay.She feed rudra food with her hands.while rudra fully busy in game.
Aayat too come and sit opposite twinkle.

Aayat:aaa bhabhi me too.she open her mouth.Twinkle give smile.And feed them. Tej was passing from there he stop and see twinkle.get so happy she happily feed his both kids like a small baby.

Tej:really we are blessed to have twinkle as a bahu.He went from there kunj finding twinkle everywhere. He collide with Rahul.

Rahul:bro carefully where are you lost..

Kunj: kahi Nahi Arey.. I was just finding twinkle.

Rahul:hoo twinkle seemed interesting hmm.

Kunj:bas bas.They both went in rudra room and stop at door only to see the scene.Twinkle feeding food with hand to her lil sister in law and brother  in law it’s looking so cute..

Rahul:here bhabhi MAA show going on.😂

They went inside the room and sit on side couch.

Rudra:hi Bhaiya and G.

Rahul:hi saaale G…

Aayat: bhab I’m done okay.

Twinkle: good.

Rudra: even me too bhabhi thanks..

Aayat: pani..

Twinkle:you come with me..twinkle didn’t look at Kunj.She went from there.Twinkle ignoring Kunj.they all sit for dinner that time too kunj try to talk to her with his eyes.Everyone finished with dinner. Twinkle went in bua dadi room and give her medicines. See swelling on her foots. She bring oil for her and apply hot oil on her swollen foots doing her massage. While all siblings sitting in pool side.

Anjali:where is twinkle today.

Priyanka:bhabhi is busy in bua dadi.

Rahul: hoo kunj impressing her..

Kunj: so what.

Avni: hehe..

Rahul:Arey today Lavanya getting closer to you. Just than there twinkle come. She listen this.

Rudra: when she didn’t get closer to Bhaiya huhu..

Anjali:come twinkle sit today you work lot.

Twinkle: hmm you all sit I’m feeling sleepy so I’m going good night. She said this and went in her room.

Om: what happened to her.. why looking sad

Kunj:always she looking sad. Without reasons get sad.

Rahul:i don’t think so kunj.

Kunj: Arey she calls me that she get bored you all went and she is alone at home.

Rahul: than you should come and give her company.

Kunj: before I complete that Lavanya come and I totally forget and escape from her.

Rudra:because of her you did this haa.

Kunj: not because of me and her you all went and leave my wife alone here haa that’s not good they all looking at Kunj with big eyes.You should take her too.

Anjali:acha jiii Listen today what our Kunj babu saying Meri wife 😛😝.. hoo.

Kunj:haa toh Meri wife hai woh what I’ll call her than..

Rahul: good you should go and take her somewhere.

Rudra: yeah.

Anjali:now it’s too late kunj you go and see your wifey..before she throw you out of the room..

At Twinj [email protected]

Twinkle take her night dress and went in washroom get freshen up come out went to dressing table combing her hairs just than Kunj too come there he closed the door and look at twinkle.who busy in her hairs.Kunj went towards bed and sit looking at twinkle only..twinkle too sit quietly.


Twinkle:hmmm.. she lay down in sitting position and busy in her phone.

Kunj:look at this twinkle here I’m talking to her and she is busy in her phone.Twinklee


Kunj: I’m calling you and you ignoring me. What so important in this phone more than me haa. She look at him.

Twinkle:acha this should be my question. What so important in that Lavanya that you cut my call in middle..

Kunj:Twinkleee.. she come in my cabin so I just get ride with her that’s why I cut your call nothing else..

Twinkle:whatever I don’t care. You don’t care about me whether I’m alive or die.

Kunj:aeshe Kyu bol rahi hai..

Twinkle: what else I’ll say..

Kunj:I have something for you.. he take out box from side drawer and forward it to twinkle.

Twinkle: what is this..

Kunj:I’ll tell kunj open the box and take out chocolates ball take near to her lips have twinkle.

Twinkle:this will not melted me kunjj..

Kunj:I know.😛😜. She open her mouth kunj feed her chocolate ball with his hands. Twinkle closed her eyes and munching making cute faces to see this kunj smiling on her cuteness on a very small thing she get so happy.

Twinkle:yummmy kunjjj. From where you got this..

Kunj:shop se only na twinkle 😂..

Twinkle:acha but very tasty.she snatch the box from kunj and started having chocolates.Thanks for this.. she offer him. Kunj didn’t deny her she feed him little bit.

Kunj:ha twinkle you eat lot today now stop you’ll get ill.

Twinkle:hmm I’ll keep in my wardrobe later I’ll have.She went and keep it in her

wardrobe and come back.

Kunj: you are mad twinkle on a silly things you get angry and as well get happy too.

Twinkle:you should thanks to god you got sweet wife like me nahi toh if you see girls doing so much drama but I’m not.

Kunj:little bit even you too 😂.

Twinkle:jada mat bolo.she hugged kunj he get surprised to see her like this. Kunj I want to tell you something

Kunj:what twinkle.

Twinkle:woh… just than Kunj phone ringing.

Kunj: wait twinkle. Kunj pick up the call.

Lavanya:hi kunj baby. Kunj roll his eyes just now he make twinkle mood fine again she call him.

Kunj:Lavanya. Twinkle look at Kunj than phone she didn’t said anything snatch the phone and cut look at her contact name. Kunj held his forehead..

Twinkle:why she called you at this time.

Kunj: I don’t know na twinkle why..

Twinkle:you know everything just making me fool kunj baby kunj baby doing her mimic Kunj laugh out because it’s looking so funny you are laughing kunj here I’m serious.

Kunj:haa toh what I’ll do looking funny.

Twinkle:sadu Sarna..

Kunj:sorry I’m just kidding with you.They both lay down and look at each other’s.

Twinkle:how’s your  day in office.


Twinkle:this bua dadi is so cool na.

Kunj:yup. She is real sister of my dadu..

Twinkle: yeah mummy ji told me..

Kunj:whenever she come at London we all kids get so happy she make lots of things for us.

Twinkle:what you like kunj most..

Kunj:me hmm most kheer.but now toh I can’t have na..

Twinkle:hmm if you take care of yourself than you can.. you are very careless

Kunj: hoo now you can take care of me 😛

Twinkle:karti toh hu itni.Kunj raise his eyes.Nahi karti me kunj huhu you are bad didn’t appreciate me.me nahi karti tumhara kaam toh kaun karta hai.Your food and medicine everything I did.

Kunj:yes yes you did everything.

Twinkle:good night so tired today.

Kunj:goodnight. Kunj and twinkle closed their eyes and sleep at midnight twinkle phone ringing she wake up with jerk and see her phone ringing she look at numbers and get shocked at this time..

Twinkle:why he calling me at this time.. twinkle off her phone and look at Kunj who sleeping peacefully.How I tell kunj about this I’ll tell kunj each and everything I thought he’ll stop but not his daring increasing day by day.Twinkle heard some horrible whistles.She get scared. Kunjjjj.: she went near to him and kissed on his forehead.I’ll always faithful with him. Kunjjj.

Kunj:hmm in sleep.

Twinkle:mujhe Dar lag raha hai..

Kunj:Twinkle soja…

Twinkle:kunjjj. Wake up na.. he open his one eyes.

Kunj:haa bol..

Twinkle:kuch nahi..

Kunj:what twinkle than sleep na.twinkle lay down on kunj chest and hold him tightly.What happened to you even yesterday too.

Twinkle:kuch nahi..

Kunj:okay so ja..

Twinkle:hmm she went to her side of bed and try to sleep kunj went little closer to her keep his hand on her hand.

Kunj:so ja I’m here only.They both sleep.

Next [email protected] in morning twinkle wake up and look at Kunj. She give smile.

Twinkle:he looking so cute while sleeping.
Sadu mere pati..she get up and went in washroom get freshen up.Ready kunj things and went downstairs she did all things of pooja. I’ll see bua dadi. She went in her room with tea and sit beside her she sitting happily. Good morning..

Bua:good morning beta..

Twinkle:aap ki tea.

Bua:before pooja I’ll not drink anything.

later everyone wake up and get ready kunj wake up didn’t find twinkle in room he went in washroom quickly get ready and went downstairs.Everyone went to mandir standing twinkle starts the aarti.. twinkle closed her eyes all others.Folding their hands twinkle starts bua dadi get surprised to see twinkle.Avni look at Kunj and gesture him awesome. Kunj smile.

Kunj:in mind full crazy hai traditional with funny.she complete the aarti and turned and give aarti to first bua dadi than other’s too. Aayat and rudra eyes just on laddoo..

Aayat: I wanted two sweets😛😛..

Rudra: I’ll take first. Both started fighting on this too others see them.

Twinkle:wait I’m giving na.. she give them laddoo. Rudra about take Aayat laddo but she put in her mouth whole. 😂😂..


Aayat:hah.. can’t speak..

Tej: well down my doll..



Bua:Twinkle you got so beautiful voice you did Aarti so beautifully.

Prithviraj:sunnghun Sampan hai..

Bua:right.. they all sit for breakfast. Twinkle served them breakfast and sit beside kunj.They all have their breakfast

Afterwards kunj went in his room there twinkle come. Kunj take his file.

Kunj:okay I’m going bye..

Twinkle:okay bye.. he left for office..

Like these one week passed twinkle

getting insecure with Lavanya she didn’t like when Lavanya around kunj.Other side twinkle fed up with chirag calls. Bua dadi get fine and went her house get so happy twinkle take care of her so nicely. At evening twinkle sitting getting bored.

Twinkle: what I’ll do. She went in kitchen think something I’ll make kheer for kunj he like na:She prepared all things for kheer Anjali and Avni come there and see twinkle.

Anjali: what’s going on..

Twinkle:woh I’m making kheer.

Anjali:uff for kunjj he loved kheer lot.She look at her nodded her head in yes. Go ahead any help you wanted you can ask me.

Twinkle: no I’ll make today Itself.

Anjali:okay all the best.twinkle busy in kheer. At hall ladies sitting.

Lata: where is twinkle??

Anjali:your bahu making kheer for her husband ji😂..


Avantika: I’ll see her if she wanted any help because she doesn’t know how to cook.

Anjali:no bade MAA I ask her but she tell today she managed.

Usha:kitna Sochi hai Kunj ke baare me..

Twinkle made kheer.finally

Twinkle:now I hope kunj like this kheer. She went to living room.

Avantika:finally you come kheer bangi.

Twinkle:haa.. rubal and Lavanya come there twinkle see Lavanya and making faces.

Lavanya:hi guys.

Usha:hi beta..

Lavanya:hi twinkle how’s you.

Twinkle:im in cold voice I’m fine. Anjali and Avni giggles to see twinkle..

Lavanya:where is kunj baby.

Aayat: he is not baby..

Twinkle:yeh or Iss ka kunj baby huhu..in heart.after kunj and others come back from office.they all sit together. They have their dinner.

Avantika:Twinkle beta go and bring it..

Twinkle:yup she went in kitchen and take kheer.Give each and everyone..

Tej:Arey kheer great..

Kunj:haa after long time. They all taste kheer but kunj didn’t.

Prithviraj:hmmm tasty.Twinkle get so happy.She wanted kunj like her kheer.


Manohar:who mad this..

Avantika:my daughter in law. Kunj look at twinkle get surprised. Kunj you don’t. Twinkle puttar you used sugar in this or sugar free..

Twinkle:sugar sorry I forget totally.

Avantika:it’s okay.

Lavanya:kunj baby you don’t eat you have a diabetes problem na..

Rubal:Twinkle you are really good cook I never eat this much tasty kheer great.

Twinkle:thanks.she managed to smile didn’t show anyone she felt bad..

Rudra:my bhabhi is the best in each and everything today in cooking too.Kunj looking at kheer he wanted to taste it. They all youngster sit together chit chatting with each other’s.

Anjali:guys lets go somewhere. Here we didn’t go anywhere I’m happy in London only at least we went out..


Om:let’s go for panic what’s say. Dadu telling me about our farm house we didn’t went there let’s go there.. even there weather too good now..

Kunj: idea was good.. even we don’t have work in office for some days let’s go.

Rudra:than its final we are going.Rubal and twinkle chitchatting with each other kunj one eyed on them.

Rubal: you are really sweet twinkle. Feel like to kiss on your hand 😂😂. All press their laugh while kunj boil in anger.

Twinkle: hehe..

Lavanya: rubal lets go it’s too late. Bye guys and Kunj baby goodnight.

Rubal: bye twinkle and other’s too. Lavanya give hug to kunj and they both brother and sister left.

Rudra: this two is so annoying na.Thanks to god Bhaiya didn’t get marry to her.

Anjali: hehe look who talking. You toh started calling her what bhabhi ji.

Rudra: just to tease her 😂😂..

Rahul:winked at omkara you know twinkle Rudra still calling her bhabhi 😂😂😂.. twinkle look at rudra.

Twinkle:acha Rudra she is your bhabhi than what I’m.??

Rudra:no bhabhi this G is liar.. she went in her room and sit alone.

Twinkle:twinkle you are so idiotic you make kheer for kunj he only not eat.You should remember that na he can’t have normal sugar.Kitne pyaar se mene uske liye manai aur usne taste bhi nahi kiya..

It’s okay.

Kunj went in kitchen and see twinkle kheer.

Kunj:I know she made this for me specially and I only not taste her kheer she feels bad I know this.Kunj take kheer in bowl and take and went in room. He entered in room and see twinkle sitting went towards her sit beside her twinkle see kunj and kheer in his hand.


Kunj:what.See everyone eat all kheer now this much left for me huhu.You should save for me.

Twinkle:you can’t eat na.Because I used sugar in this.Why you bring this here.

Kunj:whatever who told you I can’t eat haa.I eat sometime Koi banned nahi hai.

Twinkle:your Lavanya told na you can’t eat this..

Kunj:so what can I do she is not god and why I’ll follow her.Just because of this stupid diabetes I can’t leave my kheer which made by my biwi.I’ll toh have anyhow.Everyone taste your kheer expect me.Now don’t wasted time.Kunj hold twinkle hand make her held spoon and feed himself.Twinkle give smile.Yummy really first time still can’t said this. How you did this..

Twinkle:really you like my kheer.

Kunj:not like but loved it.. thanks twinkle.

Twinkle:why you say thanks to me.I just made this for you because you love na.
Kunj feed her too kheer.Twinkle feeding Kunj kheer.Both looking at each other with love eyes.

Kunj: I haven’t eaten this much tasty kheer Till now.? Twinkle look at him in really way.

Twinkle:hatt jhoote.

Kunj:why I’ll be.. it’s a truth.. by the way you give trouble to yourself haa..

Twinkle:what you mean by trouble. I feel like to make something for you so I make it. Don’t you happy..

Kunj: I’m toh hell happy never thought my wife will be cook something for me.. because you didn’t look like that kitchen girl😂😂..

Twinkle:very lame kunj Sarna.You brought chocolates for me so I too..

Kunj:tit for tat.. You mean if I do you’ll too do same in return..

Twinkle:yup.. twinkle see kheer mage stuck near kunj lips. She went closer to him kunj get confused why she coming near to him.She went near his lips and removed it both look at into each other eyes and lost.Their face is so closer to each other’s their breath hitting on each other face.. song play in bg..


Teri palkon ki udhaari mein..bik gaye
Kho baithe dil,tere dil mein tik gaye)

Their nose touching to each other’s noses.Kunj hand went on twinkle face her hairs coming on her face he tucked them behind her ears.Look at her long earring due to this her earlobe’s become so red.

He take out her both earrings caress her earlobe.kunj Cupped her face and kissed on her forehead tightly pressing his lips on her skin twinkle closed her eyes clutch his tshirt that Kunj can see it.. went near twinkle ear.

Kunj:what did you said that you will do what I’ll do in return back. She blinked her eyes.

(Teri saanson ki rajaayi mein chip gaye

Ho dua teri hum takiye pe likh gaye

Ho gayi sehar iss izhaar mein)

She caress his hairs and cupped Kunj face kissed on his forehead same like him kunj give smile.. she get up about to run but kunj held her hand pulled her back she land on his lap..what happened where are you going haa.. Kunj bending down while twinkle too she lay on bed. Both looking each other with passion.Kunj on her. Went near her neck.Whisper twinkle eat less you become so moti😂😂. Laugh out twinkle cursing him.. she hit on his chest playfully.

Twinkle:I should understand when you become nice with me you planning something.

Kunj:Arey waha Meri siyappa Queen your top floor is working being in my company great.She started hitting on his chest rapidly.Kunj keep laughing. Twinkle admire kunj smile..she hugged him in that position only Kunj too. Just than Rahul and omkara come there they see twinkle and Kunj and stand at door coughing to grain their attention.Kunj and twinkle heard and break the hug and look at them get shocked it’s become so awkward they composed themselves.

Rahul: so here romance going on. You both should closed the door before😂😂showing us your romance live telecast.

Twinkle looking here and there..

Kunj:shut up.. what happened you are here.

Rahul: we are here because to in formed you both that we are leaving for farm house early morning and all family members get ready so guys be on time even twinkle family and Anita bua family too coming most important for twinkle even her gang too.

Twinkle:haa😁😄😁.. so excited.

Om:right so pack your things okay. Now good night Bhaiya and bhabhi 😛😛..

Rahul:before going sorry to disturb your romance please do continue.they

Both went and closed the door too. Twinkle blushing Kunj can see her pink cam red cheeks.

Twinkle:I’ll do our packing.To avoid the situation.She went to wardrobe this time she didn’t asked kunj anything last time he did lots of drama so he Itself packed all things.

Kunj:Twinkle come and sleep we have to wake up early.

Twinkle:hmm she went and lay down on her side both thinking about recently what happened both don’t know what

happening to each other’s.Both closed their eyes with smile..

At early [email protected] everyone wake up and get ready and have their breakfast little bit.they book panic bus so everyone spend sometime together and chill out.. Aayat who sleeping.All come Sarna Mansion and now all set to sit in bus.
Omkara too happy he’ll spend sometime with mahi as well Yuvi too😂😂..

Avantika: where my Aayat tej.

Tej: I told this rudra lift her. Kunj coming with Aayat she was in his arms covered with shawl.he went in bus.

Anjali:here is Aayat with her Bhaiya.

Avantika: good kunj bring her where she is.

Kunj:this protein powder left her in hall couch only.Tej give look to rudra he hide behind omkara hairs 😛😂..

Malika:now come and sit.. I’m so excited after years going somewhere with my two buddies..

Lavanya:awesome for you.Kunj see rubal and twinkle sitting together.Kunj too smart he went to Lavanya and take seat beside her He knows this affect her lot..
driver starts the bus.its too early they all sleep in bus. Aayat sleeping on kunj Arms only. In middle kunj see twinkle didn’t sleep just talking with rubal.

Kunj:this girl will gone always showing me attitude today I’ll not leave her.Yuvi purposely sit beside Avni.But she looking out side of window. Rudra sleeping too.
Omkara and Mahi talking about here and there.

Mahi: this idea was good.

Om: yes we all can spend sometime together.

Mahi:yup.. twinkle turned her face and look at Kunj who sitting beside Lavanya she resting her head on kunj shoulder.
Lavanya wake up and look at Kunj just.

Twinkle:keshe mere pati ko ghur rahi hai nonsense Fevicol..let him sleep kunj beta.

Later om Kara and rudra sit beside kunj both  otheresting their heads on kunj both side shoulder and sleep looking so cute. Sometimes later tej stop the bus at very vintage and hygienic  dhaba.

Lata: what happened tej.

Tej:MAA first we should have something you know na our farm house so far away from city. It’s take long time to reached there so..

Kabir:yes uncle chalo malika baby lets do our breakfast and my baby too hungry she slap on his cheeks playfully 😂😂.Other giggles out. They all look at Sarna brothers sleeping peacefully looking so adorable.

Rahul:look at this three of them looking like they come here for sleep. Abye oyye saalo ji wake up.

Usha: let them sleeping na even Aayat too sleeping if she wake up in middle than do drama.

Avantika:but what they will eat in the way.

Tej: wait I’ll wake up.. Kunj and Omkara wake up. He try two time than went near them and sprinkled water on Their face. Which make everyone laugh out at them.

Kunj:what the hell….he open his eyes and look at tej. Pa… immediately get up.

Tej: come out of your sleep kunj and wake up your brothers too. Let’s go. Elders went out of the bus.

Kunj:omkara wake up.

Rahul:let’s go you all come okay they all went kunj seeing twinkle she going with rubal.Omkara and rudra wake up but rudra still sleepy head.Others sit and oder whatever they wanted to eat..

Avantika:they still not come.. they three of them coming.Aayat wake up now but still in kunj Arms. Feeling cold lot because weather is too cold.Omkara holding rudra hand.They sit beside each other’s.

Tej:Aayat baby.. good morning.

Aayat: hmm.. Kunj and rudra resting Their heads on table.. soon Their food come.

Leela: kunj and rudra have your breakfast beta.

Kunj: I’m fine.

Rudra: I wanted to sleep😩😩…

Aayat: peeeee😆😆.. pa… started jumping.

Avantika:Aayat control..

Rudra: me too..😫😫..

Kunj:wait Aayat.

Om: rudra what nonsense is this me too go na if you wanted nobody will lift you like Aayat and take you to washroom.

Rudra: Bhaiya I cant open my eyes if I fall down than 😩😩.

Kunj:don’t eat my head come.they went.

Kabir:this rudra totally crazy.. they come back and sit..

Tej:have your breakfast and you Aayat come to mamma.. she went.. Kunj about to eat something twinkle stop him.

Twinkle:Kunj your medicine first.He stop and twinkle take out his medicine and give him.Kunj take his medicine. Having his food.

Rudra:koi mujhe bhi khilado bhai.he open his mouth and eyes were closed it.Om and Kunj giving him morsel.Yuvi admiring Avni that Naman and Rishi see and smirked.

They done with breakfast back to bus but at this time kunj went in back seat and twinkle about to sit beside chinki he pulled her hand Make her sit beside him.

Kunj: where are you going haa sit here.

Twinkle:why your Lavanya ji leave you now.

Kunj:what about you. You were come with me not with that rubal.

Twinkle:Kyu are you jealous with him haa.

Kunj: I’ll be jealous with him really. Who he is yours nothing and I’m your husband I have rights no you..

Twinkle:huhu I’m your husband lame.You should tell this to Lavanya I’m your wifey I had rights no you she don’t have any rights.

Yuvi: Avni…

Avni: what???

Yuvi:nothing😂😂.She makes faces at him than she changed her seat with rishi and sit beside Priyanka.Kunj held twinkle hand she tried to free out.
Kunj:we come here to enjoy so leave everything here only enjoy your time.She look at him held his hand too back.

Twinkle:Kunj I wanted to sit here at window side.

Kunj:okay.They exchanged the seats..
twinkle sit on window seat. aur Meri siyappa Queen what did you thinking.

Twinkle: nothing sadu Sarna just thinking what I have done in my past that I got husband like you.😂😂. Kunj give her death glares he pulled her chubby cheeks.

Rudra: guys lets play games what’s say it’s getting so bored here. All started hooting.

Priyanka:what we’ll play Bhaiya..

Malika:let’s play antakshari okay guys.

Kabir:good..we’ll play.. first Malika turn come. You have to sing.

Malika: okay.. she sing song kabhi na Sukoon aaya..Kabir admiring her

Anjali: aww so beautiful malika.. like everyone turn come now omkara turn come.

Om: what I’ll sing. Everyone hooting his name while Rahul gesture to kunj and malika.

Rudra: offo O sing na.

Aayat: yes you sing that song we listen..entertainer 😛😛..

Yuvi: it’s an English song baby.

Aayat: I know this it’s an English song😛.
Omkara looking at here and there he closed his eyes.. just mahi face coming in front of his eyes. All waiting for omkara.

Lata: O show them.

Om:he sing the song..Maula mere, maula mere, maula mere, maula mere (x4)
Aankhein teri, aaaa
Aankhein teri, kitni haseen
Ke inkaa aashiq, mein ban gayaa hoon
Mujhko basaa le, inn mein tu..
Ishq hai…
Maula mere, maula mere, maula mere, maula mere (x3)
Ke inkaa aashiq, mein ban gayaa hoon
Mujhko basaa le, inn mein tu..

Everyone amazed to see omkara.He open his eyes and look at mahi just his eyes sight just stuck on mahi didn’t moved little bit.Rahul gesturing Kunj and malika they both can see. He end the song.All clap for him.Lavanya too sing twinkle making faces on her kunj seeing giggling slightly.

Kabir:now my baby sister turn come.So twinkle Kunj Sarna show your side..

Tej.Yes twinkle beta fast.. twinkle look at Kunj.She start the song.

Twinkle:Sachi sachi teri nazrein ek darpan
Dede mann ki yeh khabrein ek palchin
Adharo ne kuch na kaha re.Naino ne keh diya.Tune to pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya mora jiya.O Tune bhi pal bhar mein chori kiya re jiya more piya..Kunj look at twinkle face. She looking down.All teasing Kunj hmm.

Avantika:you have such a beautiful voice all clapping for her…

Rishi: Yuvi Yuvi..

Yuvi:wait and see Yuvraj Luthra. He take flower which Aayat bring. Rajj ke rulaaya
Rajj ke hansaya

Maine dil kho ke ishq kamaya
Maanga jo usne ek sitara
Humne zameen pe chaand bulaya

Jo aankhon se.. haaye
Wo jo aankhon se ik pal na ojhal huve
Wo jo aankhon se ik pal na ojhal huve
Laapata ho gaye dekhte dekhte… he forward flower to Avni Rahul looking at Yuvi.

Rahul:I love this flower lot he take it and give to Lavanya 😂😂. Lavanya give to your Kunj baby 😜😜😜..

Twinkle:immediately why.. rubal snatch

From Rahul Hand keep it Itself. All done only last kunj left. Rudra and Rahul went towards kunj and looking at him.

Kunj:kya hai.

Rahul:chal kunj beta start hoja.

Kunj:I’m not going to sing hatt.

Leela:kunj beta please sing for me..

Kunj:okay..still twinkle and Kunj holding each other hand but keep on seat between each other’s.Kunj take deep breath and think. Mere haath mein tera haath ho saari jannatein mere
saath ho .Tu jo paas ho phir kya yeh jahaan tere pyar mein ho jaaun fanaa.

Each person sitting in bus they all get surprised to see kunj and loved him while twinkle just lost in his song words while singing the song kunj tightening his grip more and more. He look at her..Kunj end the song still everyone looking at him. What happened why you looking at me like this.

Rudra: pa and dadu don’t you think after married Bhaiya changed lot that boring Bhaiya changing day by day just because of our bhabhi 😂😂😝😛..

Kunj:wait meet me alone.. after.

Twinkle:nice voice kunj..Impress with you.

Kunj:good at least you get impress with me.😂.. twinkle hairs coming on kunj face.

Rain started.

Twinkle:kunjj barish so romantic.

Kunj:closed the window water is coming.

She closed the window.

Twinkle: Kunj chodo mere haath chinki calling me.

Kunj:so what can I do sit here you were very cursing at me na now sit with your husband what happened.

Twinkle:tum bhi na.Twinkle listing songs while kunj reading book.Twinkle rest her head on kunj shoulder he give smile.

Twinkle sleep.Later kunj too.After long hours they reached finally farm house. The farms house on hill station.Bus stop in front of house.. whole farm house in a vintage cam in classy style.All wake up and look at the place it’s so beautiful.

They all look at Kunj and twinkle give smile avantika and tej gestured each other While rudra click their photos.. and wake up them they see their position than everyone get embarrassed.. get up.

Prithviraj:come hansh ji.. they all come out of the bus and look at the place.

Maya: it’s so beautiful nanu😍😍.

Aayat: yes pa it’s my house na.

Tej: everything is only my Aayat.

Rudra: huhu. Servant come and take their luggage’s inside they went rubal hold twinkle hand she look at him.


Rubal: flower for you.

Twinkle:thanks.This kunj see.They too went inside. Everyone sit and servant bring water for them.

Hansh: really place and house was really beautiful.

Prithviraj:we didn’t get time to come here and stay.When I went London with my sons after that never come back finally because of my kunj we all come back India.Kunj fuming at rubal. Their parents not come due to some reason.

Avantika:I’ll show everyone rooms.
Avantika show them rooms while couples get rooms but Bachelors get one room it was hugs many beds are there. Kunj went in his room he sitting in anger twinkle entered in room and see him.

Twinkle:kunjj what happened you get freshen up I’ll give you your clothes.

Twinkle keep the flower In side kunj see this and held her hand pinned her towards wall..kunjjj he look at her with anger eyes.
Kunjj are you okay na. He hold her from her both shoulders.

Kunj: who give you this flower..

Twinkle:woh rubal.. ne diya.

Kunj: acha why you take this..

Twinkle: so what he give flower friendly.

Kunj: what about that time when Rahul said Lavanya give to me..

Twinkle:haa she can’t give you anything. She turned her eyes to other side kunj held her chin make her look at him.

Kunj:she can’t give me even rubal cant too. I didn’t like it..

Twinkle: what kunj. He just talking to me normally. Why you getting hyper.

Kunj: I’m like this only twinkle Kunj Sarna what I didn’t like it means no toh no. I’m very passive about my sisters so think about yourself you are my wife.. he leave her shoulder.

Twinkle:why you are so passive about me haa. What about you haa she calling you baby that is okay if rubal give me flower you showing me this eyes.

Kunj:you too show na when did I said you no.

Twinkle: Listen today carefully even I’m too very passive about my man.She said and went to bed and take out their clothes. Kunj went behind her.

Kunj: okay whatever you didn’t like I’ll not do that things. She turned and look at him.

Twinkle: superb.

Kunj:Lavanya is just my family friend nothing else.. no need of jealousy.

Twinkle: hehhe very funny. You are jealous with rubal.

Kunj:why I’ll jealous for you huhu look at yourself in mirror.

Twinkle:I know about myself I’m look beautiful you look at your Lavanya.

Both don’t know what happening with them why they reacting like this. Rubal calling twinkle.

Rubal: Twinkle where are you. Twinkle about to go kunj hold her hand.

Kunj: pulled her to him.where..

Twinkle: Kunj rubal calling me let me go na please he need something maybe.

Kunj:he can ask anyone why only you even I needed you what about me haaaa twinkle smile.

Twinkle: so aap hi bataye ji first what you needed from me.

Kunj: who will give me my clothes haa.

Twinkle: wait a second. Twinkle give kunj his clothes . Now anything else you wanted.

Kunj:hmm my coffee.

Twinkle: for this I have to go down kunj.

Kunj:uff babaji. Go. Siyappa queen.

Twinkle:sadu Sarna.. she went downstairs and thinking about herself.What happening to me babaji I mean I behaving so different with kunj.

Kunj: what are you doing kunj this all word why you care if she is with rubal stop this nonsense things why I’ll stop she is my wife I have right only on her. Twinkle making coffee for kunj lost in her thoughts

twinkle:if kunj can get angry in this small thing what about when he come to know about chirag he is totally Psycho.,! I’m giving him too much attention sadu.

Everyone get freshen up everyone come at living room. Kunj come down stairs.

Twinkle went to give and give him his coffee mug.

Kabir: Twinkle here is only not your husband even we wanted it too.

Twinkle:you didn’t  tell me Bhai he wanted so I make for him servant come with tea…

Usha: now enjoy your tea Kabir 😂. Kunj went from there sit alone. Get busy in his laptop while all other family members sitting doing time pass having hot snacks.

Look at this boy here too he bring his work.

Avantika:pata nahi kya hoga..

Lata:acha hi hoga..twinkle admiring Kunj

Looking cute in his clothes he wearing shirt even sweater on this folded sleeves.

Rahul too sit beside him both get busy with him.

Anjali:one Is enough second one too joint him. They leave them while others take tour of this beautiful farmhouse.

Rahul: kunjjj did you see today in bus.

Kunj:hmm omkara..

Rahul: yup omkara ji. I mean your brother life partner will be your saali shahiba 😂😂.

Kunj: even I’m thinking same about Yuvi will be your 😂😂.. he stop.

Rahul: are you okay na and what happening with you twinkle ke saath bada romance..

Kunj:kuch bhi romance uske saath I’m not interested in this all things..

Episode end..


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