first scene::::twinj room..

Next day..
twinkle and Kunj sleeping peacefully twinkle taking whole bed while kunj sleeping on edges. Sunlight coming on their faces they both wake up together and look at each other.

Kunj:what style is this twinkle?? I mean you sleep in so weird way..

Twinkle:started coughing I sleep in normal way you look at yourself.. she throws cushion at him kunj take it and give smile.

Kunj:morning hui nahi ladai start iss ladki ki.. no good morning but fight..

Twinkle:good morning heheeh first do good work. She get up. She went towards wardrobe.

Kunj:Arey Twinkle please don’t take 2 hours in bathroom due to you  I m late..

Twinkle:wake up before me.She take out her and Kunj clothes and went in washroom while kunj again sleep.. after sometime later she come back and found kunj sleeping. Look at this factory of saduness how peacefully he sleeping that time toh twinkle don’t take 1 hours..she mimic. While interpreted by..

Kunj:not 1 hours it’s 2. Twinkle shocked. Kunj turned and look at her. Don’t be shocked.

Twinkle:nonsense huhu.She went towards dressing table. Kunj went in washroom. Twinkle busy in her makeup. Kunj come out and see twinkle still busy in her makeup.

Kunj:hoo babaji how can someone take this much time. I come back after bath but still madam ka paint session is going on. Twinkle give him death glares through mirror Kunj went towards her.Now madam if you done with yourself can I.

Twinkle: if I take so much time in makeup what about you you’ll take whole day in buttons😂😂..

Kunj:I shouldn’t have taken your help. Siyappa queen. I have many of them. He about to go twinkle held his hand. And make him turned.

Twinkle:Arey sadu stop. Very soon you feel bad haa what about me..

Kunj:I feel bad.. heheh very lame..

Twinkle:than why you going. I’ll help na.

Kunj:I’m not going anywhere.Close it fast.

Twinkle:hmm..sadu in low tone.she closed his buttons. Okay I’m going she went downstairs while kunj get ready and went to rudra room he went inside and see rudra and om sleeping like couples rudra fully on om😂😂😜. Kunj laugh out.

Kunj:one is less in my life now this twinkle too same like him. He pulled the blanket. Due to this om wake up,

Om:oyy dumble Sarna get up..

Kunj: heheeh. He sit near them by the way looking awesome. Om push rudra on bed. He screamed in sleep.

Rudra:help me I’m falling down.They both laugh out..

Kunj:Iss ka kuch nahi ho shakta hai.. om rest his head on kunj shoulder.

Om: I’m still in shocked our lazy head got 2 rank I mean kunj did really.. maybe that teacher is blind 😂😂😂. He right his all questions😂😂..

Kunj:can’t say anything 😛.Bom.  om really he did whatever I told him I know it’s not easy but what can I do after all he is our little baby brother.Om and Kunj look at rudra face both caress his face. Don’t know when he’ll become Matured..

Om:I wanted he’ll never because kunj i loved his this baby side.After rudra we don’t need any baby.

Kunj: that’s true he and Aayat 😂😂baby siblings 😛. Aayat coming running in room. She see kunj and run towards them.

Aayat:Bhaiya save me. She come and stand on the table. Priyanka coming behind her.

Kunj:what happened.

Aayat: look at this pinku di.. she behind me. Priyanka come.

Priyanka:no Bhaiya she isn’t getting ready for school.

Kunj:Aayat that’s not good na..


Kunj:no Bhaiya today.Come to me my doll.
Kunj left Aayat you bring her uniform okay. Me and om give her bath today.

Aayat: yeah so many days went na.

Kunj:yup.Priyanka went while kunj and om take Aayat in washroom.

Aayat: bubble bath😛.

Kunj:bubble bath we’ll take all together okay.Today normal bath😛😛.

Om:you’ll get wet Kunj.

Kunj:let it be.. Aayat jump in jacuzzi. Om and Kunj smiling to see her. They both give her bath.

Aayat:Bhaiya my eyes.Body wash went slightly.

Kunj:okay okay sorry.Kunj wiped her eyes gently.They give her bath happily Kunj make her wear her cute bathrobe. Kunj take her outside and finding Priyanka she didn’t come.

Aayat: where is my clothes.

Kunj:pinku didn’t come let’s see her.kunj went down with Aayat.

While twinkle in kitchen making tea for everyone.Others all elders sitting. Kunj come down with Aayat they went towards everyone. But sit in other side

Avantika: you didn’t get ready till now.
Where is Priyanka..

Priyanka: here mummy. She coming have Aayat uniform in her hands.

Tej: what is this my bacha. Twinkle come with tea she see Kunj and served everyone. And sit beside Anjali.

Priyanka:Bhaiya her uniform.


Aayat: Bhaiya I’ll wear this later first ill  have my breakfast.

Kunj: Aayat don’t used Rudra ideas..

Avantika: you come to me Aayat I told you na Priyanka make her ready..

Priyanka:mummy she running here and there:

Avantika:Acha let me see her. Kunj went near Aayat ears..

Kunj: Aayat get ready quickly you know na mummy she’ll scold you like us..

Aayat:okay don’t tell her anything. While others watching them.


Anjali:Aayat come to me.

Aayat:no I’ll get ready na.Bhaiya do it fast.Kunj make her wear her uniform.
Bhaiya see my new uniform Tshirt..

Kunj:hmm nice. Kunj make her hairs perfectly while twinkle just loved it.. Aayat give smile to Kunj.

Aayat: see I’m finally ready..

Tej:yes come to me.Aayat run to tej.Rudra and Omkara too come.after Pooja they all sit for breakfast.

Rudra:Bhaiya lets go na.


Rudra:you know na..

Kunj:see Rudra don’t come to me now it’s my office time so..

Rudra:but Bhaiya you can’t back off..

Kunj: I didn’t say this Rudra. Wait.

Rahul:yes. Pass aake toh bhai shab on 9 clouds..

Priyanka:what about me..Bhaiya only Rudra.

Kunj: what you wanted tell me..

Rudra: demand to your fathers not my Bhaiya.

Priyanka: why..

Aayat: Bhaiya do one thing give me their gifts😂😂.

Rahul: idea wasn’t bad..

Rudra:you little chick..

Aayat: pa see ru bro he giving me everyday new names..

Tej: what you were calling him..

Aayat:chuckle 😛😂.. protein powder or before she speak Avantika give her look she see and stop.

Avantika:tej very good..

Lata: haa tej when we used to do this with our grand sons you always scold them.

Rahul: true dadi.who knows better than me and Kunj.. tej look at Kunj and Rahul like a white-throated needletail bird they turned their eyes down. Others look at this laughing loudly.

Rudra:don’t know why Bhaiya and G become fuss on pa one gaze😛😝..they both completed their breakfast immediately run from there. While Aayat went school with tej and Manohar. Kunj come down after bring his office bag.. Rudra come there having car catalog.

Rudra: Bhaiya please see na this..

Kunj: what Rudra let me go if I’ll late you know na..

Rudra: o tell na..

Om: what. 😛..

Lata:which car you wanted haa??

Rudra: Bhaiya your choice is the best.

Twinkle; I don’t think so😛😝😝, Kunj look at her..

Kunj: Acha Bol..

Rudra: see this he give him car catalog.
Kunj see the car.

Kunj: you are saying about this..

Rudra:we will sit and discuss which car to buy.

Kunj: not now let’s see afterwards. Rudra shocked..

Rudra: why in shocking way 😱😱.

Kunj:you have to learn to achieve, not ask, if I get this car for you, you won’t learn to achieve anything, you can’t learn to stand on your feet. Rudra so first complete your studies I’ll see what I’ll do with you others giggles.. om nodded his head in yes agree with kunj.

Rudra: this is cheating Bhaiya..

Kunj: okay bye baby brother pat on his cheeks or Kunj hug his Dadu and dadi and he and Rahul left for office. Rudra started jumping.

Rudra: Meri car Oooooooo.😭😭😭😭

Avantika: look at this boy crying like a baby

Rudra: please mummy don’t come between my car.

Usha: haa nobody will come in your car.

Rudra: O lets go..

Om:im not like you faltu bhai I have work.

Rudra:you all just bad..started crying.

Twinkle: Rudra don’t cry 😛😛.

Prithviraj: ha..

Om: Chal dumble..

Rudra:thanks O. He Kissed on his cheeks.

Om: eww I’m not girlfriend..

Rudra:I’ll see when will your wife come. My dadi is good he kissed on Lata cheeks showing tongue to Prithviraj they all were laughing at his antics..

Om:now lets go.they both went from there.While twinkle went in her room unpacked her and Kunj things.she take out all gifts they bring for everyone. She keep it in side..

At office Kunj was sitting tej. He was telling him about their recent project which he got.

Tej: see kunj in this project I wanted everything perfect. What about your and Rahul.

Kunj:sir work going on and I’ll see this too. I’ll not let you down.

Tej: okay good..

Kunj: woh I wanted to in formed you something..

Tej: what. Leave it if related to work than only I had meeting okay you do your work I’ll meet you soon. He left from there..

Kunj:shit pa didn’t listen to me once..
let’s go and Kunj start your work. He went in his cabin totally deeply busy into his work.

Rudra and Omkara went to someone cafe and both sit rudra become sad. After what kunj tell him.om look at his face expression. He taking sip of coffee

Om: rudra why you become so sad after kunj refuse you for car.

Rudra:O even you also. Bhaiya doing cheating.. he said I can’t stand on my feet’s see is this not my legs he stands on his feet’s. I’ll do something I didn’t think but I’ll buy my car..

Om: waiter please get the bill. Waiter come. Om about to give While rudra stop him.

Rudra: o wait I’ll. Rudra give him money.

Waiter: sir amount is more than bill. 10000. Om look at him in wired way,

Rudra: keep it. They went little ahead from there rudra eyes went on girl. And see a girl selling her car to get money for her father treatment and she covered in burkha. Rudra look at girl than om he look at him too rudra having smiling face.. O see the car.. I like..


Om: no rudra

Rudra:its Ford vintage car. its two in one car, sports and vintage, wait I will do car deal and come.

Om:wait rudra. Rudra went towards them

And asked them.

Girl:see I wanted to sell this car which I buy more 1c I wanted money for my father treatment.

Rudra: so sorry.I m ready to pay 40 lakhs for your car.

Girl: are you sure na.

Rudra: yes yes fully.. Omkara call rudra in side.

Om: kya 40K.. she is selling one crore car in 40 lakhs, there is something fishy Rudra understand we’ll buy from shope

Rudra: offo O see na 1 crore car coming in 40lakhs after this Bhaiya we’ll be impressed by me. I too did business like him. What’s say.O she is innocent face.

Om: she is in burqa, how can you see her face, if she has one crore’s car, won’t she have 40 lakhs.

Rudra: everyone bad time comes look at her eyes can’t you see haa, today see my bad time I don’t have anything.

Om; still Rudra don’t hurry.

Rudra: Bhaiya would have do such deal till

Wait I’ll call.Rudra call mahesh in account departments.Soon someone come with money. Rudra give them 50 lakhs too girl.

Om: why you give her 50..

Rudra: Arey dadu and dadi say help na people so I m giving her. Om rolling his eyes.

Girl: thanks..

Rudra: take give your father best treatment.

Girl:if everyone is like you in the world, it will be easy to live life, here are the car keys.Rudra take the car keys and happy so much.

Om: in Suspicious way what about car paper.

Girl: in car only. They left., while Rudra sit in the car,.

Rudra:its first deal of my life

Om:car is not bad.

Rudra: Bhaiya will know me now, are you coming or shall I go on drive alone.

Om:you won’t change.They leave in the car. Went for drive Rudra driving the car smiling om see him and get happy to..

Rudra: today I’m so happy O.. he sending pictures to Anjali. They all were sitting Aayat come back from school twinkle feeding her food,

Anjali:see dadi your pota buy the car.


Twinkle:they both didn’t come till now..

Kunj and Rahul sitting in cabin..

Rahul: aur Bhaiya how’s your mini honeymoon.

Kunj:what honeymoon. Good.

Rahul:acha just good or best😜😜.

Kunj:nothing is like that..

Rahul:kunj. Used your mind in your romance life 😂😂.

Kunj: you used na.. later.

Rudra and om turned and see police car coming behind him.

Rudra:we get police protection with costly car.😂😂.



Om:duffer something is fishy.. police stop the rudra car and tell them come out of the car.

Police: you both enjoying in this car.

Rudra: sir I buy this car.

Om: yes.

Police: chori ki car hai yeh you both come with me.. Rudra and om get shocked. Police take them in police put them in lockup Rudra and om standing holding lockup railing..

Rudra:inspector see us in rudra Sarna and he is Omkara Sarna.

Police:shut up..

Rudra: Bhaiya please save me😭😭.

Om:now you are happy na because of you I’m in jail for the very first time. I told you rudra wait but nahi you wanted to deal like kunj now see your deal.He is right did you think so he’ll leave you . Police informed Kunj.Kunj listen and surprised,

Kunj:I’m coming. While everyone sitting for dinner at Sarna Mansion.

Tej: Rahul where is kunj.

Usha: even Rudra and om too not come back.

Tej: let me call them. Tej try to call kunj but his phone coming off..

Prithviraj: Tej they’ll come have your dinner.

Twinkle:where is this sadu went.. (think)

Kunj reached police station and look at his both baby brothers in lockup,.

Rudra see kunj,

Rudra: Bhaiya😭😭😭😭., kunj went near police man..

Kunj: I’m Kunj Sarna..leave them,,

Police:sorry, we had to arrest them on theft blame, we did not file FIR.


Police: just because of you I’m leaving them because you are Kunj Sarna if they arenot your brothers..

Kunj:hmm they are my brothers.. police man open the lockup Rudra and Om come

Out of the lockup Rudra hugged kunj,

Rudra: Bhaiya you come 😘😘😘. Kunj looking at Rudra with anger eyes.

Om:Rudra, see how kunj is looking at you with love..

Rudra:O has done this deal, he liked that girl and blames Om. He get shocked 😂😂.

Kunj:shut up we will talk later. It’s already to late.. they left for Sarna Mansion till now everyone went in their rooms.. they reached while Rudra just in tension.

Rudra:don’t tell anything to pa..

Kunj:I’ll see you both later. They find door was locked. Now we are gone pa closed the door.

Om:see the time.

Kunj: I’ll call Dadi. He call Lata and she come and open the door and found her three grand sons..

Lata:you all come finally come before tej come they went inside..where you all till now.

Kunj:I’ll tell you Dadi. Tomorrow now you both leave from here it’s better. Both immediately escape from there before kunj shower his anger on them.

Twinkle laying down on bed just checking them time.

Twinkle: kaunshi girlfriend ke saath Sadu were enjoying ha. Let him come today.

Lata: you go kunj okay..

Kunj:hmm goodnight Dadi he give her side hug and kiss on her forehead. And went to upstairs. He entered in room and see twinkle who look at him turn her gaze. Kunj went towards couch and sit removing his shoes.. you didn’t sleep till now.

Twinkle: why..

Kunj: Tere se toh Baath karna hi bekar hai.

Twinkle: when you know na than why you talk to me.

Kunj: for what reason you making this mood.

Twinkle: you wanted know everything about me what about you where are you till now.

Kunj; Acha why you behaving like typical wife’s.

Twinkle: what do you mean like typical wife’s I’m your wife so I should know where is my husband till now.

Kunj:Hoo like. I’m stuck in some work.

Twinkle: which work.

Kunj: nahi bata ta ja. In this tone. He take his night dress and went in washroom.

Twinkle:ek number ka Sadu husband hai.
Huhu.I’ll bring dinner for him. She went downstairs goes in kitchen heat the food and make three plates she send to Rudra and om food with servant.

Kunj come out of the washroom and didn’t find twinkle in room.

Kunj:where is this siyappa queen went now good I get peace.. twinkle come with dinner Kunj look at her she keep the tray on table.

Twinkle:have your food. Your medicine too. She said and went back to bed. Kunj sit and remember om and Rudra too not have anything.

Kunj: I’ll eat with Rudra and om..

Twinkle:I send dinner in Rudra room for them.Kunj look at twinkle give smile he like.Kunj have his dinner.

Kunj:Arey I totally forgot about tomorrow. Raksha bandhan.Kunj closed the door and come lay down on his side of bed. Twinkle cheating with Mahi they both discussing about Raksha bandhan..

Twinkle: Kunj this gift you didn’t give..

Kunj: you were waiting for me you can give itself na..

Twinkle:huhu.. both give each other Tashan and sleep..

Next day in morning..
Usha and Avantika get busy in raksha bandhan preparations whole mansion decorating beautiful. They invited Luthra’s and Taneja’ at their place to celebrate raksha bandhan together they get agree.

Twinkle wake up went in washroom get ready quickly and went downstairs. Helping Usha and Avantika in work.

At Taneja Mansion Kabir was excited.
Kabir: MAA when will twinkle come..?

Leela: twinkle will not come but we’ll go Sarna Mansion they invite us to celebrate raksha bandhan together.

Kabir:idea was not bad..

Mahi:Bhaiya get ready our gift we’ll not leave you.

Kabir:haa I know you both looteri 😂😂.

Avantika wake up everyone they all get freshen up and get ready in an Indian wears. Kunj and Rudra or om wearing same white colors kurta and pajama. They come down.

Lata:hayye mere bache 😘😘.

Anjali:Dadi we are too in line😛. Kunj look at twinkle she looking breathtaking wearing long anarkali dress..

Avantika:our daughters too not less mummy ji😛😛.

Aayat: Bhaiya where is my gifts,,

Rudra: Gaon basa nahi aur lutere pehle he aa gaye..😂😂..

Aayat:what did you said haa..


Tej: where is Anita she didn’t come till now. Soon Taneja’s and Luther’s arrived together they went towards everyone twinkle meet with Kabir and they siblings share a hug.. wish each other happy Raksha Bandhan.

Hansh: it’s so good to celebrate happiness together.

Prithviraj: happiness increase more with families 😘😘.. Kunj and Rahul standing together while malika between them 😛.

Rahul: did you both remember what we had done with Neeraj 😂😂, they both remember hell funny incident that was. They three of them started laughing after remember that😂😂. All get confused whispering.

Malika: Chii rahul you did really bad.

Usha:what khusar phusar going on.

Rudra: choti MAA I think something cheap joke come in their minds😂😂😝.

Malika: yup right rudra.

Lata: we should celebrate the Raksha Bandhan.. first tej and Manohar. They both get sad after a long years back they celebrating Raksha Bandhan.

Anita: had tears today I’m so happy finally I’m going to tie rakhi on my brothers hands.

Tej: we always miss you on this auspicious day.

Manohar: even get jealous too when we see these bothers and sisters.Anita did their aarti and tie rakhi on their wrist..

Feed each other sweets Rudra clicking their photos.

Anita:where is my gifts today I’ll not leave you.

Manohar:haa.. they both give her gifts.

Aayat: now it’s my turn..

Tej; Arey haa first my daughter.

Aayat:chalo Bhaiya.

Rudra:only Bhaiya na don’t come to us for gift.

Aayat:Arey you both will come with Bhaiya already 😂😂. Kunj and om or Rudra or Rahul ,Yuvi sits together. After Aayat she was the first who tie rakhi. Before Anjali used too.

Kabir:it’s Anjali turn she is elder.

Usha:hmm but our Aayat is first😘😘.

Aayat: haa..

Avantika: I’ll help you.

Aayat: mamma I’ll do it Itself today. Avantika give her aarti tali she hold it carefully went towards them doing kunj aarti it’s looking so beautiful.

Avantika: now give me.

Aayat: wait I’ll do like Anita aunty did she keep in side put tika on kunj forehead.

Tej: this too my baby learn.

Aayat: haa. Kunj forward his hand Aayat take rakhi and tie on kunj wrist not tightly but kunj help her. Bhaiya sweet. She feed him while kunj too her. And like this she did with her all brothers.

Rudra: carefully.

Aayat: huhu.. now give my gift.

Rudra:see who bring this cartoon rakhi..😂.

Om:good cartoon rakhi for cartoon. 😂😂. Anjali come.

Rudra: G now go in side 😂😂do you wanna tie rakhi.

Rahul: very lame.. they stand and Anjali tie. Rakhi on her brothers hands even Yuvi too there.

Anjali: before I had 3 bothers now 4😘.

Kunj:one gift increased. 😂😂. Maya and Priyanka too done with rakhi rudra pulled Priyanka hairs.. Kunj and om and rudra give gifts to their both sisters Aayat standing in side.

Aayat: give me my rakhi back you people didn’t give me gift.

Rudra: just kidding Arey this time we don’t have na.

Aayat:acha now don’t come to me.. they three of them smile. Kunj gesturing servant. He bring the gift. All get confused what is this. It’s really very huge.They three of them open the gift all get shocked to see.Aayat see and get happy like anything.My favourite toy set.everything is in this toy set numbers of dolls and other toys everything. Thanks Bhaiya. o bro.

Rudra: only this two.

Aayat:haa. They sit on their knees and cupped Aayat face she hugged them together. Everyone giving smile.

Rudra: how can forget our baby sister.

You can fool everyone but never your little sis.

Kunj: yes never ever. Our little baby sister you light up the our world with your sweet baby charms and my god ever bless you with love and with grace and may you always shine on your dear little baby face ❤️❤️❤️..Anjali and Priyanka too joint them. We’d argue like cats and dogs. We scream at each other like sirens during a fire. I guess that goes with being brothers and sisters. Underneath all those arguments, there is love.

Om:Little sisters are God’s greatest masterpiece. They all Sarna sobbing share a group hugged each and everyone get so happy to see their love.. after twinkle and Mahi turn come.

Rudra: see mahi O😂😂.

Om; shut up..

Rudra: where is my gift.

Twinkle: bhai😂😂. Today I’ll not leave you. Mahi and twinkle tie rakhi on kabir hand they too cherish their moments.

Kabir: huhu take your gifts he give gifts to mahi and twinkle.

Maya:finally done.

Rudra: no we too left. Rudra and om went and bring something.

Om: our special.

Kabir: what??

Rudra: we’ll to tie rakhi on our Bhaiya hand.

Om:yes if brothers make a promise to their sisters to protect them from all harms and troubles even Kunj too protecting me and rudra from everyone. Kunj forward his hand immediately they both tie rakhi in his hand all clapped for them they share a hug while Lata and Prithviraj went near them hugged too.

Lata:mere pote you three of them stay like this they both having tears in their eyes. Prithviraj give their hands on kunj.

Prithviraj:you three of them roots of our hopes.To see you brothers together our dream is this only . Nothing will in this world break down you bothers bond.

Lata:mere pote duniya me bas se ache hai. Always make us proud the way kunj handle you both even you both too. Never leave each other’s no matter what happened next just promise you’ll never leave each other’s hands. Rudra hug Lata from back and Kunj and om cupping Lata either side cheeks even her one and one hand. Together three of them.
Dadu and dadi we’ll never ever leave each other’s if anyone did mistake from us we’ll try to make understand each other’s our mistakes instead of leave each other’s on their selfs.. till our breath is we all bothers stand together face everything.

Kunj:dadu and dadi we had you both who teach us everything on every path of our life’s. And to connect us together it’s our duty.

Lata:I know my kunj always take everyone together.Lata hug her grand sons. After sometimes later they all sit together. Just than tej.

Tej:where have been you three of them last night. He look at them with little anger eyes they immediately get up. Looking down,

Lata: why??

Tej: nahi MAA tell me..


Tej: how was your Jail experience Om Kara and rudra. All get confused.

Avantika: jail mean?

Tej:kya hua.. and your great Bhaiya come to save you.

Lata: how you know??

Tej:IG see them in lockup and call me.. they will never tell us. And you kunj.

Kunj:woh pa….

Tej: let them stay there only. What you

Both did.

Rudra: nothing pa.

Tej:it’s wasted of time because you bothers never open your mouth Against each other’s just saving each other’s.
Kunjj I asked something.

Kunj:haa. Wo….:,h in trembling voice.

Tej:what you did with 50K, rudra.

Rudra:woh pa..

Tej; don’t be lie with me.. you ask them it would be good kunj,

Prithviraj:tej leave it na..

Tej:Papa not about money.

Rudra:pa I’ll tell you. Me and om see one car and o suggest me to take it Om give him look but didn’t said anything. So I take the car but the car was stolen already that’s why police arrested us😭😭. Om and Kunj look at rudra.


Kunj: now tell me everything not any false story but truth.. all look at Kunj.

Rudra: woh Bhaiya In crying voice😭.

Kunj: you start Omkara he’ll do drama.

Om: he take 40 lakhs car.

Kunj: 40lakhs car okay but he took 50lakhs from office.

Om: he gives 10 lakhs that girl.

Kunj: what. You give her 10lakhs normally Rudra ha..

Rudra:Bhaiya her father is not well. I did good work just helping following dadi and dadu😭😭.

Lata:koi Baath nahi.. chalo let’s have lunch.

Tej; now you forget the car.

All elders went while youngsters sitting. All get shocked on Rudra.

Kunj: next time if you do anything like this.

Rudra: I’ll not do anything paka promise.

Om: bhaishab wanted to do deal like you all laughing at him.

Rahul:what a deal way rudra Kunj didn’t do single penny wasted work you 10k.

Kunj: if you wanted money come to me don’t dare to take directly from office get it. He nodded his head in yes…

Kabir: really rudra you are really innocent soul.

Kunj:not innocent but idiot..Anjali and Priyanka teasing him now no car😂😂..

Yuvi: how’s the car.

Rudra: very good. Kunj and om look at him.

They all sit for lunch together everyone so happy..Kunj went in his room he changed his clothes. The all sit together.

Kabir: kunj do you remember something. Rudra was in his room crying like a baby.

Kunj: what??

Rahul; Arey after wedding you’ll give us party.,

Yuvi: yup you both didn’t give us party you get married than your great wifey and brother pass..

Anjali: absolutely true kunj.

Kabir:Twinkle tell your husband. She look at Kunj he too back her.

Twinkle:what I’ll say he knows

Kunj: okay I’ll give party you all go and enjoy.

Malika:please you’ll too come..

Yuvi:now new club is open let’s go there only.

Twinkle: yessss..

Kunj: who will take the permission from family.

Anjali:yeah me and pinku never went clubs.

Rahul:so what let’s try na.. kunj will take the permission from bade Papa.

Kunj:what I’ll not at all. Did you think I’ll go to him and ask to go for club.

Anjali: Arey I’ll ask you people don’t worry tumdono ki toh awaaz hi nahi nikalti hai.

Kabir:call twinkle gang too.

Twinkle:where is rudra.

Om:hoga kishi kone me.

Anjali:bichara now bade Papa refused for car.

Kabir:it’s sad he is so excited. You promise kunj.

Kunj:hmm let’s see. After sometimes later Taneja’s and luthra’s left.. they all siblings went in rudra room see him who covering himself with duvet fully. He just blabbering my car.. they went to bed and sit.

Rahul: rudra get up we’ll go club today let’s have fun.

Rudra: you all go.. I’m not going anywhere. Om pulled the blanket. See he really crying.

Om: you crying for car.

Rudra: first they promise me now see them.Now I don’t want any car huhu he said while looking at Kunj he smile.

Kunj:good. Now no car. He went in his room.

Twinkle:leave him rudra he is sadu only.

I’ll talk to papaji okay. Now don’t cry she wiped his tears. Let’s go and have fun okay. You’ll go na with me.

Rudra: okay just for you. Kunj see this from far and give smile..

Anjali: I’ll go and take permission she went to tej and he give her permission she get so happy thanks bade papa.

Tej: no need of thanks Mera bacha.. she tell everyone they all went in room.

In Twinj [email protected]@
Kunj resting on bed while twinkle get confused what to wear..

Twinkle: Kunj what I’ll wear.

Kunj: this is also fine what you wearing right now 😂😂. Twinkle give him annoying look.

Twinkle: really I’ll go club in these clothes Huhu. Twinkle find something and put on herself. This is so beautiful. Kunj see her.

Kunj: this is so short na.

Twinkle: right try something else. Just than Avantika come there.

Avantika: Twinkle.

Twinkle: yes mummy ji anywork.

Avantika: no this your father in law send for you.

Twinkle: for me what is this. Avantika give her box twinkle open and find western dress. Dress??

Avantika: yes you all were going out na so wear even for Priyanka and Anjali too.

Twinkle: how can I. I mean.

Avantika: so what. We never stop Priyanka and Anjali too they itself never wear. Feel uncomfortable. Tej just love me in this clothes instead of this sarees.. kunj and twinkle laugh slightly. Okay go and get ready even you too kunj she left.

Twinkle: so beautiful kunjj..

Kunj: hmm.

Twinkle: yes I’ll wear after all my father in Law give me.. she take went in washroom. Kunj get in another washroom get ready he come in room and see twinkle getting ready in front of mirror he get freeze to see her. Remember about that night he went in balcony. While twinkle touch her shoulder recalled how much kiss on her shoulder than her neck smile come on her lips Kunj come and busy in his phone twinkle looking at him through mirror.

She closed her eyes and remember that night. Twinkle get ready fully.

Kunj:are you ready twinkle..

Twinkle:yes she turned and show him..
he don’t have words for her. The dress not showing her body perfect for place.

Kunj: chale. He went downstairs.

Twinkle: sadu😡😡😡😡. Priyanka and Anjali come down all turned and see them get surprised too see them in this type of clothes for the first time.. they looking very cute..while looking down.

Prithviraj: Arey waha look at my girls.

Tej: yes looking so beautiful. You both should leave your Indian clothes this suits better. While Kunj and om or rudra looking at each other 😛😛. It’s not they had any problem but didn’t like. Anyone see their sisters. But never deny them. It’s their choice to wear whatever but being bothers 😂😂😂..

Anjali:where is your wife kunj.Just than they see twinkle coming from.Even she too nervous never ever this type of clothes in front her in laws her family don’t Mind.


Rudra: pinku And di why you both wear this haa I didn’t like.. you both looking more beautiful your dress. Just to make them change.

Avantika:no they looking good. You don’t tell anything.

Usha:yes what happened when your girlfriend wearing that time toh you were saying hot😂😂.

Kunj:if you guys wanted to wast your time here than im going. He went while Om and rudra too behind him.

Twinkle: what happened to them.

Rahul:nothing twinkle jalkude hai little possessive brothers.😛.You girls come with me..

Tej:haa enjoy your night.

Anjali:if we late.

Tej:today permission.

Lata:he just Strick with grand sons..

Anjali:yes they went outside. Outside see kunj om or rudra sitting in car waiting for them.

Rahul: don’t say anything just sit okay. They went and sit in car while Rudra didn’t talking making his mood off kunj can see this. Soon they reached club they come out of the car and see everyone standing there.

Chinki: hoo Anjali Di and Priyanka looking hot.

Yuvi:yes for the first time i saw you both on this outfits.Kunj,Om and rudra too murmured even we too..

Maya:now let’s go and enjoy.They went inside and see the crowd.Kunj put cottons in his ears.. 😂😂.Twinkle see her someone friends see run to them. Kunj and om sit in side while others dancing.

Om:gesture him. What happened.

Kunj:nothing.. what is this man.. malika come and sit with them they take juice.

You didn’t dancing.

Malika: my bad luck and you know I didn’t leave😂😂

Kunj: pata hai..

Twinkle: Anjali Di pinku. You forget this Sarna brothers let’s enjoy.

Rahul:yes we’ll not say anything.

Anjali:okay.They dancing on songs kunj see twinkle dancing and laughing.

Kunj:this girl totally mad.. they all get tired come and sit..

Kabir:why you both sitting let’s dance na.
Jija ji..

Kunj:you all carry on.

Yuvi:you come first kunj.


Rahul:this malika crazy for clubs just for her we bunk the classes and went for her.

Malika:did do anything just protecting me😂😂.those days are awesome of my life how much fun we did three of them.

Kunj:that was madness😛😛😂first over drink than we have to bear you😛😛.

Anjali: I’m toh enjoying. See rudra flirting with girls.

Rahul: look at this boy. Sometime before crying now after see girls 😂😛.

Kabir:really sometime get confused after you both bothers and see rudra totally crazy..

Maya:yes like this Yuvi party holic.. 😂😂😛.

Kunj:went on Yuvi😛😂..

Anjali:chal twinkle they both went.While Rahul force Omkara and Kunj.Take them to dance floor they went with them. They all dancing Omkara see mahi and lost in her while twinkle come to kunj.

Twinkle:kya hua Mr Sarna.

Kunj:nothing so annoying this.

Twinkle:it’s for you.Twinkle went near him.

And see cottons in kunj ears. What is this.

Kunj:nothing cotton just protecting my ears twinkle removed it. Twinkleeee..

Twinkle:Kunj you are so boring.let’s dance. what everyone will wife is so interesting but husband like a old radio 😛😛😂.

Kunj:whatever..Kunj went in corner there no one.He stand while twinkle went behind him. Twinkle eyes went on chirag who looking at her while kunj back facing to him.She get shocked. Before he look her she hugged kunj while kunj get shocked.With sudden hug.Twinkleee.. she hugging him tightly. Are you okay.

Twinkle:yes.. hugged me back na..


Twinkle: what what?? Kunj hug na. Kunj hugged her back twinkle looking at Chirag while he see her.Twinkle cuddling kunj and moving her hands on his back. Kunj hands shivering her back is open just strips.but Kunj see one man sitting and twinkle back facing to him. He closed his fist he cuddles her tightly covered her back with his arms.Chirag see twinkle hugging man and get boiled in anger twinkle caressing Kunj hairs rapidly twinkle see chirag expressions.And think he see me with kunj now hope he understands I’m not interested in him he went but both didn’t break the hug twinkle and Kunj making this hug so passionate both lost in each other’s closed their eyes. After they come in sense and break the hug looking each other twinkle feel shy she run from there while kunj give little smile.He went to her twinkle force him to dance with her. Kunj just standing. She holding his hands.

Twinkle: kunnnnjj.


Twinkle:you are so bad..

Kunj:understand because I didn’t give your compliments 😂..

Twinkle:yes.. why I’m wasting my time I’ll dance with someone. She about to go kunj pulled her from her waist her hand land kunj chest she get surprised both were is very closer.

Kunj:what did you say.?? Someone I’ll too see who’ll dance with you.

Twinkle:hehe don’t give me challenge.

Kunj:why I’ll challenge.

Twinkle: ab you were fuss so what I’ll do have to find partner.. 😛😛. Kunj went near her eyes twinkle heart beat started fasting.

Kunj:Roses are red, violets are blue, the sun is hot and so are you.😂😂😂Itself giggling,

Twinkle: very cheesy you used on other’s this.

Kunj: I heard this from rudra mouth😂😂he used to applied this on his girlfriends 😂😛😛.

Twinkle: so mean kunj you are hit on his chest playfully. I don’t want anything.

Kunj:Arey Twinkle you know Itself you look good.


Kunj:chal you look beautiful. 😛😛.

Twinkle:you just impossible.

Kunj:ab I’ll say this I have world beautiful wife.

Twinkle:yes you should one day you’ll 😛.
Kunj twirl her they happily dancing with each other’s while Omkara dancing with mahi. They dance on many songs. After it’s too late they went outside.

Maya:really today we enjoy lot.


Yuvi:rudra today come with me..

Rudra:in gloomy voice no I’m not in good mood.Kunj get call he went in side.

Om:let’s go Rudra take the car key.. he throw Rudra take.You drive the car okay.
they went little far Rudra see car keys.

Rudra:this is not Bhaiya car keys.

Kunj:I know. He said while all turned and look at Kunj who standing in front of car.

Om went towards kunj.

Om:Rudra what happened.Don’t be shocked you’ll get shocked.Real now. Kunj side car was there but covered All see the car.

Anjali:what is this..

Kunj:what happened Rudra don’t you want your car now all understand Rudra. Kunj removed the cover.Rudra see which car he wanted that was in front of his eyes. Rudra went little near car and look at car.

Rudra:it’s really for me na.. om and Kunj come near to him their arms around his shoulders.

Kunj:yes it’s really for my Rudra. Rudra gets so happy went to car touch the car started jumping in happiness 😘😘😘. Started dancing both brothers see him so happy they both too happy.Rudra see om and Kunj he run and hugged them tightly.

Lykan Hypersport car £3million.

Rudra: thanks O and Bhaiya.. I love you both.

KUOM:even we too love you unconditionally.both cupped his face..
you don’t know Rudra what you meant for us.Idiot just crying for a car for your happiness we can do anything did you think you want something your both brother didn’t give you ha. He nodded In yes..all went towards them.

Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi

Lafzon ka ye rishta nahi

Sadiyon ka ye hai waasta

Hai rooh ka raabta

Anjali: Rudra congratulations finally your car come.. Rudra look at car key. He try to hug car😛😛,

Rudra: Meri car..

Twinkle: finally Rudra get happy.

Rudra: hell happy.. today.

Yuvi: nice car..

Rudra: but Bhaiya what about pa he you deny.

Kunj: you don’t worry about him.

Kabir: when you both did this.

Om:when our 4th sister crying 😂 session going on.

Maya: who’ll sit first beside you Rudra in your new car.

Naman: girlfriend..

Rudra: no no.. why girlfriend I’ll make my bhabhi sit first he hold twinkle hand take her. He open the door for her.

Twinkle: thanks. She sit and he too sit in driving seat. Drive little bit than come out.

Rudra: again my love you both kissed on their cheeks they make eww faces.

Kunj: you don’t do this 😛😛..

Om: yes..

Rudra: it’s call bromance.. 😘😘😘..

Kunj: okay but i want one promise.

Rudra: what??

Kunj:you’ll drive safely If I heard anything than that time only I’ll throw your car..

Rudra:promise.How you both buy this??

Kunj: this our headache not yours..

Rudra:that also true..
Kunj and om look at each other face share smile.Both used their all money in this car.

Not like that anyone will stop them.

Om: now you got your Raksha Bandhan gift don’t come to us..

Rudra: no..

Kunj: how much greedy you are.

Rudra: whole life you both have to bear me😂😂.

Om: mar gaye😂😂😂. Episode freezes on kurumo❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Next: twinkle going to tM😛😛..


I hope you all like the episode ..

Don’t know anything give your views. 

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Bye take care of yourself.. 

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