RAB SE SONA ISHQ: TWINJ- EPISODE 28 happy birthday baba jani

Episode 28😂

This episode specially for baba Jani I don’t know her name actually so what she used for comment wish you a very very happy birthday keep smiling stay happy in your life.. god bless you always shower his 

Blessing on you. You all dream fulfilled.. your smile never fade away 😊😊😍😍😍🌸🌸🍻🥂🍾🍻🍺🎭🎭🎭🎭🎭


Started whole night avantika didn’t sleep perfectly she just thinking about kunj and twinkle after marriage still they’re not accepted this marriage just for them they are husband and wife but nothing they had between each other’s like a husband and wife this making her tensed.. night passed away..

Next morning..
Usha and Avantika wake up early because they call guru ji today at their place so they both get busy in breakfast preparations.usha find avantika In stress.

Usha: what happened did everything is fine na..

Avantika: yes Usha everything is fine just little headache you know na this rudra and Aayat eat my head lot last night both sitting on my and tej head..

Usha:haa😂😂. Tumhare buddape ke bache 😛😛..

Avantika:right you are my headache.

Usha: I’ll see twinkle wake up or not.

Avantika: you wait I’ll go.. she went upstairs goes towards twinj room..

Twinkle and Kunj still sleeping peacefully.
Avantika knocking the door. But no use of this they still sleeping just than Kunj wake up and heard knock at door.

Avantika: Twinkle beta??

Kunj:shit mummy look at this siyappa queen how peacefully she sleeping last night toh badi badi fake rahi ti.. before mummy see us..Kunj Get up and went towards bed. Twinkle yaar wake See mummy door pe hai..

Twinkle:in sleeping tone Kunj let me sleep na..

Kunj: abey oyy ugh twinkle wake up sleeping queen. He shaking her finally twinkle open her eyes..

Twinkle:what you wanted sadu…

Kunj: mummy at door twinkle too heard knock at door Avantika calling her.

Twinkle:hoo shit. Kunj now what to do..

Kunj: you go in washroom I’ll see her okay.

Twinkle:okay she run in the washroom while kunj went to open the door he open the door and take the fake yawn..

Kunj:mummy you good morning..

Avantika:good morning.. where is twinkle?

Kunj: woh she is in washroom..

Avantika: okay send her down. And you too get ready soon don’t be late..

Kunj: okay.. Kunj cuddles her Avantika keep her hand on his cheek. Mummy..

Avantika:hmm what..


Avantika:for what??

Kunj:bas aeshe hi if I did mistake..

Avantika: I don’t think so my kunj did any mistakes kunj. Now get freshen up mere bacha Avantika kissed on his forehead.

Kunj:okay.. kunj went in his room back. While going avantika see the blanket on couch.. this siyappa queen take 2 hours in bathroom till than I’ll get ready in  10times.. I’ll get freshen up mummy and pa room. Kunj take his clothes and went in Avantika and tej room. Tej who already get ready and busy in phone kunj went in washroom.

Get freshen up he come out of the washroom just than Avantika come there and get confused to see kunj here.

Avantika: you here..

Kunj:woh twinkle take too much time in washroom mummy so I come here..

Avantika:okay Tej your coffee..

Tej: yeah he take his coffee..

Kunj: mummy you didn’t help me to get ready so many days went.. now please avantika give smile.. she went near kunj sit and she closed his shirt buttons fixed his collar admire kunj face..

Avantika:why you are like this kunj.puri duniya me ek lota hai mere beta jo truly innocent..she caress his face.tej see this.

Tej: what happened aaj MAA ko apne bete phar bada pyaar Aaraha hai.. 😛. Avantika look at tej..

Avantika:why tumhe toh roz aata hai tumhari betiyo phar mere bhi bete hai..

Kunj:true kunj hide his face under her shoulder pa just love his girls 😛.. tej Listen this..

Tej:acha who told you rudra.. mere liya toh tum sab equal ho But you both here only my girls went somewhere else leave me just wanted to give them love as much as I can give my dolls Aayat sleeping near Tej. He kissed on her cheeks..

Kunj:right pa.. okay I’ll go and see your daughter in law..

Avantika: haa..

Kunj went in his room back and see twinkle come out of the washroom busy in front of mirror like always.. twinkle see kunj he is fully ready..

Twinkle:you get ready already so fast..

Kunj: he sit. Haa what I’ll do you’ll take 2 hours in bath so I thought why I’ll waste my time I’ll get ready before you think na  you siyappa Queen you wasted so much water didn’t you heard save the  water save the life. But see here my wife wasting water in her

Twinkle:you just shut up sadu I don’t have hairs like so small look at my hairs.. than talk to me.

Kunj:hoo.. keshking 😂😂😂..

Twinkle:now stop eating my head let me get ready. Twinkle busy in her make up while kunj look at her counting the products which she applying on her face.. she done with her makeup.

Kunj:totally 20 products you used it omg. Kitna profit karwati hai tu company waloka 😂😂😂..

Twinkle: jada Mat bolo.. I’m going..

Kunj:go ahead and haa send my coffee in room only..

Twinkle:why I’ll send if you wanted coffee come and take it I’ll not come here..

Kunj: keshi biwi di hai babaji mujhe kaam chorni 😂😂..

Twinkle: aeshe you were saying I don’t know this type of language now how you know so suddenly sadu..

Kunj:while laughing I know but Tere upar words automatically aaja te hai pagali😂😂😛. I have to learn this language for you😂😛..

Twinkle: huhu.. sadiyal.. Sarna..

Kunj:same Mrs Sarna.Twinkle went downstairs she see guru ji come twinkle went and meet with them.take his blessing.

Guru ji: Khush raho…

Prithviraj: guru ji ek dam sona hai Meri bahu you find best bahu for us..

Guru ji: they both are in each other destiny I was just the reason.. god made them for each other’s only..

Twinkle: I’ll come..
twinkle went in kitchen and ready the tray for guru ji she take the tray went in hall back.Tej and Manohar all elders sitting twinkle served guru ji breakfast. She give so nicely and respectfully which all like about her.

Guru ji:badi samjdar hogi hai twinkle toh..

Twinkle: haa😛… twinkle went in kitchen back. Now make coffee for this sadu.. she making coffee for kunj.

While in room kunj waiting for coffee he get bored..
Kunj: this siyappa queen didn’t bring coffee here kunj let’s go down bhut bhav khati hai ab kya kare coffee hi aeshi hai us ki wajha se mujhe dena bhi padta hai. He get up and went down. Finding twinkle in living room understand she is in kitchen maybe..Kunj went in kitchen and see twinkle busy in something.Twinkle see him. What is this i was waiting for my coffee.

Twinkle:now you come here na good take your coffee wait I’ll make it.Kunj sit in side.

Just than there Rahul And Anjali along with Omkara they come and see twinkle and kunj in Kitchen..

Rahul:hoo subh subh husband and wife is in kitchen seemed interesting..kitchen romance😂😂😂..

Kunj:you just know this. Sometimes think other things too..

Anjali: don’t know what he eat just stuck in romance..

Rahul:Arey after months I see my wife and this saale so it’s my right. Rudra and Omkara teased me lot in my time I was just waiting for time today kunj time come so..

Kunj:you continue.. twinkle pour the coffee in mug and forward the mug to kunj.

Twinkle:Kunj tumhari coffee..

Kunj:he take it thanks..

Rahul:Twinkle what magic have you done on him Bhai shab ko office me Teri jeshi coffee chahiye 😂😛😛. Twinkle look at Kunj. Kunj why not we take twinkle in office for coffee it’s superb..

Kunj:not need of this..you have five minutes come down I’m waiting for you..

Rahul:I’m ready..Kunj drink his coffee om and Anjali making sandwich..

Kunj:okay bye.. they both went outside while twinkle went in room and see kunj forgot his wallet and phone here only.

Twinkle: Arey sadu leave his wallet and phone I’ll give him. She run outside and give voice to kunj.. kunjjjj. He heard and turn and see twinkle..

Kunj: what.. she went near him..

Twinkle:woh you forgot your wallet and phone in room only. She give him..


Rahul:Twinkle you have good chance to check his phone 😂😂😛..

Twinkle:I’ll jiju when it’s needed😛😛..

Kunj: ab chale.. they both sit in car and left for office twinkle went back inside..
get busy in her work arrange her room.

After sometimes later they all ladies sit together.Prithviraj went out with lata. Rudra come down taking yawn avantika see her already her mood is so pissed off since that she saw twinkle and Kunj sleeping separately.Rudra come and sit beside Anjali place his head on her lap..

Rudra:good morning..

Usha:not good morning good afternoon bacha..

Rudra:But my toh good morning na..

Avantika: rudra what is this haa if you don’t have college it’s doesn’t mean you’ll sleep whole day haa in stern voice rudra get shocked..

Rudra:mummy why getting angry what I did now.. where I’ll go here..

Avantika:go and get freshen up.
Rudra run from there.see avantika is

angry.. while Anjali and twinkle went in kitchen make yummy breakfast for rudra they both went in room and see rudra get ready sitting while having puppy face both laugh out and went towards him and sit beside him..

Twinkle:hi Devar ji..

Rudra: haa..

Twinkle: rudra don’t be sad..

Rudra: Arey why I’ll never I get sad due to mummy.. it’s Priyanka and Aayat work.. I’m not like this. He give smile..

Anjali: yes mere Bhai.now have this.they both feed Rudra with their hands..

Otherside kunj and Rahul working along with tej both just passing death glares can’t talk in front of tej..

Rahul: sir.. what about our new project..

Tej:don’t worry I talk to clients they get ready to deal with us but problem is this we have to go there and sign the deal finalized that’s it.. I’ll think about this..

Kunj:okay I’ll bring file and show you. Kunj went from there..

In next [email protected]@
Omkara was in market he come here for his sculpture material.He was busy to see the material just than he bumped with mahi. She about to falls down but Omkara hold her on perfect time.Omkara see it’s mahi who is in his arms mahi eyes were closed she open slowly slowly and see om face both get shocked both is in each other’s embrace.. they didn’t blink their eyes just admiring them people was seeing them and giggling too. Malika who was finding mahi..

Malika: where this mahi went now this girl na. She searching her everywhere just than her eyes caught something. Yes she see Omkara and Mahi position she smile than click their photos..interesting look at this both romancing in public place😂😜😜: let’s disturb them. She went near them and snapped the finger near their faces but no response she shake them they both come to the sense and see their position. Hi guys..both look at each other both composed themselves.And look at here and there

Omkara: woh.. we collide..

Mahi: yes bhabhi.

Malika: haa I can understand good om you save my sister in law thanks..

Mahi: haa thanks looking down.

Malika: you here om.??

Om:woh I come here to buy something for my sculpture..and you both.

Malika: we come here just for shopping getting bored at  home so.. good you come let’s have something I’m really thirsty..

Omkara: come I’ll make you drink here best juice you didn’t drink till now let’s go.

Malika: okay let’s go come mahi. They trio went to juice shop..

Om: you both stand I’ll bring for you both which flavour you wanted..

Malika: My something tangy orange is good.

Om: and you mahi..

Mahi: my watermelon..

Om: okay.. he went they both stand there on oder the juice and stand both Mahi and Omkara thinking about recently incident. Which bring Smile on their faces.. Malika feeling uneasy don’t know why.. om bring juice for them and give Malika glass.

Malika; thanks om.. while giving to mahi their hands touch both look at each other.
Arey even you too like watermelon..

Om: not they don’t have what I wanted so I get this let’s taste it..

Malika: haa. They enjoy the juice.. om went to pay the bill..suddenly Malika feeling dizzy she can’t control more so she falls down and get unconscious mahi see and scream Malika name..

Mahi: bhabhi.. om turned and get shocked to see Malika he run towards them.. they both sit down and om take Malika head in his lap and patting on her cheeks.

Om: malika what happened wake up..

Mahi: bhabhi she started crying.

Om: mahi Don’t cry nothing will happened to her. Maybe due to this heat she get unconscious. We’ll take my house it’s near. Okay om lifted Malika in his arms and he and mahi went near car and place Malika inside om call the doctor to come sarna Mansion.they left for Sarna Mansion soon they reached in this time mahi message Kabir even he too get shocked immediately leave for Sarna house. Om and Mahi run inside Malika is in om arms. They entered in living room. Everyone see them and get shocked.

Lata: what happened om beta..

Om: dadi she get unconscious. Twinkle and all come and see.

Twinkle: what happened to bhabhi..

Mahi: dii😭😭😭😭..

Avantika: beta don’t cry okay..she’ll be fine om take her in room.They went in room place Malika on bed. Soon doctor. Ever Kabir too come he was so tensed.

Kabir: Doctor please see my wife what happened to her.

Doctor: don’t worry I’ll see her first. Doctor went in the room and closed the door..

Mahi: this happened because of me I insist bhabhi to come with me she didn’t feeling well before only.. 😭😭😭..

Kabir:no mahi don’t cry okay.Other Tanejas too come.. each and everyone was worried about Malika doctor examined her and open the door.. all rushed towards doctor shower number of questions.

Doctor: first calm down. It’s a good news.

Nothing is serious mr Taneja your wife is expecting. All listen this news get so happy while Kabir still in shocked..

Kabir: what??..

Doctor: means yeh you are going to become Papa.

Kabir: omg.. papa😘😘😘. He started jumping.. what about Malika doctor.

Doctor: don’t worry she is fine I give her injection in sometime she’ll get conscious. I’ll take the leave om went with doctor till out. Twinkle jumped on Kabir..

Twinkle:wow Bhai congratulations Papa

Kabir:and you both bua 😘😘..

Avantika:Leela ji congratulates aap dadi bane wale ho..

Rudra: waha kabir Bhai finally you give 😂😂your romance result😂😝😝.. all laughing on this.

Kabir:yes😜😜😜.. usha bring sweet and feed everyone put in mouth.they all sit.kabir went in room and see Malika getting

conscious..he went towards her and sit beside help her to sit..

Malika: what happened to me kabir.

Kabir: nothing he hugged her tightly thanks malika for this beautiful news.

Malika: what??

Kabir: he break the hug and cupped her face Malika you are going to become mamma and me Papa.

Malika:really kabir nodded his head in eyes. O kabir.. I’m so happy for this our baby.

Kabir: even I too. They again hugged.later both went out side everyone see Malika all congratulation her..

Twinkle:bhabhi hmm. Really I’m so happy.

Leela:yes puttar finally our promotion 😘.
Prithviraj to come. Hansh told him about this news.

Prithviraj:badai ho Hansh ji par dada.. bane wale hai aap dono..

Hansh: haa Hum phar dada and dadi.. really the best news for us.. they all sit..
Aayat come back from school her mood is off because avantika scold her without any reason so she went in her room directly.
tej and Manohar along with kunj and Rahul too come back from office they take the seats he’ll tired..

Rahul: Arey you all here what a surprise and why you all standing around this chudail 😂😂😂..

Anjali: Arey don’t say this. If you listen na you’ll get so happy..

Kunj:acha today she too did any siyappa.

Rahul: like same she used to do in school and college what she did kunj. Her fake attention teacher I’m ill 😝😝. So I can’t complete my home work..

Kunj:true last what she did. Passed out and next day lied with her mom😂😂. They both did hifi.. all laughing out on this.

Malika: you both wait.. today. Malika went near them and started hitting them with pillow.

Rahul: Arey kabir konshi chakki ka aata khila ta hai.

Kunj: malika stop. Modi.. 😂😂..

Avantika: kunjj and Rahul. And you malika beta don’t do this come sit let them do it.

Anjali: you both idiots.. 😂😂. Malika went in side give them fake sad look.

Kunj: Arey gayi yeh toh. Now take hours to mano her😂😂.

Rahul: chal.. they both went towards her and sit beside her and shake her shoulders from both sides. Abey oyye malika chal bata de humhe hi..

Kunj: haa.. 😛. Ab jaldi don’t waste time.

Rudra: screaming from back. She is pregnant. They both listen and look at malika..

Kunj: really..

Malika: yes but you both busy making fun of me..

Rahul: omg what a news malika😂😛. Congratulations baby. I was asking you how’s your honeymoon today I get my answer 😂😂😜😜.,

Kunj: chii😂😜😜. Really I’m so happy for you. Congratulations soon mummy😘.. they both hugged Malika Kabir come there.

Kabir: you both make my wife sad come to me baby. They trio look at each other face and laugh out so loudly..

Rahul: oyye husband ji. It’s our right on her before you understand. Haina Malika. She nodded her head in yes..

Kabir: hoo so bad..

Kunj: congratulation saale shab😜😜.,

Kabir: haa you too fufa ji..

Kunj: now what is this??? All keep their hands on their heads..

Leela: means twinkle will be bua of kabir kids and you are fufa ji..

Usha: like same Surjit.

Rudra: But he is our uncle na.

Kunj: I understand bas..

Rahul: standing near twinkle. This fufa ji sound like fuss😂😂😂.. like kunj..

Twinkle:O..😮so mean..

Kabir: bas wifey ji. Prithviraj and lata looking each other face even they too waiting for this news when’ll this arrived in their life.. they sit and making fun of newly soon mamma and Papa.

Bebe:great grand dadi.. soon you’ll people too.

Rahul:hmm kunj see😂😂😂. This for you and twinkle 😂.. avantika see that carving In Prithviraj and Lata eyes for their great grand kids..

Om:Arey our dadu was so excited for his great grand kids.. he winked at Kunj.

Kunj: don’t.. start now even di too in line.

Rudra: haa G.. didn’t you think.

Rahul: I’ll thinks and tell you soon😂😂.

Kunj: ab bol.. Kunj run from there he knows. After sometimes later all Tanejas went back to their place..

Avantika went in her room and see Aayat slightly sobbing while covering her face with blanket.. she fill guilty but knows if she talk to her she’ll react more so she leave her.. later tej come and see avantika face.

Tej: what happened avantika you looking tensed.

Avantika: Tej I wanted to talk to you?

Tej: say..

Avantika: Tej I’m serious first..

Tej: okay. They both sit together on couch. You looking worried may I know the reason.

Avantika: Tej you see today that craving for great grand kids in mummy ji and daddy eyes..

Tej: haa so what avantika..

Avantika:Tej I wanted to say something really important to you.. you know Tej kunj and twinkle didn’t have husband and wife relationship between each other’s.

Tej: what are you talking avantika are you okay na how can you say this. Avantika. I mean it’s their personal matter..

Avantika: I know Tej it’s wired in sound but last. Night I saw this from my own eyes I was passing from kunj room their room window was open tej and what I saw kunj sleeping on couch and twinkle on bed.. they didn’t sleep together they sleep separately they are husband and wife.. do we do wrong with kunj tej.. I mean we force him so he married just for us Tej. Tears started coming on her avantika eyes.

Tej: avantika we didn’t do anything wrong.

Avantika: I’m not saying like this. Why they sleep alone.. we know our Kunj he is different from others maybe give time to understand each other that’s good But tej he always did what we wanted never see his happiness do whatever we wanted.Unintentionally we did wrong with him. Me apne bête ki Zindagi kesha kharab hote dekh shakti hu Tej.. most for twinkle her family pressured her for this marriage tej you know till when two people are not ready from their  heart what’s the matter to tie them in one knot.. twinkle not happy here..

Tej:calm down avantika.we didn’t do anything wrong with our son. We know he Takes time to open up same now also. They both giving each other’s time means they care for each other’s all relationships not about physical relationships avantika that you know better than me.. we did their arrange marriage they didn’t love each other before marriage it’s normal. Who understand better than  us..

Avantika:what about twinkle tej.. shadi is very important relation in this world. You should talk to kunj once tej, don’t like father but like a friend tej. If he don’t know something make him understand tej.. we are his parents it’s our right to show our kids right path.. I’m not saying they consumed their marriage. It’s not important but we should at least know they are happy or not.. here daddy ji was waiting for to hold kunj baby in his hands. This we know long back. Kunj was not ready to marry anyone just for this we tell him to marry. He did it but tej whole life can’t..

Tej: okay I’ll talk to him you too talk Twinkle and asked her she is happy with kunj or not her happiness is really matter for us.. we call her our daughter now understand treat her like an own daughter avantika.

Avantika: I’ll but first you know I’m kunj mother how can I talk to him about this matter.

Tej: okay..

In twinj [email protected]@..
Kunj was working in his laptop twinkle come there and see kunj place cup of coffee in front of him kunj see and give smile..

Kunj: thanks.. but twinkle didn’t say anything busy in her work folding Kunj night wears. Kunj raise his eyes and look at twinkle in puppy mode.. kya hua ab tujhe..

Twinkle: mujhe kya hoga..

Kunj: than why this sadu face..

Twinkle:hehe it’s your copyright not my..

Kunj: you are good in college only..

Twinkle: acha ji..you tell me why you come that day in my college haa sadu.. wanted to get attention from girls..

Kunj: he pressed his laugh understand she is jealous. Twinkle I getting smell that something is burning😂😛😛..

twinkle:but I didn’t get it.. don’t try to act smart with me sadu.. tell me na..

Kunj:what I did in this I just went your college for you why you blaming on me they Itself checking out me. After all I’m so hot and handsome how can they stop 😛😜. This make Twinkle more angry she get up throw kunj night dress on him..

Twinkle:yeh baath hai haa. From where you look hot and handsome I didn’t find out. You and handsome what a joke babaji 😛.. don’t live in dream world.Kunj get up and went near her..

Kunj: I’m not hot okay look at yourself makeup ki dukaan😛😛..

Twinkle:very lame still boys dying for me to take my one look. Line lagi hui hai ladko ki mere liye😛😛..

Kunj:they all must be blind why they didn’t come before me at least I’ll save from you.. baba ji ne bhi mujhe Tere jeshi ladki di hai.. ek number ki ladaku ladki.. Kunj look at upwards waheguru mere biwi select karte hu waqt I’m very sure aapne duniya ki saari ladaku ladkiya aeshe line me khadi kardi hogi akad bakad bambe kia hoga aur jo sab se ladaku hogi woh mere pale baandi hogi..

in very funny way (funnytune play in BG) twinkle look at Kunj.

Twinkle: jada Mat bolo you should thanks to god that you get such a beautiful wife.

Kunj:yeh bolna you get jealous when those girls praising me. But I like them.. so cute they are he saying her just to tease her he didn’t see them perfectly..

Twinkle: jao unke pass chipku 😏😏.. sadu.. Kunj laughing out on twinkle twinkle get angry at him. She started hitting on his chest while kunj going in backwards. Bed come due to this he falls down he held  twinkle duppta she too on him. Twinkle top of kunj..ab bolo.

Kunj:bol na jealous hai tu..

Twinkle:I’m not twinkle twist his nose..

Kunj: haa siyappa Queen.. Both see their position moti get up..

Twinkle:now I’ll not get up from you bear me..
Kunj: Are you mad.. twinkle tickling him kunj pulled her near to him.Their face inch

Apart. Both look at each other.Face kunj see twinkle face lips.. both lost in each other eyes ocean don’t know about anything even room door was too open.

Rudra and Om Kara about to go in their room they stop and see kunj and twinkle both smirked and went towards them. And sit in side.

Rudra:o lagata hai soon we too become chachu😋😛😛😝.. they both giggling twinkle and Kunj come in sense heard their sound..

Kunj: Twinkle utna..

Twinkle: haa. Both get up and turned and see rudra and om..

Kunj: you both here.

Om: yes guys you should closed the door.

Rudra:haa khulam khulla romance Bhaiya and bhabhi 😜😝😝., kunj take pillow and throw at his face..

Kunj: see this siyappa queen..

Rudra:what bhabhi did in this you both equal.. twinkle laughing to see kunj face expression and hug rudra and went from there.

Kunj: keshi biwi hai totally antic piece just give me.. they went down.. all sitting in living area. Tej asked about Aayat.

Priyanka:she sleep..avantika looking at Kunj with wired expression Kunj see this.

Kunj:why this mummy giving me this look what I did now save me.. Aayat come down and see tej and run to him Tej see dry tears marks on her face..

Tej: what happened to my bacha haa. He cupped her face.

Aayat: pa😭😭😭..

Tej: what happened did anyone tell you something rudra already raise his hand.

Rudra: Bhai I’m not..

Tej: tell me Aayat.

Aayat: pa I didn’t do anything still mamma scold me.Without any reason.she started crying miserably tej look at avantika..

Tej: why you scold her avantika haa??

Avantika: Tej she didn’t listen to me..

Rudra:don’t know why mummy act like cat even scold me too.. avantika just give look to kunj.

Kunj:Arey mummy what I have done now.

Avantika: I’ll tell you soon don’t worry.

Kunj:mean tell me.

Rahul: today you gone kunj.. badi MAA. 😝..

Kunj: mummy bolo na..

Tej: you come with me Aayat don’t talk to her okay mere baby he wiped her tears. What my baby wanted to have in dinner.


Kunj:why Aayat. Chocolate shake I’ll make.

Om: pastry..


Prithviraj:come to me. She went to Prithviraj. Kya hua baby aaj. Let’s play ghar ghar your doll wedding still left na all laugh to see Prithviraj.

Aayat: yes dadu but what about clothes I give that served still let me see him like jhansi ki rani mode she went from there and scolding servants. Where is my doll clothes haa I give you na..

Servant: baby I keep in your room.

Aayat: acha bring she give him oder. He went.

Avantika: see this..

Rudra:today mummy you totally become jhansi ki rani.. show him her eyes rudra hide his face in kunj Arms. Bhaiya. While Kunj condition is same too😛😝😝.. avantika went from there..

Anjali:today you both brothers gone after see badi maa mood..

Kunj:what I did man..

At other side Taneja Mansion everyone was so happy they all pampering Malika Lot. Making her favourite food and feed.
Yuvi went for outside with his friends..

Everyone sit for dinner at Sarna Mansion kunj was scared why his mummy giving him look what he did.he have his food. After dinner they all sit elders went in rooms.

Rahul: so twinkle finally bua..

Twinkle:yes I’m so happy.for bhabhi and Bhai.Can’t wait for Their baby..wanted to play..

Anjali: haa even I too like babies.. when Aayat come na we all siblings are so excited can’t tell you.

Om: haa twinkle she is best thing happened in our life.. first we don’t have any relative in London just fiends. Never seen anything just for our demand we did badi MAA baby shower again😍😍..

Twinkle:so beautiful.. you can do your sibling all work.

Priyanka:haa Bhaiya and om Bhaiya did all work of mine and rudra Bhaiya..Aayat

Anjali:you know what twinkle Rudra is so annoying boy.When he is small that time also behind girls😂😂

Twinkle: acha rudra.. 😝😝.

Rudra: what I can do girls is my favourite 😂not like Bhaiya who don’t like girls. See Bhaiya that girls checking out you you didn’t thanks to them twinkle shocked while kunj look at her😛😂😂..

Kunj: hmm..

Twinkle:I have Their number should I call them kunj😏😏😏..

Kunj: yeh rudra marwayega mujhe. Did I say anything haa. Tell your devar.

Twinkle: what I’ll tell him. Itself you find they are cute all enjoying it.

Rahul: why you all girls get jealous on this small things..

Anjali:oyye what about you let me remind you what happened last time. Rahul Remember and stop.

Rahul: haa..

Anjali: this boys are like this only twinkle. You come with me.

Rudra: di gang up with bhabhi Against with you both 😂😂😂..

Anjali:yup did you forgot what kunj told his wife never did his backbiting behind his back.You know twinkle your husband is already so confident about you😂😂..

Just than there avantika come there they all become silent..
Avantika: kunj pa calling you in room.

Kunj: mujhe😰😰😰..

Avantika: here kunj you are only na kunj.

Kunj: sorry. Avantika went while kunj get up and look at here and there.

Rudra: gone Bhaiya 😂.

Kunj:wait let me come than I’ll break your teeth’s..he went from there. Kunj entered in room and see tej and Avantika standing and waiting for him he knock at door they turned and see kunj.

Tej:come inn.. Kunj went inside and looking down. Kunj I wanted to talk to you.

Kunj: yes pa you can tell me..

Tej: don’t be panic calm down. Hold his shoulder I’m your father okay. Come today both father and son sit together and talk.

Kunj: okay.. let’s come with me Tej take kunj pool side that was on second floor.

Both sit near pool Kunj opposite of tej.

Tej: kunj what I’m going to talk to you don’t be shocked think I’m your friend kunj. I know you share you each and everything with your brothers and most your grand parents today with me too if you don’t mind. And if you can.

Kunj: pa why you saying this haa.

Tej: kunj listen to me today. And remember In your whole life this my father and mother tell me one day when I need their suggestions.Today I’m going to give my son. But as a friend. What you think about relationship importance??

Kunj: what I think about relationship importance . Is pa

The key ingredients for any successful relationship are a willingness to trust in each other, to communicate effectively, be able to apologise when we make mistakes and take responsibility for own behaviour, to maintain a sense of humour and humility and above all to give each other and the relationship time by being actively involved and sharing a significant part of our lives together.

Tej: great my son is absolutely right.

Even Kunj shadi too very important most how much you fulfilled your husband duty it’s also a important part of marriage. Today listen to me..

Marriage is the beginning the beginning of the family and is a life-long commitment It also provides an opportunity to grow in selflessness as you serve your wife and children. Marriage is more than a physical union; it is also a spiritual and emotional union. Kunj I know you are very shy boy it’s fine even we love your these behaviours my son.

Kunj: pa did I do something wrong.

Tej:no kunj. My kunj perfect why you’ll do something wrong. I’m just saying you normally. I know you will be the best husband Kunj but I’m your father I too know thAt my son is happy or not. Just than there avantika and twinkle come yes avantika bring twinkle too. Kunj see and they both. See even twinkle too come.

Don’t take us wrong bacha. We are here just for you both. We wanted you both stay happy in your marriage life nothing else we wanted.

Avantika: kunj what I’ll ask you tell me the truth I know you never lied but. Kunj are you not happy with this marriage?? This surprised kunj and twinkle both look at each other. Don’t be surprised I know kunj what I’m asking you it’s little weird but I’m your mother it’s my duty to knows my kids are happy or not.

Kunj: mummy why you asking this I’m happy with marriage.

Tej: you get ready for this marriage just for us na kunj. In a pressure.

Kunj: pa I know I’m not ready for this marriage dadi and dadu wanted me to see married.

Avantika: leave about us and dadu and dadi what you think about this or think about yourself kunj. She cupped his face kunj you do each and everything what we tell you never disobey us mera best beta. But we can’t bear this kunj you stuck in this marriage because of our happiness marriage is very pure and important relationships in this world kunj and twinkle she hold their hands.. it’s not for namesake Kunj and twinkle. It’s a world best beautiful relationship When a man and woman get married, the two become one.” Marriage is a bond like no other. It gives us a life partner, a teammate, as we move through the challenges of life together.Both partners should be happy in this relationship fake happiness can’t make your marriage strong..two people connected in one knot those don’t know about each other still become most important part of their life’s.. me and pa specially me kunj feel guilty that we did wrong you. Didn’t care about your happiness. Even for you to twinkle never try to ask you once did really you wanted to become our son wife just go ahead today we are.. you too say yes for this marriage because of your family pressure twinkle tell me beta we’ll not say anything.

Twinkle: no mummy ji nobody force me for this marriage. Infect I find myself bless that I got husband like kunj and family you all. Babaji give best thing. I’m happy with you all.

Tej: not about us it’s about you and important what you think about your and Kunj relationship??.

Twinkle:Papa ji. He is perfect for me. I don’t have any issues with him. Yes I’m really happy with my husband.. don’t think I’m not happy with him.


Kunj:even me mummy pa. Dadu always said na he’ll find best girl for me yes he did she is best for me and our family. If my wife didn’t understand my family she can’t understand me Twinkle understand each and everything before I said..even I’m too bless she is my wife sometimes being annoying but good they laugh slightly nobody force me pa.. I know you all wanted to see me happy I’m little different from other not like those boys who can say everything easily  take time to open up. What can I do.. but I promise twinkle that I’ll give her all happiness which she deserve I’ll be always there for here no matter what situations come in our life like a my pa and dadu always support my wife.

Twinkle:yes same for me too. I have seen my dadu and Bebe or MAA and Papa who they support each other always leave best example. Even we’ll too walk on our elders foot steps.

Kunj: we always connected our family both families in one knot together first we should too.

Avantika:correct Kunj first you both will be together than you can do others too. Physical relationships is not very important one thing just make our marriage and relationship strong but love and understanding to be loyal with each other’s this most important for any relationship.even you both too understand each other give each other time you’ll see what reaction will come. Kunj and twinkle this relationship is most precious and beautiful. Hope you both understand us didn’t take us wrong.

Till yet you not both ready for this marriage can’t work out.Unwanted relationship can’t make his roots strong One gust of wind is enough to shake relationship. Be happy with each other from bottom of your hearts not for others but for yourself. Easily you both will find love.she cupped Kunj and twinkle face.To see you both happy your well is important for us kunj and twinkle nothing else we wanted.

Kunj: mummy Hum khush hai..

Twinkle:yes MAA hum bhut khush hai yes we have nokjhok..this will make our relationship strong. He is sadu.

Kunj:even she is to siyappa queen.We are different from each other what dadi said two different things become one make best thing.we are your kids. I know we are not like you both Romeo and Juliet.

Tej:we don’t want Romeo and Juliet but wants our Kunj and twinkle.. they both make one love story make others to love like them.. 😍😍😍..
Kunj and twinkle looking here and there.

To listen this type of words from tej mouth for kunj surprise. Mera beta mere phar nahi gaya hai avantika.

Avantika:acha can’t say. One day you’ll say your son is more than you😂😂😂..

Kunj:KYa aap dono bhi..

Avantika:leave your shyness Kunj see other’s na..

Kunj:let them na. Tej hug kunj tightly.

Tej: you always make us proud kunj wanted further too. We all make twinkle our daughter so your duty too keep our daughter happy she is amaant of Rt and Leela ji which they handover you fully. Why they trust you. You’ll keep their most precious thing in this world their daughter happy now she is precious for us. Twinkle had tears in her eyes.

Kunj; yes I’ll. Why you all family love her this much..

Avantika:you have your dadu and dadi. She give her side hug.just start your marriage life step by step don’t need to jumped. Me and your pa had 3 years relationship when I meet your dadu and dadi they both explain us importance of love and marriage family everything. First we say we love each other but later on kunj if our marriage didn’t work out what people think we don’t Have any love. Leave wrong example.That’s not good. Your one mistakes teach others too wrong things they never R.E.M. what you did good they know only remember what you did wrong.

How you handle your siblings never ever let them cross their limits why we teach you before them because if root is strong than whole tree can stand if not than how come others to.. before other’s first make yourself good so you have that right to correct them. That my kunj do it perfectly kunj. You don’t know how much I’m thanked to god he give me you. If I had 10 sons like kunj I’ll be most happiest mother. Before saying anything my kunj understand us.What we give him happily he take it never turned and asked us back.

Even babu too we get like what we wanted.Think what we say..

Twinkle:haa mummy..

Avantika: don’t think we are you only your parents and in laws before this we are your friends come and asked us I’ll help you both and others too.. tej and Avantika kissed on their foreheads.. they hugged them back.

Twinkle: thanks mummy ji you are world best MAA not mother in law.. and papa ji too.

(Why a mother in law and father in law cant become parents they can. Everybody is not same. First she should become  their kids they automatically become our parents this quit difficult to find in this world because in starting only we thought about them make perception itself only. Words is enough because she is babu and they are saas and sasur.. so they can’t become parents and she can’t become our daughter even a in laws can become parents daughter in law as well too) Just change the our way dekhne ka najariya badlo.. 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍. Relationship not about to share physical relationships it’s not very much important before it’s important to meet our hearts than soul though a body..

Avantika: now you both go and sleep it’s too late.

Kunj: good night pa and mum… he kissed on their foreheads and they both left from there.

Tej: see what you were thinking about them they are happy.

Avantika:after this I’m fine tej knowing my kids happy with each other’s.

Tej: he come and give her side hug.. dil ka milna jaruri hai sab se phale.. time ke saath woh bhi hojayega. Our Kunj take times avantika.

Avantika: I know this yeh ladaka bhi na.

Just that tej get call from his pa..

Tej: okay I’ll send kunj. Cut the call..

Avantika: where you’ll send them..

Tej: Arey due to business work I’ll send kunj manali..

Avantika: first let me deal with you tej. Even you too should understand now your son is no more single tej he get married he has wife already he is stubborn take time if you send him away from twinkle how they’ll spend time and understand each other’s haa..

Tej: point hai.. so.. both think and smirked.

Avantika: send both of them manali If they stay alone from us give each other’s time too. It’s best idea twinkle I’ll too go with kunj.

Tej: such me till now I was thinking only my MAA is best mother in law but my wife isn’t less.

Avantika: same😜😜😜..

At Twinj [email protected]@@@xx

They entered in room and see each other fave recalling what tej and Avantika said them.

Twinkle:They are so best na kunj..

Kunj:but I’m quite surprised why suddenly this things come in pa and mummy mind. After listen them their words saying this only something missing in our marriage life what it Could be.. ??

Twinkle:sadu don’t used your brain you have very less 😂😂..

Kunj: it’s my dialogue and for you. Let me think Kunj looking here and there just than his eyes went on window which was open. Shit did you open this window now..

Twinkle: it’s open before only servant open yesterday to clean. Kunj understand whole matter.

Kunj: I get it now shit man what they thinking about us..

Twinkle: ab bologe bhi kya kay shit shit kar raho..

Kunj: mummy see us from this window that I sleep on couch and you sleep on bed that’s why since from morning she giving me this looks. Why so suddenly they call us..

Twinkle: how you sure only mummy ji..

Kunj:I know my mother twinkle. Once pa lay down on bed he didn’t wake up mummy numbers of time went in kitchen because of Aayat she needed milk and something to have.. o fish..

Twinkle: what they must be thinking about us we don’t have any husband and wife relationship… we hurt them but kunj they understand us that’s so good..

Kunj:right twinkle my parents is the best..

Twinkle: you only sleep on couch I toh told you sleep on bed but no now see.. what siyappa have you done mujhe kya siyappa queen bolte rahate ho..

Kunj:this also happened because of you every night before sleep you wanted to fight with me because of you I forgot to closed the window.. just than they heard knock at door. Kunj open the door and find and tej and Avantika..aap??

Tej: kunj you are going to manali for our meeting..

Kunj: okay pa..

Tej: one more thing even twinkle too with you.

Kunj: why she pa..

Avantika: what why now her college and exams are end she’ll get bored here without her husband so take her with you that’s final okay now sleep. They went from there kunj again closed the door. And look at twinkle..

Twinkle: if you don’t wanted to take me its fine kunj I’ll convince mummy hi and papa ji you don’t worry.

Kunj: oyye siyappa queen bas na when did I said I don’t wanted to take you with me ha. Good I’ll too get your company whose head you’ll eat here only I can bear you expect than me no one even your family too that’s why with band and baja they throw you out 😂😂😂😂. Give me lifetime punishment…

Twinkle: hoo kunj tu kitne bure ho.. jao I’ll not talk to you take your pa with you I’m not interested. She turned her face kunj went near her.

Kunj:pa is not wife get it Chal sorry I’m so tired today. Twinkle see him.. Kunj give her side hug she hugged him tightly..

Twinkle:we should thought about whatever mummy ji and papa ji said kunj.

Kunj:hmm😛😛. Chii you dirty mind twinkle hit on his chest playfully.Both smile. Let’s sleep goodnight. He about went to couch while twinkle stop him..

Twinkle: Kunj from now you’ll sleep on bed please.

Kunj: are you sure okay with me na..

Twinkle: yes I trust you.. lay both lay down make pillows boarders between each other.

Episode end on their faces..


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