Episode 13

RAB SE SONA ISHQ💏💏💏💏💏💏💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

All guest going they were all giving
congratulations to twinkle and Kunj before taking leave. Happily twinkle and Kunj take everyone good wish for their new relation.

After family members having chitchats with each other’s rudra who taking yawing beside Aayat who already sleep.After all guest left.

Asha:finally you engaged twinkle 😜.

Twinkle:so What..

Chinki:so what nahi twinkle now you are officially locked with kunj😛.Kunj standing in side just busy in himself.Chinki gestured twinkle at Kunj..see your kunj twinkle they both teasing twinkle with kunj name she itself don’t know why blushing comes on her cheeks due to kunj name..

Asha:aww see blushing uff twinkle 😛.

Twinkle:ho kuch bhi. Huhu.Why I’ll blush because of Kunj..

Chinki:when did we say because of Kunj she winked at her.They both come closer to Twinkle ears.

Asha:Twinkle your kunj is so quiet man what will happen to you..

Chinki: I hear somewhere quiet person is very romantic 😛😛😂.Twinkle look at Chinki.She move finger on twinkle face sensually.twinkle push Chinki.Asha and Chinki laugh out..due to their laugher sound all look at them.twinkle went from where joint her mother and mothers in laws.She slightly looks at Kunj..
After sometimes later tej tell everyone let’s go.Rudra sleeps beside Aayat only.All elders went out of the venue.



Om:see him he sleeps so early.He come to him.Kunj lift Aayat.

Kunj:rudra wake up..

Rudra:hmm let me sleep..

Om:leave him here venue owner will come throw him out Itself.


Kunj:rudra we are going wake up.I’ll throw water on you before get up. Immediately rudra wake up and stand up rubbing his eyes. Twinkle and all laugh to see this..

Rudra:Bhaiya you are so bad.

Kunj:thanks batane ke liye. Rudra come and rest his head on kunj shoulder..

Rudra:I’m sleepy Bhaiya..

Om:nobody will lift you don’t dare to think like Aayat 😛😂.

Rudra:huhu Mere Bhaiya hain na..

Kunj:let’s go..he holds rudra hand while walking Rudra still resting his head on kunj shoulder.Twinkle see this and give smile. They all went outside their families waiting for them.

Tej: what happened to rudra.

Anjali:neendh bade Papa.😛.

Anita:Anjali beta and Priyanka come to my place too.You people didn’t send your kids to our house I’m not their bua haa.

Avantika:acha I do one thing take this all we are happy..

Maya: good maami Anjali lets come with me..

Anjali:okay I’m fine..

Om:me too.

While Priyanka looking at tej and Avantika face In puppy way.. Prithviraj laugh.

Anita:what happened beta..

Om:chal kunj lets spend night with Yuvi..
He didn’t say anything just looking here and there his face expression telling so much.

Lata:how this Priyanka stay without her parents her god know even we all to in shock.. 😛😛😂..

Om:Yuvi you both come with us..

Yuvi:me and maya di come tomorrow paka.

Om:Oye rudra..

Tej:okay rt ji..

Rt:haa.twinkle touch her all in laws feet’s
Kunj give Aayat to om push rudra.Who jerks in sleep.He went and take everyone blesses. Their cars come they all settle down just twinkle and Kunj remain they were standing at car door just about to sit before they can sit both look at each other’s face unknowingly.Kabir and om give voice to their bro and sister.They sit and Kunj started the car. Still twinkle looking at Kunj.Their cars left for their homes. In whole way twinkle just remembering her engagement moments the best moment when she saw her dream ring which was now on her finger.While thinking this soon they all reach their places. All went inside everyone was so tired.

Lata:finally my kunj engagement done today I’ll sleep peacefully.

Prithviraj:me too correct girl finally we find for him.

Usha:I’m so tired my Aayat and rudra sleep.

Avantika:whole day both just running here and there still this big one behaving like Aayat age one.avantika and tej take Aayat and went in their respective room others too.Om and Kunj take rudra in his room. They make him lay down take out rudra coat and take off his shoes covered him..


Om:right I told him rudra you’ll passed out.

Kunj:everyone thought he was feeling sleepy no one knows bhai shab ne drink alcohol enough that too nobody knows it.

Om:he and yuvi mixes alcohol in their soft drinks.Yeh soh jaye sulaye hi na chode..

Kunj:feeling like give him slap next time he’ll not in that condition he holds drink glass.

Om:leave it.they both went in their rooms.
Kunj entered in his room he went to dressing table take off his watch about to removed his engagement ring he stops.

Kunj:can’t remove it.. 😊.He takes his clothes went in washroom get freshen up come back to room directly lay down on the bed thinking about today.He looks at his ring nice choice Mrs. Sarna.. 😉he take his phone and see their today picture twinkle and Kunj standing together twinkle giving smile.

Twinkle went in her room and stretch her arms..

Twinkle:uff I’m so tired today.finally my engagement done.Today I’ll be sleep till late. She went to dressing table stand in front of mirror and look at herself than her finger.Finally ring come in my finger I’m taken now 😛😜. She takes off her veil and taking out her accessories.About to remove her engagement ring but stop. If I’ll lose my ring no no. She takes her clothes and went in washroom after she come out and lay down immediately sleep took over her.

Next [email protected] Sarna Mansion
Everyone was sleeping till late today everyone is so tired. Lata and Prithviraj wake up at Same time both give smile to each other’s and wish good morning. They both get freshen up and come in living area both didn’t find their daughter in laws.

Lata:they must be sleeping let them. Avantika and Usha coming from opposite side in hustle and bustle. They are late.

Avantika:sorry sorry daddy ji and mummy ji..

Lata:it’s okay we just come now.They both went in kitchen first send tea for them with servant give all breakfast list to chef come back and joint their in laws..

Usha:last night we all get tired so much. Even Manohar to sleeping till now.

Avantika:same tej.. nobody wakes up they four of them did pooja and have their breakfast alone. After sometime later.

Kunj back facing to ceiling just than his phone beep in sleep he move his hands to find where his phone he took and place on his ear..


Kunj: in sleeping tone.. hmmm..

Caller:abey oyye till now you sleep..

Kunj:haa so what let me sleep man..

Caller: after engagement in one day you become sleeping beauty wake up kunj did you forgot meeting is there.. after listening meeting name kunj open his eyes..

Kunj: meeting..

Caller:yes bhai shab wake up.. come out of your would be wife dreams 😛.. Kunj get up sit there only.

Kunj:shut up last night I was sleep late so..
thanks for call and wake up me when are you coming..

Caller:don’t worry before your barbaadee.

Kunj:good.. bye.. they cut the calls Kunj give bright smile. Dream woh bhi siyappa Queen ka never. Bhaag kunj.He takes his clothes went in washroom in hurry he gets ready call his pa asked her about meeting details she said still one hour is left.Kunj get relief. He went down see nobody is there.Suddenly his eyes went on side there his both mothers sitting with his grand parents he went towards them..
Good morning everybody..

Lata:good morning wake up.. he sits beside his dadi servant come with coffee and his medicine. He took it having his coffee..

Kunj: where is other’s..

Avantika:today everyone gives company in sleeping to aayat and rudra.

Kunj:hehehe.. great.Om and Anjali or Priyanka coming down while taking
yawing. All see them and smiled. They come to them Priyanka rest her head on usha shoulder.

Usha:what happened Priyanka beta..


Om:good morning in sleeping tone.

Kunj:you guys need sleep why you all wake up..

Anjali:do you wanted we sleep like twinkle 😛😂.

Kunj:now from where twinkle come in this.
Your needle just started from twinkle end on her why..

Anjali:why not.. she is part of our family now😛😛. M I right dadu. Kunj make annoying faces..

Avantika: kunj why you have problem..

Kunj:your all kids just behind me whole day just chant of twinkle.

Usha:come have your breakfast..

Priyanka:I’m not going anywhere MAA..

Usha:okay you all sit here only.Usha went in kitchen place breakfast for them in-tray and went back to them.Priyanka still sleepy.Anjali feeding her both brothers while Usha too Priyanka..

Avantika:you all carry one I’ll go and see tej and his daughter before Avantika get up tej and Aayat coming down Aayat in tej Arms.

Anjali:bade Papa..

Tej:I’m late maybe..

Avantika:not maybe you are tej.he sits place Aayat on couch.. she still sleeps.
Aayat wake up..

Aayat:hmm no..

Kunj:in this she totally went on rudra.Kunj pulled her cheeks..

Aayat:haaa Bhaiya 😣😣.she open her eyes. See food.. I’m so hungry nobody gives me food..

Prithviraj:that’s so sad..

Avantika:acha come brush your teeth’s..

Aayat:no na mamma first give me food.
They all having. I can’t walk my legs so paining..

Anjali:Aayat when did you walk..

Aayat:hoo Di I walk so much last night here and there.. see my feet’s she shows them nothing is there..

Om:hoo Aayat so bad red red all😛😛.

Aayat:huhu don’t make fun of me i know. Pa see you know na pain ho raha hai na. Tej who busy in his tea he nodded his head. I can’t walk today..

Kunj:okay Meri MAA come I’ll brush your teeth.Kunj lift her from her waist om to went with them.they entered in washroom make Aayat sit on side.om put toothpaste on brush Kunj take and brush her teeth’s happily.both brothers wash her face and wipe too like a small baby,, they back to them Avantika Already sitting with Aayat food. She sits beside her and her mother feed her.

Aayat:I know I’m feeling good all rats running in my tummy..

Avantika: acha. My baby.. Kunj and om went in rudra room see him who still sleeping Kunj keep the lemonade glass in side and pulled the blanket and Om open the all curtains and open the windows too sunlight coming on rudra face which irritates him.

Rudra:what is this mummy.. my head why is so paining man.

Kunj:rudra wake up.. in anger tone he immediately gets up and sit there holding his head..

Rudra:haaa my head.bring some lemonade for me.om and Kunj look at each other’s. Kunj forward the glass to him. He took it and drink in one go.
Kunj and om sit beside him both looking at him.

Om:lazy man..

Rudra: huhu. He open his eyes and look at om didn’t look at Kunj because he knows It.

Kunj:what happened last night everyone says you sleep so early why rudra.

Rudra:no Bhaiya.. Kunj get up..

Kunj:shudarja rudra.When you come into my hands it’s dangerous for you rudra.
And om you were going out for your paintings take him don’t let him go here and there if he did any chu call me..

Om:yeah sure. Kunj went from there.. Rudra take deep breath..

Rudra:oops Bhaiya omg.

Om:today your day is good he leaves you.
Have some shame Rudra last night you drink this much there only you passed out 😵.He just smile he knows he is wrong at his place in family function it’s wrong..
He went in washroom get freshen up.

Kunj take his laptop bag holding his tie in his hand went downstairs give his tie to dadi.

Kunj:dadi tie..

Lata:okay.She looks at Kunj while he too in confusing way.

Kunj: what.

Lata:kunj sit down how can I you are going above me.

Kunj:o Meri dadi.. aap bhi na. Kunj sit she tied kunj tie Kunj kissed on her forehead and he left for his office..

Twinkle wake up and give smile firstly she looks at her finger and see the ring..

Twinkle:my ring it’s so precious.Within no time she gets ready and went downstairs Mahi too come there they both get late for college without having breakfast both left for college.Soon they both reached their college.They directly went in class their teachers come get busy in lectures.
Chirag look at just twinkle face this seen by twinkle friends. Yuvi and Rishi smirked.

Yuvi:if bade Bhaiya get to know about this😛😂.

Rishi:let him see twinkle ring that would be great 😂😂share armaan pani pani😛.

Twinkle look at Yuvi and Rishi face and asked them through eyes what happened they both gestures on chirag.Twinkle see him who just looking at her.Twinkle face brighting so much she looking really beautiful.Twinkle make face at chirag lecturer eyes went on chirag see him who just busy in twinkle.He Throws chalk at him.

Lecturer:hey mr chirag what’s going on haa.You come here for study not for miss Taneja.Twinkle shocked but keep quiet.
You didn’t pay attention on your studies that would be good for you chirag.He just looking here and there whole class giggling at him.Chirag just look at twinkle.
She was laughing at him only.Chirag still take in good way.Lecturer Again busy in class after back to back class end they all went out of the class Twinkle she was hell hungry..

Twinkle:let’s have something guys.

Chinki:yeah due to lectures my tummy 😭. They all went in canteen sits together. Give their Oder.

Yuvi:aur Mrs Sarna what’s up..

Twinkle:hehe very funny mr Luthra.

Rishi:by the way twinkle your engagement is awesome we did lots of fun rudra is amazing man. If he will be in kunj place twinkle our gang rock it.. twinkle look at him..

Twinkle:what is this why he’ll be at kunj place haa.Chinki and Asha laughing slightly.

Yuvi:yeah Rishi that’s so bad kunj is kunj and best for our twinki.Don’t say anything for kunj she’ll kill us.after all he is her would be husband.

Twinkle:bas bas Yuvi rudra is best at his place and Kunj is at his get it why you people just kunj kunj leave him..

Naman:yes twinkle.Chirag professor did right with him..

Rishi:Twinkle he adores you like a dev dad he come for miss Taneja.

Yuvi:he don’t know soon she going to become Mrs twinkle Kunj Sarna.😛

Twinkle:I’m twinkle Taneja bas get it you all he is dumb man what I’ll do let him.

Chinki:Twinkle you should call him at your engagement.

Twinkle:no need I don’t want any stunt happened in my engagement that also in front of my in laws we all know how he is.
I don’t want to see his face at all.

Yuvi:But he just want to admire you 😛.
Twinkle hit him with books.. Mahi come there and give twinkle book to her which come in her bag mistakenly.

Mahi: di your book.

Twinkle:yeah Thanks Mahi My baby sister.

Chinki:baby sister kunj have 😛.

Twinkle:yeah she is so adorable and cute.

Asha:haa you will say this only twinkle after all😛😂😂.. they just busy in this and that conversation have fun after they all went out of the canteen Twinkle about to go someone come and pulled her hand it’s none other tha Chirag. Twinkle turned her face and see him.

Twinkle:chirag what is this haa.Leave my hand.

Chirag:why twinkle he come closer to her. Twinkle when you’ll see love in my eyes for you haa everyday I’m just dying for you. Give me one once be by girlfriend I’ll not give you one chance of complaint. Twinkle gang see him.. twinkle jerk his hand..

Twinkle:very good line Chirag Listen carefully today I told numbers of times that I’m not interested in you.

Chirag:in stern tone than in whom you are interested twinkle.

Twinkle:it’s none of your business Chirag be in your limits I’m not interested any if I than also you don’t have any problems.

Chirag:he cupped her face I love you twinkle. Twinkle push him..

Twinkle:I don’t love you get it stops touching me don’t dare to come close to I’ll call my brother complain about you to principal get it chirag Pagal..

Chirag:I know you love someone I’ll kill him.
Twinkle:do whatever you want to do get it
Twinkle walk out from there. In blood red eyes.

Chirag:Listen twinkle Taneja one day I’ll make you Mrs Chirag khanna. Yuvi and Rishi come from behind and hug him..

Yuvi: Listen bro it’s good for you leave running behind her Chirag it’s just wast of your time..

Rishi:yeah twinkle is not in your destiny in someone bro.. Chirag look at him..

Chirag:she love someone rishi..

Yuvi:na but she’ll not come in your life that’s 100% sure. They both went from there.twinkle mood get off totally.She went in garden and sit there.

Om get ready to go out for his painting exhibition.He went down waiting for rudra.

Avantika: for whom you waiting om..

Om:for rudra Badi maa kunj told me take him too with me he just roaming here and there worthily so..

Avantika:good just sleep and break bed. Rudra come down looking handsome wear his glasses.

Rudra:let’s go mr om Sarna. Om hit on his head playfully.

Om:yeah duffer.they both went out and sit in car left for exhibition.

Rudra: this Bhaiya want to make me like him boring person he Itself busy In work now me too.

Om:hehehe party party live your life like us.

Rudra:no need.. soon they reached the place where om exhibition going on.They both went inside people already there seeing all art work of om rudra just sitting in side busy in his phone kunj text om whether rudra come with him or not. Om click rudra pics and send to kunj.. Kunj send me great 👍.. om get busy to tell about his painting to others..

Otherside kunj who was busy in hell work. All files scattered in everywhere kunj who rechecking all files.Just having coffee and coffee just than Kunj remember something.

Kunj: in this all hustle bustle I forgot to talk to twinkle before engagement I have to do as soon as possible before our marriage I have to clear everything before only.What I’ll do I have to meet with her anyhow.First I’ll finish this work than think about this even I don’t have her number too as well.

Twinkle:this Chirag become mad person.he doesn’t know very soon I’ll become someone wife if he did any stunt no babaji I’ll tell about him to kunj before only don’t wanted any misunderstanding between us.Nothing has between us. Again they get busy in classes.Twinkle ignore Chirag just.After sometimes later their college get over they went their homes. Twinkle and Mahi entered in Taneja mansion they both get tired they just sit Leela come there with glass of juice give them Bebe to come there.

Bebe:What happens how’s your day.

Mahi: great..

Leela: and yours twinkle beta..

Twinkle:fine MAA back to back classes so.
She places her head on Leela lap she caresses her hairs.

Leela: soon you will go and leave us..

Twinkle:offo Meri sentimental MAA I’m not going tomorrow huhu.

Bebe: you both go and get freshen up I’ll
Make your favorite pokoda.

Twinkle:thanks Bebe you are the best dadi.

Mahi:and Kunj jiju ki dadi😛😛😂..

Twinkle:my both dadi’s is best.. 😛😂.. they both went upstairs goes in their rooms and take their clothes and get freshen. Twinkle see Chirag messages she deletes them and come downstairs Leela making pakoda for them in kitchen they all sit at living area waiting for pokoda. Smells coming yummy Kabir come there Leela come with pokoda plate Kabir see, and he took plate from Leela hand..

Kabir: thanks MAA for this I’m so hungry.

Twinkle:Bhai give us na she makes for us not for up go and tell Malika bhabhi she’ll make for you.. Kabir took pokoda bite.

Kabir:same to you go to kunj.. like ring he’ll make this too for you winked at her.

Twinkle: 😭😭😭😭MAA. Kabir went to them and sit between them twinkle snatch plate from Kabir hands..


Twinkle:yes I’m.They trio started fighting for pokoda while Leela and Bebe adorning them.

Bebe:you three of them looking so good.

Twinkle: hmmm while having Bebe but Bhai is bad..

Kabir:even tera Kunj bhi devil..twinkle pulled Kabir hairs.

Twinkle:MAA see you are devil he is sadu Sarna.their pakoda fight continue..

Exhibition is end om and rudra went out and they both are hungry..

Rudra:o I’m so hungry give me something
I’ll die no..

Om:come we’ll have something.They both went near restaurant take their seats and rudra give Oder tell waiter bring food soon.In few minutes their food come. Rudra didn’t waste any time just jumped on food om see this and laugh..

Om:rudra you are really a small boy.

Rudra:haa let me eat..

Om:haa.They both enjoying food.After they were passing from pastry shop om eyes went on pastry he remembered Aayat.She loved it they went in shop buy pastry for Aayat. Sit in car and left for Sarna Mansion.

At garden aayat playing while Priyanka and Anjali doing their work in side.

Aayat:pinku Di I’m feeling so hot here why
No snow fall here.Anjali and Priyanka laughs Aayat went to them Priyanka wiped her face sweat make her sit on her lap.

Priyanka: Aayat lets go inside see your cheeks become so red mamma will scold us.

Aayat:haa.They went inside as soon as entered in ac she feels so good.

Anjali:you both sit here I’ll bring something to drink for us. She went in kitchen. Avantika and Usha along with Lata come from outside they went mandir so.. they sit..

Usha:so hot.. Avantika sit beside Aayat and see her face..

Avantika:why you become so red haa. She cuddles Avantika..

Aayat:mamma we play In garden so.. Avantika caress her face.Anjali come with non alcohol cold mojito drink.

Avantika:thanks Anjali beta for this. She servant everyone Aayat can’t hold glass properly. Aayat wait I’ll Make you drink.

Aayat:I’ll have Itself mamma. She drank some of falls down on her clothes. Avantika see her Lata gesturing her let her do it.. meanwhile om and rudra come there. Rudra come and sit beside Priyanka see mojito glass in Priyanka hand he immediately took it from her drink in one go.

Om: rudra it’s her:.

Rudra:so what pinku make one more for herself.

Priyanka:nahi Bhaiya I’m fine.

Rudra:see her..he pulled her cheeks.Or bachi how’s you..

Aayat:fine uncle😛😂😂..

Usha:great Aayat..

Om:see Aayat what I brought for you.

Aayat:in happiness what o bro..
om show her pastry box she run to him.. Pastry thanks she takes the box and went in side open find so many pastries her name also written there..

Rudra:mera bhi hai iss me hissa don’t dare to eat all..

Aayat:I’ll tell about you my pa.Let him come from office..

Rudra:whatever chui..
Kunj Work completed today soon so he went home soon he reached just thinking about how he talk to twinkle.He parked his car and went ahead.. Kunj see his family sitting together he went to them.


Anjali:today so soon..

Kunj:yeah my work has done so.. Kunj sit beside om. How’s your exhibition.

Om:awesome because rudra with me.

Kunj:acha what he did.good you take him.

Rudra:wast of my time.

Kunj:soon you’ll going to college again.

Aayat:acha great shanti 😂😂..

Rudra:Bhaiya I find school for Aayat..

Aayat:acha that would be like you..


Kunj: what my doll eating..

Aayat: pastry Bhaiya I’ll give. She went to kunj and make him feed with her hands kunj take small bite for her happiness.
She sits on kunj lap.. my sweetest Bhaiya.

Rudra:o what bhabhi calling Bhaiya sadu😛.Kunj gritting teeth at him.

Lata:acha even he too calls her lizard.

Rudra:last night bhabhi looking stunning Bhaiya get freeze to see her..😛😂.They all just laughing while Kunj didn’t say anything no use he knows it.. and Aayat uff she wears that dress above her 😛. Rudra gets up did Aayat mimicking he walks like her she Boiled in anger. All just see her and giggling slightly controlling on themselves but can’t.Rudra looking so funny. Rudra come and sit beside kunj laughing loudly Aayat stand on couch pulled rudra hairs tightly.. haaaa..

Aayat:huhu today I’ll not leave you..

Rudra:Bhaiya save me from this devil girl.

Aayat:acha I’m Devil you are.Just than tej and Manohar entered there and see rudra and Aayat Tom and jerry fight..

Tej: what’s going on..

Aayat: pa see him he makes fun of me and hitting me too she acts like crying.. Avantika see and get shocked..

Tej:acha and you rudra she is your age haa you both always fight like cat and dog.

Rudra: pa first this little girl started pulling my hairs huhu.

Aayat:he makes fun of me.asked anyone.

Manohar: bas bas..

Aayat: now I’ll not talk to anyone you all are bad. She wiped her little tears and went from there in anger all like omg..

Tej: Aayatttt.Tej about to used his hand on rudra before he did it he hides behind Kunj.

Avantika:this Both is same to Same tej.

Tej went upstairs goes in side he sees Aayat sitting on staircase he went to her and sit beside she keeps her chin on her palms and looking here and there kunj and om to come joint them.

Tej: what happened to my baby Aayat
Twitch her nose at tej he laughs out. My baby is angry with me..

Om: yeah Aayat I have so many toys for you.

Kunj:even I have dolls and chocolates Aayat doesn’t wanted let’s give someone else.

Tej:no sab Meri Aayat ka hai.. she is my small soul he makes her sit on his lap. Pa is sorry you know na rudra he is your brother when he didn’t at home you are the one who miss him a lot he plays with you na..

Aayat:he just behind me calling me from so many names what I done with him.I’m small na you all take me granted.

Kunj:no baby.Rudra come with chocolate box.

Rudra:le Aayat..

Aayat: this for me..

Rudra:yes.she wiped her tears and took chocolates box from Rudra hand.Open box didn’t wait for anything just gulp chocolate.All just see her and laugh.

Kunj: this Both is same to same Rudra lift Aayat both went to cellarage there playing room was there for them.Kunj and om went in their respective rooms. They both get freshen up and Kunj went in kitchen make coffee for himself. There om come see kunj lost in his thoughts. He come stand beside his ears..

Om:hey bro come out of your dreams. Twinkle is here.. Kunj come in sense and finding twinkle where she is..

Kunj: where she is.. om laughing.

Om:seriously kunj you were finding her hehe I’m just kidding with you man.. well what happened something is serious..

Kunj: nothing coffee..

Om: sure kunj fill two coffee mugs they both went to poolside and sit there.. now tell me..

Kunj:om I told you na i want to talk to twinkle.

Om: hmm so karle na..

Kunj:how i m mean..

Om:first Kunj Sarna is nervous for a girl.

Kunj:you call her tell na I want to
Meet with her urgently so..

Om:okay I’ll do it..Rudra and Aayat playing together happily both get tired they come back to upstairs. Aayat who feeling sleepy she directly went in Lata room sit beside Prithviraj he was reading something Aayat come and place her head on his lap he smiles and with one hand patting on her head Aayat closed her eyes and sleep very soon. Rudra went to kunj and om..


Kunj:you come where is she..

Rudra:here only.

Kunj:don’t mess with her Rudra.Today anyhow you save from pa hands not every time. Rudra sits in front of them on table.

Rudra:I know but you are here for me.

Kunj:no buttering 😛😂what you wanted tell me.

Rudra:nothing.don’t find college 😛.

Kunj: phut yeha se. You save from pa hands but not from me.. Yuvi and maya reached Sarna Mansion they went inside Yuvi giving voice to rudra avantika come see maya and yuvi she gets so happy greet them.

Yuvi:where is rudra maami.

Avantika: go and find him here only. Yuvi directly went to poolside he sees them and went to them..

Yuvi:hi everyone they turned their face see Yuvi Rudra give bright smile..

Rudra:Yuvi bro..

Om:good you come where is maya.

Yuvi:here only. Aur kunj how’s you..

Kunj:great.. what about you..

Yuvi:amazing 😉.They all went and sit together having fun.Rudra and yuvi same type good for them.

Tej:why not Anita and Surjit didn’t come..

Maya: they didn’t maamu we come na where is Aayat. Prithviraj come there.

Prithviraj:she sleeps in my room.

Avantika:I’ll see her she falls down in sleep.

Prithviraj: don’t worry bahu I already make pillow boards around her.

Om:now di got one friend here in maya.

Kunj: yeah now she has someone for gossips.

Anjali:till now I didn’t do any gossip let your wifey come I’ll do real gossip with her 😛😂..

Yuvi:Twinkle hehhe she will give you great company. She is chatterbox she’ll make you kunj same like her😂😂.

Rudra:that’s impossible Bhaiya and baate never..

Kunj:good I know values of my words didn’t waste like you all. Asked my dadu and dadi.. they both nodded in yes.

Prithviraj: after twinkle our house will bright more can’t wait for their wedding.

Yuvi:after kunj saale shab their turn is there 😂😛..

Rudra: how cool Bhaiya malika didi who is your best friend in childhood after too she will be our wife bhabhi and your best friend is your sister husband 😂😛😛. Want to see om 😂😛..

Om:leave about us what about you.,

Rudra:girls dying for rudy😂.you should bring bhabhi with you too.. Kunj look at rudra. Don’t look at me like this Bhaiya one day she’ll stay here forever haa.

Kunj:whatever you guys carry on..

Yuvi: where are you going.

Kunj: I have some work I’ll come soon.He went in his room did his business calls. After sometime later they all sit for dinner.

While having dinner they all laughing loudly enjoying very much.. Yuvi and rudra jokes giving pain in everyone stomachs due to laughs.

Kunj: let us have our dinner you both please quiet.,

Tej: your sense of humour is fabulous Yuvi.

Rudra: pa you never give this compliment to me always show me your big eyes😛.

Tej: because you deserve this my son.

In sleep Aayat wake up with jerk she finds herself alone in room she gets up and started crying went from there come in living room.Her eyes still closed little bite.
They all heard her voice Kunj went take her.Avantika leave her food first see her daughter.

Avantika: Aayat have your food..

Aayat:no.. still sleepy..she sits on chair and rest her head on table and sleep there only. After dinner Avantika feed her forcefully take her in room and place her on bed.. After all kids sit in lounge room om and Kunj playing chess while girls busy in talks rudra and yuvi playing psp..

After college and pokoda fight twinkle sleep she wakes up and went downstairs see Kabir sitting in side and busy on phone with malika his expression saying this twinkle went in kitchen and take her food plate and went to Kabir scared him..

Kabir: what is this twinkle this is the way to come I’m scared..

Twinkle: you were immersed in your wife talks so.. she sits started having her food. Kabir put the call on speaker..

Malika: hi twinkle how’s you..

Twinkle: fine bhabhi how’s you I m sure good after all Bhai se itni baate kar ke..

Malika: you know very well soon you too what about your kunj..

Twinkle: what how I know about him he is your friend call him asked too..

Malika:I thought his to be wifey knows so.😛
Twinkle: heheheh we aren’t like you and Bhai

Kabir:we are unique 😂😛..Kabir started talking with Malika in cheesy way twinkle just laughing on their conversation 😂..

After they both went in their rooms twinkle lay down and seeing last night pictures in her laptop see kunj face just admiring his smile the way he gives pose candid ones.

Twinkle:such a Boring man babaji sadu😛. Just than twinkle phone beep twinkle
Place the phone on her ear without see caller ID.. hello.
Chirag: yes hi Twinklee. Twinkle Listen his voice and get shocked she sees caller id Chirag.
Twinkle:how dare you I warn you still.. he again started his nonsense talks twinkle cut the call and off the phone too. Nonsense man. She watched ddlj movie.

At back to Sarna Mansion om and Kunj end the chess game kunj win like always.

Om: how you win always. You are very good to play with pawns Kunj..

Kunj:I know when Where which moves needed.

Maya:you boys are so Boring. Let’s do something.

Kunj: what you wanted let’s play ghar ghar like Aayat 😂😛.. om and Kunj did hifi.

Yuvi: kunj too do kidding.

Kunj: why can’t I Yuvi..

Yuvi: after see you can’t digest..

Kunj:acha you don’t know anything about me 😛.

Maya:If mahi and twinkle is here maza aajayega.Maya started teasing Kunj with twinkle names.Kunj just become red slightly that he too don’t know.They all decided to play cricket they all went in garden. Kunj and yuvi teams.

Yuvi: head..

Kunj: tail.. they toss the coin head comes Yuvi give smile. Anjali and rudra Yuvi in one team.Priyanka and om and Kunj is one team maya is captain.They all set.

Yuvi take bat and Kunj all set for balling.

Anjali: Yuvi rock it.. om and Priyanka standing for fielding. Kunj throw the ball Yuvi hit the ball and it’s six.. like this Yuvi hit six and six.. Kunj get worried they were winning Kunj just absorb Yuvi in next kunj understand Yuvi weakness Yuvi tough the ball and hit the stumps Kunj team get happy.

Yuvi: this wrong kunj..

Kunj: everything is fair in love and war.. next will be rudra in 5 balls you are going to out rudra.

Yuvi: let’s see.. om doing balling Yuvi cheers for them.. in 4 balls rudra give four. Kunj gesturing to om. Next ball come rudra hit ball fly in air kunj jump and catch the ball. Water flow on rudra and yuvi armaan😛..

Rudra:this Bhaiya na..

Om:Mrs Malhotra please. Anjali come and in 6balls she out Yuvi face drop down..

Kunj: well play you all.

Yuvi: let’s see bro.. first kunj send Priyanka. She plays nicely no one think about this..

Kunj:good prinku.. after 15 balls Priyanka out next om come.. in all tashan om hit the balls..

Yuvi:aww om..

Rudra:soon you going to out..

Om:balling kar chal.. om didn’t let any balls go single. After next and last kunj turn comes.. om give bag to kunj.Yuvi come for balling to see kunj hits they all get shocked all balls kunj hit six.Last ball everyone eyes stuck on last balls.ball went
Out of the boundaries it’s six..Kunj team win.

Kunj:what happened babies.play like a champion train like an underdog.

Yuvi:yup.They all running behind each other’s laughing like mad. After they all get tired they went inside they all go in their one single siblings room.. they get freshen up and all sisters sleep together and brothers too.

After 2 days later. In this two days kunj just thinking about twinkle how he talk to her.Kunj take Twinkle Number to om.

Kunj was in office he was busy he about to go for meeting. Before meeting he message twinkle.

[hi twinkle I’m kunj I want to meet with you so can we meet today if you are okay anywhere you wanted.. twinkle was in class she secretly replies kunj. ]

[okay kunj after 1 hours we can meet at coffee shop main market.]

[great till than I’ll finish my meeting milte hai jaldi. Bye]..

Twinkle get confused why kunj want to meet with her so urgently.While messaging Kunj twinkle smiling Chirag see this and get confused.

Kunj went for meeting soon his meeting get starts kunj giving presentations tej and Manohar to present their clients asked serval questions to kunj.He gives all
Answers of all questions very well. Kunj project through is very fresh and amazing clients like his new technologies. Presentation got over kunj standing. Tej and Manohar looking at clients face.

Client:well after see your presentation we are really impressed with you Mr Kunj the way you use new things.. really appreciated. Without any doubts we are ready for this project but we wanted in whole process you will there is it..

Tej:yeah kunj is head of this project.They sign the deal and shake their hands. All praising kunj work.. Kunj went out of the conference room went in his cabin and get freshen up. Kunj went and left.

All lecturers get over they all come outside.

Chinki:let’s go for outing.

Twinkle:no guys you all I’m had to go somewhere.


Twinkle:normally I have some work.

Raj: okay we’ll drop you twinkle okay.

Mahi went with Yuvi while they all together.Twinkle see herself in mirror.Did she look good.Soon they reached main market.twinkle come out of the car they left from there.

Kunj too reached twinkle was finding Kunj.
Kunj didn’t find place to park the car he gets irritated with this anyhow he did and come see twinkle face.. he went to her.

Kunj: hi twinkle she turned and look at Kunj.

Twinkle: tum..

Kunj:yes me you are waiting for someone else.

Twinkle:no no. Not for someone else but for you. Why you call me..

Kunj:I’ll tell you. Let’s go they went inside in cafe.They sit in private place.Kunj took out chair for twinkle she sit and he too.
Waiter come there for Oder.

Waiter:Oder sir and mam.

Kunj:Twinkle what you wanted.

Twinkle:no I’m okay..

Kunj:one affogate and without sugar one caffe Americano.

Little bit awkward come between them. Kunj get deep breath he started the conversation.

Kunj:how’s you..

Twinkle:fine. You..

Kunj: good how’s your studies going on.

Twinkle:nice.. and your meeting.

Kunj:crack 😎.

Twinkle:congratulation. Soon their Oder come waiter place and went.. twinkle taste. Nice choice kunj..

Kunj:hmm.Kunj to take sip of his coffee. Twinkle I come here and call you because I wanted to talk to you about something I wanted this before our engagement but can’t. So now I wanted to clear everything before started our new life. Twinkle get confused.

Twinkle:I’m not understanding Kunj is something serious I did something that you didn’t like it..

Kunj:no nothing is like that. In what circumstances our relation happened we both Itself didn’t wanted not like each other’s. Twinkle laugh slightly. But whatever happened for goods so i never think about this marriage and all’s. My family find you perfect for me.

Twinkle:mine to you for me.

Kunj:so let’s clear everything it’s good for us. If you have anything you can too.

Twinkle: first you..

Kunj:Twinkle for me my family is very important I can bear everything but can’t choose between my family and others I can risk my life for my family I love them.
I wanted wife she too love my family like me. We see nowadays girls can’t adjust with in laws so till now I denied for marriage. I wanted my wife love my parents like hers my siblings isn’t her in laws but her like siblings.Never want to listen my wife put any allegations on my family.I didn’t like lies twinkle this I can’t digest. I will not become your tanejas son-in-law but son even I expecting this from you too Leela aunty too me like my both mothers. Whatever situation happened in my family you are going to become my wife (Twinkle just Listen carefully) you will just listen like others never come between anyone for your everyone is good if you have any issues tell me I’ll always there for you. I never talk to any girl apart from you till now I know you to finding I’m different from others we didn’t get chance to give our approval so. If you have any problem with me you can tell me frankly. Wanted you always truthful with me at any condition.My dadu and dadi is my god I never disobey them so you too their dream is just to see my wife it’s you now twinkle their respect is very important. I’m done twinkle. Twinkle look at Kunj face.

Twinkle:I like you tell me each and everything whatever’s in your heart. For me too kunj my family is very important wanted my husband to treat my parents like his. I saw many they treat very badly. I’m not on those girls who didn’t like their in laws I m the one who love them for me mother-in-law to like my MAA if I become her daughter she immediately become my MAA I have to forget this words they are my in laws now I have two families. Lie I too didn’t like it. No one is my life no BF Kunj. I know in little bit childish. But I know my responsibilities. I’ll never run from my responsibilities I know if my family is important for me for other too my husband to have his family with whom his spend his whole life that wife is very selfish who make his husband separated from his family. I wanted that type of man who doesn’t leave his family for anyone that person he is real if he leaves his family he can leave me one day. When 25 years love can’t stand in front of 2 days love kunj love twinkle talks she doesn’t look like mature but today she is so mature. And I’ll love when my partner love his family this much what else I wanted more he too love me same.I’ll always truthful to you kunj never break your trust.
Your family is mine too we are going to lock in one knot Kunj now.When your name Connected with my name how can I be become worthless wife. Kunj give smiling face to twinkle. Bas kunj I talk too much.i don’t have any issues with you because I know one day anyone will be my husband if my family is happy with you that’s good for me.

Kunj:I’m shocked twinkle after listen your talks you look like stubborn but you are so mature understand everything so well.
Even I too love your talks. Siyappa Queen kya Baath.Today everything clear between us that’s good.

Twinkle:hope your tension vanish.

Kunj:yeah good somewhere our thinking matching.

Twinkle:your coffee.they get busy in coffees gazing to each other’s.

Kunj:thanks for coming. After they get up they went outside rally was passing from there someone come and due to crowd twinkle about to falls down but Kunj hold her on time twinkle hands resting on kunj chest.. they both look at each other’s. (Sajna ve play in background)💓💓💓

Kunj hold her hand they went from there.

Twinkle:okay kunj bye I’ll go..

Kunj:I’ll drop you. Come they were going so far..

Twinkle: where is your car ha.

Kunj: in India is so difficult to survive people don’t know how to park the car anywhere they can no rules..

Twinkle:hehehe don’t say anything about my India mr NRI.They come to car kunj
Open the car for twinkle they both sit in car. Kunj starts the car twinkle get confused whether she on the fm or not. Kunj can see it.Twinkle on the fm she looks at Kunj face who giving her smile face.
Twinkle rest her head on seat looking outside. Suddenly Kunj stop the car and look at twinkle he went closer to her twinkle get confused she gets confused and to see their closes she close her eyes kunj went near her grid the seat belt. He back to his seat twinkle open her eyes and look at Kunj..

Kunj:who seat belt.

Twinkle:ho she adjusted her hairs and become little bit awkward for her. She busy in music Kunj see her get lost her childishness.Soon they reached to Taneja mansion. Twinkle come out of the car.. Kunj come.

Kunj: now I have work bye..

Twinkle:bye and thanks for coffee. She turned walk slightly just than she winches in pain kunj get shocked to listen her voice he immediately went out of the cat went to her see twinkle.

Kunj: what happened.

Twinkle: haa mere pair me MAA.

Kunj: wait let me see tears come out from twinkle eyes. Kunj sit on his knee remove twinkle shoe and keep her feet on her knee khanta pricked in twinkle feet skin. Blood oozing too. Twinkle don’t cry can’t you see and walk from there this come. Wait I’ll remove it

Twinkle: kunj no it’s painful no.

Kunj: close your eyes. He removes the khanta twinkle winch in pain. Kunj took his handkerchief and wipe the blood buoy the handkerchief on twinkle feet.

Twinkle:thanks kunj now I’m fine. Kunj get up and wipe twinkle tears.

Kunj:my pleasure next time see and walk okay. Kunj about to go twinkle stop him what happened now..

Twinkle:wait twinkle went near to him and correct his collar. Now go.

Kunj:yeah bye Kunj sit in car and left. He went his office bag to see others work as well. He was worried about Priyanka and rudra admission at this time which college give them so. He finds many best colleges of Amritsar. Just than his pa come.

Sara: sir

Kunj: yes..

Sara: sir one xyz college principal is ready to give admission to Priyanka mam and rudra sir.

Kunj: great college was best..

Sara:yes sir one number college of Amritsar principal want to meet with you tomorrow.

Kunj:okay I’ll go..thanks for this.she went out of the cabin Kunj search about college. People can study anywhere number one college not important who want to study those not wanted they can’t do anything if you send them world best college and schools. In those my brother to there.

Twinkle went inside she sits Leela come and asked her what happened to leg after see handkerchief tie..

Leela: what happened twinkle..

Twinkle: nothing MAA just khanta..

Leela: can’t you see and walk haa.

Twinkle: offo MAA you were to talking like kunj Both huhu..

Leela: kunjj means.. he come here..

Twinkle: hmm for drop me.

Leela: why..

Twinkle:who he message me he wanted to meet with me so..

Leela:good you both should go out and meet with each other’s knowing each other’s very well.where you go for movie and lunch haa..

Twinkle:offo Meri MAA stop your Amritsar express he wants to talk to me something we just went for coffee talk for sometime and come back that’s it no movie nothing.

Leela:okay Meri MAA. I’ll come with bandage she went and come with first aid box and she bandages her feet.After sometimes later twinkle went in her room she feels good she gets ready in normal dress tell mahi chinki call them to her house for dinner.They both get ready whole family was sitting twinkle and Mahi come down.

Hansh:where my both princess going?

Mahi: chinki di House dadu for dinner.

Rt: hoo. Go come don’t be late..

Twinkle:Papa her house just next to us.

Kabir:should I come give you people company..

Twinkle:first we didn’t invite malika bhabhi 😛and Naman invite you so you can Bhai.

Kabir: acha aesha hai kya.. did your devar ji coming 😛😂.. twinkle get confused..

Twinkle:why om and rudra will come Bhai.

Kabir:na pagali I’m not talking about om ru. Yuvi devar ji😂😛 all laugh loudly while twinkle see Kabir..

Twinkle:very lame Bhai. He is my bestie not devar get it..

Mahi:But he calls you bhabhi 😛. Twinkle give look to mahi..

Twinkle:everyone is right nowadays you started speaking to much haa.. next time I’ll call my devars for dinner not you huhu. She went out. Kabir and Mahi run to her.

Leela:this Kabir is not less..

Hansh: haa.. today everyone was talking about kunj and twinkle engagement all like kunj..

Leela:yes papa ji my one of friend she gets jealous of twinkle that she get kunj as her husband huhu. Keshi ki nazar na lage inhe.

Kunj went to Sarna Mansion he went in living room tell tej about Priyanka and rudra admission. Tej get happy.

Rudra:Bhaiya why you behind our study.

Priyanka: wohhhh college yeha.., she gets panic Kunj come and cupped her face..

Kunj:pinku don’t be panic you and rudra in same class he protects you if anything happened wrong just call your Bhaiya always there for you.

Priyanka:Bhaiya I don’t know anyone here how I’ll you know hardly I interact with anyone.

Om:no pinku we know still okay you just go and see if you not like anything tell us okay.

Priyanka: why not we go back to London there I have few friends there system and there is very different.

Rudra:yeah I hear about ragging in college here pinku.. Kunj throw cushion at him.

Kunj:chup If one word again come from your mouth I’ll break your face rudra. Instead, encourage her you were making her more panic. You see what I’ll do if single one marks come in exams I’ll
Make you repeat whole year that’s my promise.

Tej:good did this with him I toh told you many times give him to me.the way I handle you and om this too but you always come for your brother recommendation.Rudra run to Lata.

Rudra:dadi save me from Bhaiya..

Lata:what you did I now.. they all had their dinner quietly.. Anjali make Panna cotta.
She served everyone..

Kunj: no di..

Anjali: Arey have specially for you I make in sugar free..

Kunj:that’s awesome. Kunj take bite.. yummy. My favorite panna cotta.

Rudra: di you never make my favorite things just Bhaiya and that pidhi Aayat Aayat see rudra give him look..

Aayat: why you behind me haa. See your size and my i m so small and tiny.You are protein powder.

Tej:right my baby..

Avantika:this all deteriorate her. Thinking like she is queen of this house..

Aayat:yes I’m princess of my Pa and queen of my Bhaiya.

Rudra: you aren’t queen of Bhaiya bhabhi is this kunj give him stern look..

Aayat:why she I’m hain pa and Bhaiya I’m his queen na..

Kunj:yeah you are don’t cry okay he is mad.Go and sleep rudra you have to wake up early in morning don’t be late..

Otherside all praising chinki food that was really delicious.

Kabir:chinki teach something to my sister.

Yuvi: yeah good for my maternal family.
Me and maya di went to Sarna Mansion we didn’t lots of fun with our all siblings.

Asha: acha..

Yuvi: wait I’ll show you something Yuvi show them their random picture of theirs. Kunj sitting looking at others side twinkle see all like hmm when doing bating his style om picture he fly his long silky hairs Mahi give smile unknowingly..

Kabir: jija play cricket 😛., fab..

Raj:real cricket he’ll play with twinkle 😂🙈🙊.. all started laughing like crazy manic.While twinkle drenched in awkwardness that also in front of his brother so cheap this is..

Twinkle:you all are so cheap people have some shame.

Yuvi:today raj hit six 😂😜.. by the way kunj is very good player he wins yaar.

Asha:where is that little baby in frame..

Yuvi:our bad luck she slept already.really cute maana padega. What’s say twinkle.

Twinkle:what everyone is cute even she is.

After they went back to their places..

Next day.. kunj Itself get ready and see Priyanka and rudra all documents. He went in rudra room who was sleeping he wakes up him and sent in washroom. Priyanka was hell scared she hands shivering like anything.After they all get ready have their breakfast Anjali take Aayat along with her nanny and guards to park.

Priyanka: mummy I don’t want to go..

Avantika:Priyanka leave your nervousness in side Bhaiya going with you na go now..

Lata:yes Priyanka beta they both took their elders blessing.They went outside Kunj sit and rudra and Priyanka too.. rudra he sleeps immediately while Priyanka just taking god name.. Kunj see her.. Think she is so different from nowadays girls.. soon they reached college. After see crowd Priyanka more panic.. Kunj come out of the car he wears his shades looking killer. He wakes up rudra..

Rudra:haa we reached huhu.. they come out of the car rudra rubbing his eyes..

Kunj:come out of your sleep rudra..

Rudra:I come here when didn’t remember leave it.. Kunj hold Priyanka hand they went towards principal office girls see kunj and their eyes stuck at him..

Girls:uff hot guy.. they went inside Principal office. Principal tell them to sits.

Principal: so you are Kunj Sarna m I right.

Kunj:yes I’m Kunj Sarna thanks for giving them admission at this time..

Principal:we have to give them after all they are your siblings who don’t know your family name. Kunj show their documents to principal that was fine.. I already give them admission they cab joint their classes from today only..

Kunj:yeah again thanks a lot.rudra went out of the office while Priyanka still there principal talking to kunj about things..

Rudra come out and roaming here and there ruffles his hairs giving killer look to girls..just than Yuvi eyes went on rudra he get confused to see him here he went to him.

Yuvi: rudra you here..

Rudra: Yuvi bro you are here..

Yuvi:yes I’m here because it’s my college.

Rudra: what in 440 volt shock.. really.. omg great I’m so happy love you Bhaiya Yuvi get confused twinkle and others too come there.

Twinkle: rudra. He just hug Yuvi tightly..

Rudra:Yuvi bro I’m too going to study here.

Yuvi: what really that’s awesome rudra.. when this happened..

Rudra:I’m so happy we are in same college rock it..

Yuvi:of course 😎😎..

Asha: quiet confused how they give you admission middle of the year it’s so difficult to take admission in this college.

Rudra:hmm my family name is enough.

Twinkle:happy for you.. they all standing in side in group talking and laughing all get happy rudra too in their college now more masti.. kunj shake his hand with principal.

Principal:you can ask about their class.

Kunj:yeah.. sure sir.. kunj and Priyanka come out of the principal office Priyanka holding kunj Arms tightly. Pinku don’t be.. rudra haina make your new friends.

Whoever girls standing there just talking about kunj.. Asha eyes went on kunj they all looking at them they are little far from them..

Kunj:I have to asked about your class.. he sees one boy.. excuse me can you tell where is commerce 2year class.. Deliberately one girl come..

Girl: I’ll tell you.. she is so annoying talking in so seducing way.. twinkle see this.. left right there.

Kunj: thanks.. they went from there.. Kunj finding rudra he waves to him..

Rudra:Bhaiya I’m here they went towards them..

Kunj: okay I’m going..

Yuvi: hi kunj..

Kunj: hi you all here..

Chinki: your sister and brother in our college now..

Kunj: hoo.. that’s why he is so happy..

Rudra: yeah I got good company.. he hug Yuvi.. Kunj pat on his cheeks..

Kunj: whatever you have to study here.. twinkle looking at that girl and than Kunj their eyes meet for some seconds..

Asha:hi Priyanka she didn’t say anything.
Hiding in kunj all get confused.

Yuvi: what happened pinku..

Kunj:Priyanka see now everyone is here.

Chinki:yeah don’t be panic.. even Mahi is in your class you got good company..

Kunj:see this.. now don’t be nervous and you rudra take her in your class be with her.

Rudra: yeah..

Kunj: okay I’m going I have to catch my conference.Kunj remove Priyanka But she didn’t let him do.. any how kunj he cupped her face. Kissed on her forehead take deep breath Priyanka. Nothing will happened fight with your nervousness my sister. He wiped her hidden tears.. all see their bond still Priyanka looking at Kunj with wet eyes.

Priyanka:bhaiya🙂🙂🙂.. I can’t.. Rudra come and hold her hand..

Rudra: aaja prinku even in your Bhaiya..I’ll protect you swear of my protein powder she laughs slightly.. Kunj walk she holds his fingers..Kunj turned his face and look at her bye to her.. twinkle look at Kunj gesture him she’ll see her Kunj give smile in answer.. Priyanka wiped her tears. Twinkle went to her..

Twinkle: Priyanka don’t cry see we all are here for you if you have any problems come to me I’m there for you..

Priyanka: Pakaa..

Twinkle:yes pinki promise.. Kunj see this while going. Twinkle take Priyanka in her class make her sit mahi come.

Mahi: Arey you are in my class nice..

Rudra: I’m too..

Yuvi: now you sit okay.. Their lecturer come there all went out rudra come and sit beside Priyanka she holds his hands tightly.

Kunj in car he calls om and tell him about their in Same college in which Yuvi and Twinkle studying.. he remembers how twinkle console his sister beautiful smile appears on his face.

Hi everyone thanks for your comments 😞.Hope you all like it episode..

Next twinkle going to Sarna Mansion for the very first time.. Kabir and Malika wedding bells starts many more twist and tune filled with love and laughs..

Bye love you all..


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