•••(Episode 10)•••


Started from continued part..

twinkle and Kunj looking here and there because both of them in deep shocked don’t know how to reacted on this all what actually happened with them now.prithviraj looking at twinkle he really like her.

Hansh: kunj and twinkle if you both want to talk to each other’s in alone you both can what you all say about this??

Prithviraj:yes.You both should be talked once. While twinkle and Kunj in their minds planning twist each other’s necks ?.

Bebe:go twinkle puttar take kunj with you and show him your room.Twinkle look at Bebe and give helpless smile.

Rudra:go Bhaiya ??. Kunj look at him if nobody is here he’ll surely kill him..

Tej: kunjjj..

Kunj: yeah pa..

Twinkle: come.They both went upstairs twinkle walking so fast while kunj holding his head where he stuck like..

Twinkle and Kunj entered in twinkle room. Twinkle turned and looking at Kunj in gaga way..

Kunj: what???

Twinkle:Arey what is this tell me..

Kunj:what I tell you..

Twinkle: how dare you come at my house for rishta karoge mujhe se.

Kunj: heheh very funny what joke you were telling like this I’m dying to marry you haa.

Twinkle:hey listen I don’t know anything why you come here. I can’t stay for a second with you I’ll marry you no never.

Kunj:same.If I know my dadu choose you for me I’ll differently deny ?‍♂️ him for this.

Twinkle: yes I’ll to I thought some handsome coming to see me but don’t know this money comes instead of him.

Kunj:me too but she here lizard standing in front of me.. go and tell no for marriage.

Twinkle:it would be great if you do it.. baba ji where I stuck help me.This sadu my pati no no before this I’ll die.

Kunj:stop your nonsense,if I saw your photo that time only I’ll say no. Twinkle and Kunj both giving each other’s tashan.

At downstairs.

Rudra and om standing in side and gossiping about kunj and twinkle.

Om: I’m damn sure he didn’t see her photo.

Rudra:yup O but I’m happy Twinkle didi humari bhabhi.. I m petty for Bhaiya didn’t you see his face when twinkle didi come.

Om:yes I saw his face expression terrible ?..

Rudra:don’t know what next will happened

Why send them talk to in alone both of them must be fighting.

Om:what you eat today Rudra..??


Om:because your mind is working today?.. Rudra give him drastic look.

Even Kabir and Mahi too same they both to discussing about twinkle and Kunj their siblings enjoyed lot every much..

Kabir:Mahi heheh I want to meet twinkle ???.. my poor sister.. whom she called so much he will be her husband.

Mahi: yeah both of them giving each other’s taunt on their future partners but don’t know they are only ???..

Twinkle sit on the couch and making nonsense face while Kunj get call from Rahul he started talking to him on phone. Twinkle were looking at him..

Twinkle:look at him how nicely he busy in phone. She get up and went towards him and snatch his phone and cut the call kunj looking at her with anger..

Kunj:what the——

Twinkle:what you think of yourself haa.

Kunj: give me my phone you silly girl.

Twinkle: Acha I’m silly what about you..

Kunj: first go and learn how to talk..

Twinkle: better than you I’m ?. Kunj try to take his phone from twinkle while she didn’t give him.

Kunj:give my phone.Twinkle moving in backwards just than she bumped with bed and falls down on the bed Kunj leg slip due to twinkle duppta.He falls on twinkle.

Kunj all over on twinkle. Both looking at each other face and get lost in each other’s eyes share eye lock. After 5 minuets they both come in sense and looking at each other face and see their positions..

Twinkle:get up akehli ladki dekhi nahi..

Kunj:shut up.They both get up and twinkle adjusted her hairs.

Twinkle:we should go down..

Kunj: hmm.. they both went downstairs. Everyone looking at them.They just come and stand in side. Mahi went near twinkle.

Mahi: di what happened???


Prithviraj:hope you both like each other’s.

Kunj:in mind like aur iss ko huhh wild cat.

Twinkle: twinkle Taneja ke din itne bhi bure nahi aaye hai I’ll like him.

Leela: let’s have dinner. They all went towards dinning table and take their seats twinkle about to sit beside Mahi while Bebe just than..

Bebe:Twinkle puttar sit beside kunj.

Twinkle:hmm (helplessly)..

she sits beside Kunj and servant come and started serving food to everyone.

Rudra:food is very yummy aunty..

Leela:thanks beta..

Twinkle and Kunj just playing with food.

Their siblings can see this but can’t do anything.They just enjoying it lot.

Kabir:kunj don’t you like the food.He look at Kabir.

Kunj:no why I’ll not like it’s great..

Kabir:even your would be wife too good cook??..twinkle gnashing her teeth at

him.After food twinkle give everyone dessert while giving to kunj their hands touch slightly.Taneja’s like kunj quiet behaviour.Tej love twinkle he finds her perfect for his son..

Leela:why you all bring this gifts.

Lata:Arey why not it’s for my Bahu.

Prithviraj: so guru ji check twinkle and Kunj kundali’s..

guru ji started checking their kundali’s he got shocked and give smile everyone looking at him why he gave this type of expression.

Hansh: What happens guru ji something is wrong in their kundali’s..

Guru ji: no hansh ji I’m surprised because i never see this type of kundali’s twinkle and Kunj ke pure 36 gun milte hai ek dushre se.. all get happy while their siblings looking at them..

Rudra:from where Bhaiya and twinkle didi is same heheh.

Kunj: in mind I’m damn sure this guru ji don’t know how to check kundali’s. Me and she same no way..

Bebe:that’s superb news guru ji.

Hansh:from our side this rishta is fixed twinkle looking at her dadu.. all get happy.

Prithviraj: yes from my side too what say tej??

Tej:I’m happy papa.rudra slightly dancing.

Prithviraj:now we should take leave. Kunjj.

He gestured him to take their blessings. Kunj went near Hansh and Bebe and took their blessing even rt and Leela too. While Leela gestured twinkle too even she too everyone blesses by touching their feet’s.

Prithviraj:your place isn’t here twinkle beta but here he gives her side hug.Okay namaste ji.They bye to each other’s.

Anjali: bye my to be bhabhi ??.

Kabir: yes twinkle see your sister-in-law is so good.

Rudra: even her brothers-in-law also awesome devar ???..Kunj who went and sit in car sitting on driving seat. They all left for Sarna Mansion.

While twinkle run in her room. She locked herself in room.

Hansh: now you are an happy rt..

Rt: yes Papa we can’t find boy like kunj for twinkle he is understanding boy.

Kabir:yes Papa and his family was also sweet.

Leela:I don’t know anything I toh just love my to be damad.

Soon sarna’s too reached their place and went inside while Kunj lost in his thoughts.

He directly went in his room which make others confused they all thought maybe he feels shy so..

Kunj throw his coat and stand. Open his shirt sleeves broke the buttons in frustration. He folds his sleeves..

Kunj:what I’ll do now I can’t marry her. I wanted perfect girl for my family but don’t know she had that mentality to connected one family in one knot no. After see her. Kunjjjjjjj.. I’ll tell dadu I’ll not marry her..

He didn’t waste any seconds went downstairs he had fear of tej but still.

Everyone was sitting in living room talking about twinkle..

Avantika:I just love twinkle.

Usha: even me too. In first view we all like her.

Kunj Coming downstairs and he went towards all and stand all looking at him like what happened to him see his face.

Kunj:dadu I want to talk to you..

Prithviraj:what Kunj tell me.Kunj slightly look at tej. Slight his lips shiver. But closed his eyes.

Kunj: dadu I can’t marry.. all like what.. they all get up from their seats..

Lata:kunj What happens so suddenly.

Prithviraj:I didn’t understand kunj??

Kunj: dadu I can’t marry to this girl.

Tej: what why??? Kunj take step in backwards to see his father eyes..

Prithviraj show his hand to tej let him talk to kunj.



Prithviraj:without having no reason you didn’t want to marry to twinkle.

Kunj:I know Dadu but I’ll marry anyone whom you wanted but not to her.

Prithviraj:what is lacking in her (usake andar kya kamee hai) Kunj turned his face.

Kunj:many dadu don’t know why you all can’t see it.She doesn’t know how to talk attitude itna as if like she is queen of Amritsar.You wanted babu for this house to connect this family she is not eligible.

All looking at each other face.

Prithviraj: acha kunj we didn’t see these things in her. She is perfect daughter-in-law for this house, and she connected this family as well. And you tell why this question coming in your mind what happened before I toh give you her photos

Even asked you too. Kunj turned towards them.

Kunj: woh dadu I didn’t see her photo without seeing I said yes..

Lata: what..

Prithviraj:it’s your mistake kunj.Already I give you so much time.Even I tell you find for you Itself whomever you like but in this also you said you don’t like this all. Did I force with you haa..

Kunj:no dadu.. try to understand me..

Prithviraj:you understand me I give my jaban

To Taneja’s that yeh rishta hoga.. Everything can change but Prithviraj Sarna ki jaban nahi. And twinkle will be bahu of this house at any cost and if you find I did force with you than sorry I know what best for you kunj. Sorry for this..

Kunj:please dadu don’t be sorry. Prithviraj went in his room.

Lata:kunj you should tell us about this before and you know your dadu. How much he punctual about his commitment.

Tej:yes kunj.

Kunj: But pa…

Tej:not but and ifs Kunj. It’s final you’ll marry to twinkle that’s it and I don’t want to listen anything from now.

Kunj:still Papa you can find other girl.Why she is..

Tej:kunjj in loud voice don’t dare to forget that whom you talk you were standing In front of your father. Kunj blow down his face.His eyes become wet slightly.

Kunj take his face and went in his room back. Tej look at avantika. This time don’t give him encouragement Avantika what lack inside that girl ha.She is so beautiful good values even her family too.

Avantika:I didn’t tell anything do whatever you wanted even I didn’t find anything less in her.

Rudra: Arey pa and mummy baat hai yeh Bhaiya and twinkle didn’t like each other’s before only that’s why Bhaiya finding so many kamee in her.

Tej:see Avantika so lame reason.And you om make him understand she is diamond he’ll not get wife better than her.

Om:yeah sure bade Papa.They all went in their rooms. Kunj standing in his room his Tiro siblings went towards him. Anjali keep her hand on his shoulder Kunj see her.

Anjali:aww kunj don’t be sad..

Kunj:di But they all didn’t understand me this time.

Om:because this time my dear big brother you are wrong.Om stands beside him.Your all reason is worthless .And I’m sure her condition was too same like you.You both didn’t like each other’s that she knows as well you too. Coincidentally destiny make you both for each other’s.

Kunj:please om im not in a mood to listen your philosophy.

Om:acha kunj tell me what problem you have for her.

Kunj: nothing. You all like her very much,

Rudra: yes she is so pretty if I’m in your place I’ll differently marry her without thinking ??..

Anjali:heheh she is your bhabhi Rudy..

Kunj:go and do as if I hold your hand huhu.Dadu take me wrong.

Om:kunj you try to understand just because of your one thing you can’t make perception about twinkle that she is not good.

Kunj:after see her did you think she had that merits she’ll become perfect idol bahu what dadu and dadi wanted. I can’t trust on her.

Om:Har Kyun Ka Jawab Nahi Hota

Kabhi Kabhi Kisi Par Bharosa Karne Keliye Sari Umar Kam Pad Jati Hai.Aur Kabhi Ek Lamha Kafi Hai” while rudra giving stress on his mind to understand om words.

Om words make kunj and Anjali lacking of words

Kunj: om yaar.. om take kunj hands on his.

Om: look at me kunj did you trust me.

Kunj:more than myself.

Om:than agreed for this marriage.Kunj looking at om surprisedly.Yes I’m saying you this if you find anywhere that twinkle isn’t good and suitable for our family immediately disallow this marriage and I’m with you.Till now, we all siblings follow you today it’s our time to show you right path which good for you and I’m damn sure dadu choice never bad.You are crown of his head did you think he finds any girl for you.What does dadu said he had experience to read peoples. Just for him.

Kunj:okay fine. Rudra come and hugged kunj from back.

Rudra: thanks Bhaiya humari bhabhi??.

Kunj:go from here before I break your teeth Rudra. Without wasting anytime they all escaping from here.Kunj went in washroom and get freshen up.He just lay down and thinking about this all.

Other side twinkle sitting and playing with her hairs

Twinkle: in morning I’ll tell dadu everything that would be good. How can I marry to this monkey ?..she blabs this and sleep itself,

Next morning at Taneja [email protected]

Everyone get up and get ready quickly and all come for breakfast while Twinkle still sleeping she wakes up with jerk and remember what happened last night. She rushed towards washroom and get ready for her collage.She went downstairs find everyone already sitting for breakfast.

Twinkle went towards them and take her seat beside mahi.

Twinkle:good morning everyone.

Bebe: good morning puttar.

Hansh read twinkle face that she want to tell him something, so he Itself asked her.

Hansh: What happens beta.. ??

Twinkle: take deep breath. Dadu I can’t marry with kunj. All stop their food.

Bebe: kya..

Twinkle:yes dadu..

Hansh: Twinkle what nonsense is this stop your joke.

Twinkle: it’s not joke dadu I’m serious. I didn’t like him.

Rt: in one meeting how can you like him.

Twinkle: he isn’t perfect.

Hansh: he is.. now what happened suddenly.

Twinkle:dadu koi aur ladka chalega.

Hansh: humhe kunj hi.. I give you his photos and tell you that after this you can’t take back.

Twinkle; I didn’t see his photos dadu..

Hansh: it’s your problem twinkle.He had all qualities what every girl wanted in their husbands. See his family is so nice people.What you wanted more.

Twinkle: he is sadu dadu you don’t know anything about him.

Hansh:I think you don’t know anything. In front of you I told we are ready for this rishta twinkle now I can’t break my commitment.

Twinkle:but dadu..

Bebe: yes twinkle your dadu is right.

Leela:have your breakfast and you should go your college. Twinkle have her breakfast and later she and Mahi left for college.

Scene shifts in Sarna [email protected]

Everyone come and sit for their breakfast while Kunj come from jogging he sees his dadu who just quiet. He went in his room and get ready soon and come and sit with everyone.No one said anything all busy in their food.Kunj can see nostalgic on his family faces.Prithviraj done with his breakfast actually he didn’t have anything. Kunj felt bad. All completed their breakfast and Manohar and tej left for their office while Lata with her both daughter in laws sitting in garden. Kunj went in his dadu room and see he was standing his back was facing him. He went towards him and hugged him from back.

Kunj:dadu sorry na don’t be sad.You know na I can see everything but can’t see you all sad. Kunj come in front of him.Prithviraj look at Kunj face.

Prithviraj:nothing is like this kunj I’m fine.

Kunj:sorry dadu for my behaviour.I hurt you all. Tears comes in kunj eyes.

Prithviraj:when my kunj didn’t see tears in my eyes how can I be. He wiped his eyes.

And don’t worry I’ll tell Guru ji we cancel this alliance my happiness is in your happiness kunj.You are not my pota I love you three of them more than my two sons.

Kunj:even I too love you dadu And dadi like anything. And no need of this I’m ready for this alliance and don’t worry no forced Itself I. Again sorry forgive me.

Prithviraj:don’t be sorry.Kunj hug Prithviraj.

Later he left for his office.

He was sitting in his cabin doing his work.

He about to take out some files from his bag just than one envelope falls down it was same envelope which his dadu give him inside in twinkle pictures are there.

Kunj took the envelope and open it and take out photo his see twinkle pictures.

Kunj: if see this before this lizard inside in this I’m not here today.Leave it whatever happened for god reasons.He sees twinkle all pictures she gives damn hot looks.

Small smile appeared on kunj Lips because twinkle making funny face in one photograph.I’m right about her she is siyappa queen.Kunj keep back envelope in his bag and again busy in his work.

Next side twinkle was sitting with her all gang in canteen and narrate them everything about last night firstly they all laughing like anything.

Yuvi:hehe twinkle Kunj. Between Kunj choice.You know I told you that day as if they are your in laws it’s become truth hell man????..

Twinkle:shut up Yuvi that monkey is so annoying don’t know what he thinks of himself.

Asha:Arey Twinkle yaar he is so hot.

Chinki:weshe bhi you don’t have any choice madam ne without seeing his photos get ready now yeh toh hona hi ta na??..

Twinkle:you all making fun of me great.

Dadu is so angry ??..

Rishi:dekh Chirag milega kunj is better than him.Twinkle get up from there in frustrated and left for home without informing Mahi.

Twinkle just stay in her room didn’t come downstairs.While Hansh and Prithviraj went and meet with guru ji takes out date for kunj and twinkle roka.Guru ji give them date of roka tomorrow. They both happy and come to their place tell about this their family members. After college end mahi waiting for taxi one taxi didn’t stop she walk future she standing and stoping any auto rickshaw ans taxi. Om was passing from there due to traffic signals his eyes went on mahi.


Mahi heard om voice and see him he was waving towards her. Come I’ll drop you. Mahi went towards his car.

Mahi: yes.

Om:I’ll drop you.

Mahi: no I’ll manage itself.

Om:come.Mahi sit in om car beside him. After Signal. How’s your day.

Mahi: good.

Om: Twinkle didn’t come with you.

Mahi: woh di went early so.

Om: I want to ask you about twinkle. Om tell mahi about kunj side and even Mahi too about twinkle.

Mahi: But I like your brother.

Om:even my family too loved your sister. Soon they reached Taneja mansion.Mahi come out of the car.

Mahi:thanks for this. Just than Kabir too come back from his office he saw om and immediately come out of his car and went towards his car.

Kabir: hey om.

Om: hey..

Kabir: what a great to see you here.

Om: Arey I was just give lift to mahi that’s it.

Kabir: ho come om.

Om:no.Kabir insist him lot om have to agree, and they all went inside and sit mahi make tea for them. And she brings and give to om and Kabir.Om took sip of tea, and he like very much it’s perfect taste which he like it.nice tea mahi.


Kabir:aur om tell me.

Om:you tell me.They both started talking about twinkle and Kunj.

Kabir:you are right they are perfect for each other’s even twinkle too showing tantrums,you know what she is actually nervous. She thought after marriage her like will be changed all those typical rules and regulations.


Kabir and om decided to talk to twinkle once, so they both went in her room and finding Kabir eyes went on twinkle who sitting on her swing chair. They both went towards her. Twinkle eyes went on om she get confused to see him here and immediately get up.

Twinkle: TUM??

Om:yes don’t be shocked.

Kabir: Twinkle we wanted to talk you about before he complete twinkle cut him.

Twinkle:Bhai please give me.

Om:Twinkle you and kunj is same that guru ji tell right even he too behaves like you.Don’t know what problem you both have.

Twinkle:om you don’t know.

Om:I know everything about you both.

Twinkle: I don’t want to marry your brother happy.

Om:he smile same he told what you tell.

Just because of your random meetings not well good you both didn’t want to marry tell me one thing Twinkle if you and kunj didn’t meet with each other before than did really you have problem with this relation.

Twinkle went towards railings and stand.

Om:what happened you didn’t give answer or my questions.

Twinkle:yes I’ll not but you know your brother how rude he is. Always giving me attitude. I wanted my husband he is best from inside not outside those understand girls are less than them and underestimate them I hate very much.

Kabir and om looking at each other’s.

Om: you think my brother is this type of man.

Twinkle: he is not like you and rudra om.

Om:he is 1000 times better than me and rudra and about girls he never thinks like this all. From starting our dadi and dadu teach us girls and boys both are equal.

I agree sometimes he is better but you wanted inner beauty he was good from inside and outside too, twinkle. Twinkle look at om.

Twinkle: means..

Om: think ?. You’ll not find better guy than him and he too better than girl you.

Kabir:yes twinkle Kunj is best.

Om:I take your precious time I should take a leave.

Kabir:come I’ll drop till your car.They both went downstairs and goes outside.Om sits in his car and left for Sarna Mansion. While twinkle thinking about om words.

Twinkle recall Kunj all words when rt and Hansh asked him some question how nicely he gave all answers.From any side it’s shows he has that type of mentality.

Twinkle:this man make me confused.

She went in her room and the envelope.

twinkle open it and take out kunj photography and see his all photos.

Monkey looking fine.

After sometimes later Leela come everyone for dinner they all come downstairs and went towards dinning table took their seats. Servant serving them food. Just than Hansh break the ice.

Hansh: guru ji ne kal ki tarik paki ki hai twinkle and Kunj ke roke ki. Kabir and Mahi looking at twinkle who didn’t give any reactions.

Rt:great Papa.

Leela:offo we have to do so many preparations.

Bebe: yes Meri twinkle ka roka hai after all

Hansh: me and Prithviraj ji decided that we did roka in simple way but their engagement in very lavish way..

Kabir: aww dadu great idea.

Hansh: tell me twinkle right now did you have any problems she nodded her head in no.After dinner they all sit and decided for roka.

Other scene.

Prithviraj come back from out and went towards Lata and tell her about this.Lata come each and everyone in living room. While everyone all come expecting that Kunj who didn’t come back from office

Till now. All standing waiting for prithviraj what he going to tell them..

Rudra: dadu tell na I’m curious.

Prithviraj: wait my son to let kunj come. Just than Usha See kunj coming. He entered in hall.

Usha: Arey lo kunj too come daddy ji..

Kunj find everyone like this get worried so went near them..

Kunj: what happened?? Anything is serious.

Prithviraj:no.Lata giving smile while.i was just waiting for you only kunj.

Kunj: why dadu tell me..

Prithviraj: I call you all here because I have to tell you something really important. I fixed twinkle and Kunj roka date. Kunj like omg..

Tej: nice which date.

Prithviraj: tomorrow.

Manohar: it’s so fast Papa how well did all preparations In same day..

Prithviraj: don’t worry in roka only we and family member are there. And one more.

Rudra: haa..

Prithviraj:after roka I wanted their engagement happened soon..

Avantika: okay daddy ji..Kunj didn’t say anything. Lata went near kunj and cupped his face.

Lata: are you happy na kunj.

Kunj: yes dadi he give smile.

Tej: avantika dinner??

Avantika:yeah come everything is ready.

Anjali and rudra teasing Kunj.They all sit for dinner and have their dinner nicely.

Rudra and Anjali dancing on bhabhi word ?????.. Kunj see them and give smile just because he knows they can’t improve. Night went and day come.

Everywhere hustle and bustle going one

In both families Prithviraj and Lata was busy what they buy for twinkle for Shagun.

Leela gives invitation to her close relatives and all twinkle friends.While malika and her family is out of the town ??.

Mahi and Leela selecting tonight outfit for twinkle. She was just busy in herself.

Kunj who make himself busy in work whole day but his siblings he his all work and select his dress too.Whole day passed quickly. Now it’s time for twinkle and Kunj new phrase start.

Tej call kunj come home right now he didn’t wast any seconds and immediately come.

Tej: we all waiting for you kunj.

Lata:leave him today kunj you go and get ready please.

Kunj:hmm.Kunj went in his room and take his clothes went in washroom and everyone too went to get ready.. after sometime later all get ready fully looking hell beautiful. They all come down and just waiting for kunj coming downstairs only while folding his seelves.

Usha:everything is possible for him but this not..

Lata: kitna sona lag raha hai mera kunj.

Kunj dress

Rudra: see om and di as if we all looking donkey. Tej look at rudra he immediately hide behind Anjali all laughing.

Kunj come and Avantika went near him.

Avantika: wait I’ll do it. She properly fold his kurta sleeves. Avantika cupped kunj and kissed on his forehead and my son looking so handsome no one devil eyes went on him.

Prithviraj: let’s go everyone is must be waiting for us.Tej what about Anita and Surjit.

Tej: they are coming directly Papa.

Prithviraj:okay.They all went outside and sits in cars and left for Taneja mansion. In whole car journey om and rudra just talking about twinkle. Kunj ears get tired.

At other side.

Twinkle sitting in front of dressing table while Mahi and Asha or Chinki standing beside her. She just lost herself.

Chinki:Twinkle get ready kunj will

Not come and get you ready. They laugh.

Twinkle: you all go I’ll get ready and come down okay.

Asha: as your wish.They three of them went downstairs and see other things.

Twinkle give sometime to herself later she look at all those accessories.She started getting ready.

While luthra’s reaches and they inside. Yuvi went towards his all friends they all laughing and making fun of twinkle soon sarna’s too come and their car stop in front of Taneja mansion. They all come out of the cars and servant take all gifts they all went inside.Kabir waiting for them at door only they entered in door.

Kabir: hi.. he greeted with everyone.Hug kunj. Looking handsome my jija ji?.

Kunj just give him smile.While rudra see Yuvi and went towards him.. Leela and rt come they too meet everyone.

Leela:you all looking so beautiful.

Avantika:even you not less Leela.They all sit. Rishi and Naman looking at Kunj only who just time passing in his phone..

Rishi:abey you told he is better than Chirag shit it’s his insult to compare him with them owl.. ???.

Rudra: hoo Yuvi bro. Where are you nowadays.

Yuvi:I’m toh here only you were busy to make my besti your bhabhi??.They all sitting in group. Leela went Towards kunj.

Leela:What happened kunj puttar..

Kunj:nothing aunty.

Leela: I never knew that my son-in-law this much handsome..

Kunj: thanks aunty.. all just waiting for twinkle.

Guru ji: where is twinkle mahurat ka time ja raha hai..

Anita:yes Leela where is twinkle..

Leela: I’ll see her. Before Leela complete her word.Mahi said lo di aagi.. Twinkle standing on staircase she look down but looking at beautiful. Asha and Chinki went to her. They both take twinkle down.

Twinkle wearing red colour lehenga in banarshi fabric with heaving neck chokar looking stunning. She did like make up and straight open hairs.All mesmerised by her beauty. Kunj slightly raise his eyes and look at her get lost in her beauty..

Twinkle dress

while avantika went towards twinkle.

Avantika:you look really beautiful twinkle.Twinkle just give her smile she take twinkle near kunj and make her sit beside him.They both giving gazing to each other’s.Both giving each other’s tough competition and looking made for each other’s too.

Guru ji:let’s started the roka rasham.


Guru ji: let’s do tilak first.. Guru ji take aarti thali, and he does tilak of kunj and Avantika took the veil, and she makes twinkle wear veil.

After this prithviraj and Lata give gifts thali to twinkle. And she open the veil and see beautiful necklace piece is there for her. She look at them back.

Twinkle:how can I take this??

Prithviraj:Arey beta.

Lata:yes twinkle it’s just start we just waiting for this day when our grand daughter-in-law come, so we can give this all to her see the day as arrived.

Guru ji: roka ki rasam samapat. You both take blessing of your elders and clap for twinkle and Kunj and they both get up and took all elders blessings. Prithviraj and Lata eyes becomes wet to see kunj finally their dreams is coming to true.. Kabir come with watch for kunj.

Kabir: kunj show me your hand.

Kunj: why??

Kabir: even we too have something for damad of this house. Kabir open the box. And see the watch..

Kunj: I can’t take this much expensive watch..

Leela: no puttar it’s love from our side for you. Your and twinkle new Time is starting now so.Taneja’s gift kunj Rolex watch. Kabir make him wear it. Twinkle friends come and meet with kunj,,While om and rudra or Anjali was busy with twinkle.

Yuvi: Kabir Bhai see my cousin. Brother nikhala aapka ji ja???…

Kabir: true.they all clicking some pictures.

Twinkle slightly look at Kunj who talking with Leela happily..

Twinkle:itna bhi bura nahi hai.. tik lag raha hai??..

Even Kunj too look at twinkle she sitting beside his siblings laughing with them her laugh enhance her beauty more.

Kunj:today lizard looking good.

Avantika:Twinkle you should try this necklace.

Twinkle: yeah aunty..

Usha: now no more aunty twinkle beta now you are going to our bahu cam daughter more. Calls like what our others telling..

Bebe: true twinkle puttar you have two mothers in laws interpreted by..

Tej: even two fathers now..

Rudra: But pati ek hi????.. all laugh out on his sense of humour ??..

Twinkle wear the necklace which prithviraj and Lata brought for her. She shows them necklace.

Lata:see after wear my bahu she increased the value of this necklace.Dadi cupped her face stay happy bas..

Yuvi: Arey we all just busy with twinkle what about to be husband look at him too. All turned and see kunj. He is busy himself giving so innocent look.

Rudra:my Bhaiya is like this he didn’t anyone attention ??.Om and Anjali take kunj to them and Lata give twinkle hand in kunj hands. Joint their forehead slightly perfect Jodi. They all feed each other sweets and tell kunj and twinkle they too feed sweet each other’s too.Twinkle feed Kunj while feeding sweet him her finger touch on her lips.They share eyes lock. Kunj to feed her both just looking in each other eyes.. Rudra and om come from back and hugged them from back.

Rudra:Anjali Di click our photo with our bhabhi And Bhaiya ??..

Om:yes. Om and and rudra pushing Kunj and twinkle in each other’s just.. giggle too while Kunj show eyes too rudra.

Rudra:today your anger will not work out. While pushing twinkle about to fall kunj hold her his hand went on her waist.

Kunj: rudraaaaa.

Twinkle: I’m fine..

Om: loved kunj abhi se itna caring ??.

Episode end on twinkle and Kunj smiling faces.

Precape: Twinkle and Kunj engagement in this week what give twinkle cute and funny shocked..


Finally I give you all episode..

How was the episode tell me..

and give your feedback please thanks for your comments.. ignore any grammatical errors please no proof reading..

Probably I’ll give Twinj marriage after Kabir and Malika before their engagement is okay.,

Bye love you all..

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