Rab Se Sona Ishq 9th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 9th January 2013 Written Update by Amanda

Rab Se Sona Ishq 9th January 2013 Written Episode

Part 1
After listening to her mother words, Sahiba decides she will fullfill her duty as a mother, and she became dizzy and started to fall, Ranveer run to.He then lift her & take her to there room. Ranveer then tell her he had to lift her & bring her into the room, as she was walk he think that right and now he can see there is no hated for him in her eyes, and with that hope he knows things will be different. Ranveer said she give her answer (concerning taking a loan on the house) and he know everything will be fine now, she should promise him, she won’t do anywork.
Daljeet arrive at Malika house early in the room, to discuss about the project and what’s the profit margin etc. Malika realise that Daljeet is doing this project cause its another to chance to even up with Ranveer. Daljeet then showed Malika his presentation, & she appreciates it.
Ranveer & Conel is at the bank, Ranveer is in thought what if anything happens, then Sahiba will never trust him again. Conel encourage him by saying he is doing the right thing.
Sahiba is heading out when both her mom & mother in law stop her saying she need to go to the gawardala (I seriously don’t knw to spell this wrd). They both insisted on sending Roop along with her & they leave.
At Gudwarala, Sahiba is remembering what the doctor said to her, what Daljeet said, what Ranveer said, what her mother said.

Part 2
Sabiha is confused at to what to do. Roop then came and Sahiba the asked roop to wait she will be back as she is going to pray.
Ranveer & his dad is waiting (I seriously don’t know where they are, must be where they tender is passed), then Daljeet & Malika arrive, which made Ranveer surprise.
Sahiba is praying, as she don’t know what to do, weather the baby is a signifcant for her love or a sin, but she is aware its her child and she will give birth to it.
Daljeet and the officer is talking & he coming through a file and the guy seems to appreciates what Daljeet said. Ranveer told his Dad, this is daljeet’s planning. His dad then signal a guy, and he move over to the officer and tell him something & give him Ranveer file.
A priest then asked Sahiba what is wrong, Sahiba tell him, she fear telling the truth as everthing will change, The priet advice her everything happens at per god’s will.
The officer the pass the tender to Pal Industries. Daljeet & Malika is shocked while Ranveer & Conel is happy. Daljeet is angry and leave but Ranveer stop him, saying he is better in business, Daljeet said he knows Ranveer got the tender, Ranveer said he got it because of his dad. And to celebrate they will be having a party & Daljeet should be there, Daljeet said he will be there.

Part 3
Sahiba is remembering the preist words, and decides to call Ranveer and tell him, he answer the phone telling Sahiba they have won. Sahiba told Ranveer she have something important to tell him, just the Roop arrive.
She tell Ranveer she will tell him when he comes home.
Ranveer & Daljeet exchange a few words. Conel then tell Daljeet that he must come to the party, Daljeet say he was.

Pre Cap
Ranveer asked Sahiba what she need to tell him. She tell Ranveer she is pregnant and that too its Daljeet’s kid. Ranveer the slap her and start start insulting her, then Daljeet shout on “RANVEER”, everyone is shocked.

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