Rab Se Sona Ishq 8th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 8th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 8th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Harry and Beauty is leaving the hospital and Beauty says she will come to the house to look after Sahiba. Sahiba’s mother asks her to look after herself and Ranveer enters the room. Upon seeing Ranveer, everyone decides to leave the room leaving only Sahiba and Ranveer. Ranveer comes in and cries next to Sahiba saying he thinks that he thought he had lost Sahiba and she can’t be with anyone else. Ranveer also says that he could not take it to see Sahiba meeting with accident right in front of him and also says that he was angry on the incident that took place during Beauty’s wedding and he should not have suspected Sahiba. Ranveer also says that he only loves Sahiba and asks her to forgive him and not break his trust. Ranveer asks Sahiba to speak something and Sahiba says lets go back home and Ranveer says yes, we will go back home. Sahiba is brought back home on wheelchair and both Deep and Roop asks if she is alright and she says she is fine. Colonel pretends to be concerned with Sahiba’s health and Roop asks her mother what happened to him? How come is he suddenly worried about Sahiba? Colonel says its alright, who else do i have besides all of you and Ranveer stares at Colonel suspecting the change in him. Everyone leaves and Colonel asks Ranveer to get ready early as they need to go for the tender. Ranveer says my wife is not well and you are even talking about this now? Colonel says this is my house and we can put the house for morgage and once we get the tender, we can use the money and get back the house. Ranveer says he would not do anything and leaves. Ranveer’s mother says that Ranveer had always loved you and today he proved he is a good wife. Ranveer comes in saying he will look after Sahiba and they leave the room. Ranveer says you need to change your clothes right? Sahiba says no and Ranveer asks to trust him. Ranveer says i can’t go out and the rest would think we are having problem. But you don’t worry and Ranveer off the room light and closes his eyes with a cloth and asks Sahiba to change her clothes. After changing her clothes, Sahiba asks Ranveer to open his eyes. Ranveer then gives Sahiba her medicine saying it would help her to sleep. Both of them say sorry to each other.

Part 2

Ranveer says he wants to ask Sahiba something. Sahiba thinks to herself that she can’t keep the secret of her pregnancy while Ranveer says he wants to ask Sahiba something while Sahiba is starting to get sleepy. Ranveer says there is some problem in their business and to save it, they need to morgage the house and its only if she agrees and Sahiba agrees while falling asleep and Ranveer is happy. Ranveer says nothing will happen to your family and everything will be fine soon and Ranveer turns and sees Sahiba sleeping. Malika is thinking on what she should save as her laptop’s password and it should be something she can remember. She then thinks of Daljeet and Malika says i wonder why Daljeet called me here and he sounded happy. He have changed my life since he started work. Daljeet arrives and says that he needs to inform Malika something and Mallika says tell me. Daljeet informs about a tender and Malika says we are meeting at this time just to talk about a tender? We could even talk about this in the morning and Daljeet says this is really important for me and Daljeet thinks to himself that i need this project and that he knows Sahiba loves him seeing her wearing the ring on her fingers. Daljeet use Malika’s laptop and ask her what is the password and Malika is about to say Daljeet and she says that she forgot instead. Daljeet says he will bring back the laptop and prepare the tender and meet the next day. In the morning, Sahiba is thinking that i am now having the proof of Daljeet’s memory and its every womens dream to have a child. Now what will this child get? Ranveer’s hate and my father would not accept it. You should not come to this world and i am really sorry. Sahiba is about to go to the kitchen and Sahiba feels drowsy and Ranveer asks her to go and rest. Sahiba’s mother talks about how hurt she is to see her daughter and says every mother cares for her child and Sahiba thinks to herself that she will do a duty of a mother and not let anything happen.

Precap : Sahiba is at the gurdwara and thinks to herself that she needs to inform to Ranveer and she calls to Ranveer where Ranveer and Daljeet meets for the tender.

Update Credit to: Visha

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