Rab Se Sona Ishq 7th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 7th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 7th January 2013 Written Update

Starts off with Harry telling Ranvir and Daljeet that both of you don’t deserve her. If you keep fighting like this, then maybe the person that your fighting for, may not live today. Ranveer agrees with Harry. He tells Daljeet that we can’t do this anymore. Daljeet is confused and doesn’t understand what Ranvir means. Ranvir explains that this fight is between us two and not Sahiba. And that from now on, whatever happens will happen between you and me. Daljeet says that’s good because that what he wants too! As he doesn’t want poor Sahiba to come in between their conflicts. Atleast this way, Ranvir will fight Daljeet face to face and not behind him. Ranvir tells him that we shall see about that!

Back at Sahiba’s home, the phone rings Manmeet picks up and its Harry speaking. Manmeet is worried why he called so late and Harry tells him in a frustrating way that Sahiba has met with an accident. Manmeet is shell-shocked as well as everyone. But Harry assures him that she is fine and is supposed to stay at the hospital for the night. Everyone comes running to Manmeet asking him what has happened to Sahiba. Manmeet blames himself. Kernal asks Manmeet if she’s alive or dead. Manmeet shouts at him whiel the others stop him. Everyone except Kernal go to the hospital.
At the hospital, Beauty is sitting with Sahiba, and Sahiba opens her eyes. Sahiba calls out to her and asks her where is she? Beauty tells her that doesn’t she remember that she had met with an accident. Sahiba recalls Ranvir and Daljeet fighting and how the accident occurred. Sahiba asks about Daljeet and Ranvir. Beauty tells her that they both are fine but not you and you’re the one that needs to rest. Sahiba tells her how she can sleep if both Ranveer and Daljeet are fighting. Sahiba tries to get up she says that she has to go home because everyone is mad at her. Beauty tries to pacify her, by telling her that no one is mad at you and that you are everyones favourite child. Sahiba calls herself a very bad girl because she leaves the house without informing anyone and people dont know who I am with at night.

In walks in Sahiba’s mother-in-law, Manmeet and his wife and Biji. Her mother-in-law explains her that if your parents taunt at you or get mad at you its because they care about you. (Tbh, I dont know what she meant) And when a person is angry, they say so many things but this doesn’t affect any relationships or love. Sahiba calls out to her father, while Manmeet cryingly says “what kind of a father am I?” He kept doubting his own daughter and said so many things. He tells her to please forgive me and breaks down crying. Sahiba tells him not to apologize because its her fault. Manmeet tells her that when the whole world goes against you then your parents are the only support. Manmeet tells her that he forgot about what Sahiba is to him due to Beauty and Harry’s wedding. Sahiba tells her that she didnt do anything. Sahiba tells her mom that she wants to go home immediately! Doctor walks in, and tells although the operation is succesful, the treatment is going good and excuses everyone out. Daljeet worried doesnt know what the doctor might be saying so he insists on going inside. harry stops him, and restates that Sahiba has gone through a big incident and her whole family is here to take care of her and he is not a part of their family but an outsider.

The Doctor infroms Sahiba that the procedure was complicated but your baby is absolutly fine. Sahiba shocked hearing about her child. Touhces her tummy. Sahiba wasnt aware that she was going to be a mother.(Memories of Ranveer and Daljeet click in). In her thoughts, she says to herself that this is our child Daljeet ji. Sahiba smilingly looking at her necklace ring. Sahiba remembers Ranveer’s words “If i ever see you with him, then your going to regret so badly” The doctor tells her that her if she doesn’t know that she is pregnant then maybe her family doesnt know either and insists on telling them. Sahiba stops her. Sahiba wants to tell them herself and tells the doctor that she wants to go home urgently. Doctor goes out to talk to family. Sahiba in her mind thinks that if everyone finds out about her and Daljeet’s child then its going to be so embrassing for everyone. That doubt has now turned into reality. Doctor informs family that Sahiba is fine but her state is very nazuk(dont know how to translate that in english) and tells them that she needs to be taken care of very well. Doc gives them the med and ranveer goes to get it whle the others go with the doctor because shes going to show how they are.

Kernal calls Ranveer. and tells him that there a notice from the court about some power of attorney thats going to be gone in 7 days if no action is taken meaning that he’ll be on the road. Ranveer worried. Sahiba still thinking about the child and the situations, Daljeet walks in and Sahiba is holding the ring he gave her. Sahiba puts the ring on her finger while Daljeet is watching her from a distance and is adoring and smiling at her. Daljeet apologizes to Sahiba. he knew that she will take care of the memory of his love. Sahiba gets worried and tells him that you know? Daljeet said he didnt know but now he knows. Daljeet tells her that hes so happy that she kept his memory of love so keeningly and Sahiba tells him that shell keep it becuase its worth alot to her. Daljeet tells her that Harry Chacha Ji said he is an outsider but today I know that I am not one because this ring as said it all. That means Daljeet doesnt know about the child says Sahiba in her mind. Daljeet tells her that he lvoes her alot. Rest of the family memebers come, awkward moment because Daljeet is here too. Daljeet tells her that he will pray for her and to take care and gives his greetings to her family members and leaves. Ranveer getting tips from his dad about Jazz’s power of attorney. Kernal say ssecurity deposit and tells ihm he has one week and that once he gets the contract he will keep it and rest of Jazz will go to her. Ranveer asks about the money and from where he will get it. Kernal says he got Sahiba’s house under his name and they can put it on girvi. Kernal tells him that either lose her trust or lose the trsut in her eyes. Ranveer says he cannot deceive Sahiba and tells him to go to hell with your ways and your paths. Daljeet listening in the background. Episdoe ends on his face.

PRECAP: Sahiba lying on her bed, thinking about her child “why did you have to come now, I have no place for you. What will I get except for Ranveers hatred? Manmeets taunts and what if no one excepts it, you cant come to this world, please forgive me but i am helpless.”

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