Rab Se Sona Ishq 7th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 7th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 7th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with ranveer and sahiba leaving hospital.. Daljeet is watching sahiba leaving and remembers her words to let her go forever…they leaves.. Daljeets mom come and stops him to follow sahiba but he says that she is gone.. She will never come back.. U know what it means…it means i m mad.. He cries and his mom too..outside hosp. Ranveers mom gives pregnancy news to ranveers father.. He is happy.. Ranveer asks for the car keys he says not to drive.. But ranveer says he is ok.. Ranveers mom says that we will go by bus.. Let them go by car.. Ranveer is driving very fast.. Sahiba says to drive alow as she is pregnant.. Ranveer says that he knows and he is alone …,both reaches home and everybody welcomes them.. They gives them blessings ranveer goes from there.. Sahiba

is upset.. Bebe calls beauty and gives her the news.. She is confused..bebe says to come here becoz there is puja here.. Bhabhi is listening this and taunts her.. Daljet and his mom with malika comes.. They calls chachji everybody is shocked seeing daljeets condition.. Chachaji asks what happened.. Daljeets mom says she doesn’t know daljeet called when she reached there sahiba was there with ranveer.. And daljeet was like this.. She takes chachaji with her and says that only sahiba can make everything better now.. If daljeet gets her he will be ok.. Beauty says tht it can’t happen becoz sahiba is married and pregnant.. Everybody is shocked.. Sahiba giving tea to everybody she goes to ranveer says that she wants to talk to him.. He says he doesn’t want to talk anymore.. Bebe comes there and says now i know u both were just pretending before.. Ranveer says i didn’t knew about that so don’t blame me.. Sahiba is shocked and upset..

Part 2
Ranveer is upstairs.. Sahiba cones and sit there.. He says ranveer that this all happened before the marriage and.. Ranveer says and what., all happened before marriage and it shouldn’t effect me.. He gets up and tries to leave when sahiba stops him and says.. U need to understand.. He says that i made a mistake when i left u and went to london.. I was happy when i saw u there.. I wanted to be a good person like u.. Whatever i did right or wrong only for u.. And what u did is wrong.. U defamed my love.. U broke my love my trust and me.. Sahiba says u r right.. Its all my fault.. But if my love would be with me.. I wouldn’t be wrong.. When this baby will come everybody will give him blessings and u r feeling that i defamed u.. But i m sorry for the mistakes i have done.. Plz forgive me…its my luck that i don’t get anyones love…ranveer says that we both lost in love.. Who m i to forgive u.. I don’t have any right on u.. Just go away from here.. Sahiba says i can’t leave becoz this child and this family is my responsibility.. Ranveer gets angry and says they r not ur responsibility.. If u really thought that before all this not happenend.. I can’t lie to everybody now.. They have right to know the truth and i will tell Them the truth.. Sahiba is shocked..

Precap: daljeet is screaming sahiba jee.. Chachaji says to beauty that daljeet will die if it goes on.. Beauty says that sahiba will die as well.. Ranveer is listening all this..

Update Credit to: camjs

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