Rab Se Sona Ishq 6th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 6th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 6th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Sahiba tell Daljeet not to tell anyone about this child, as she doesn’t want anyone to know. And he should do it for there child sake, and beg his not to take away the little happiness left in her family. She tell Daljeet she will not follow her heart & emtions, as she is a daughter in law, a daughter & a wouldbe mother, and she has her responisiblity. And tell him she has her duty to perform and ask Dajleet to leave her forever and don’t come between her & her duties. Dajleet ask if he is in her way, to which she replied if Daljeet loves her then he should free her from the bound they share, and let her go, forever and ever.
Daljeet refuses, saying he loves her very much and she won’t do that, Sahiba said that her child will be know to everyone

as Sahiba & Ranveer child. Dajleet is shocked

Part 2
Sahiba said she & the child will have no relation with Dajleet, and he shouldn’t try to meet them. Ranveer is awake and remember what happen. The doctor tells him he can go home. Ranveer asked the doctor if anyone came, but he replied non that he know of.
Sahiba tell Daljeet they can never be together and he should move on as life is waiting on him. Daljeet treis to make Sahiba understand, but she told him everything is truth and give him back the ring which he gift her, saying she doesn’t anything from him.
And everything is over between them, and she left. Both of them hurt remembering the moment they had.
Ranveer is about to fall, and Sahiba hold him. He is happy to see.Ranveer said he felt as if she was here and hold his hands, Sahiba say she is here and help Ranveer walk. Ranveer said he knew anytime he needed her, she will be there that is why he trust her. She told Ranveer why don’t he say she is responible for anything happening, Ranveer said she isn’t but she claims she is. And tell Ranveer, now he will listen to her. The she said he doesn’t deserve him love as she is pregnant. Ranveer remember seeing Daljeet & Sahiba together in London. Ranveer became weak & shocked.

Part 3
Ranveer is left staring at Sahiba, when her mom & saas arrive asking her is she is telling the truth, and they are very happy. Ranveer is shocked while Daljeet seeks for behind. Ranveer is forcefully smiling as his mom congratulate him. The 2 ladies then took both home. Daljeet is left sad, remembering Sahiba and watches as he leaves.

Pre Cap
Ranveer telling Sahiba everyone deseves to know the truth, and he will be the one to tell them.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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