Rab Se Sona Ishq 5th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 5th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 5th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Daljeet says that he have read Sahiba’s file and know about the happy news and hugs Sahiba while Sahiba sees Malika crying and recalls Daljeet’s sister in law talking about Daljeet and Malika together. Sahiba also recalls her promise to Manmeet and pushes Daljeet away. Sahiba asks if he is really happy and Daljeet says yes he is. Daljeet’s mother calls and he says he is in the hospital and asks her to come. Sahiba snatches the phone and asks why is he doing this by informing everyone? Daljeet says u am really happy as i am going to be a father and i will be a good father doing everything for my child. Daljeet says he is going to inform everyone and Daljeet goes around giving random people money asking them to buy sweets and Daljeet shouts that he is going to

be a father. Sahiba asks Daljeet to stop and Sahiba says i am someone else wife and my husband is in jail now. Malika thinks that Sahiba doesn’t knows that Ranveer is in the hospital. Daljeet asks what have Ranveer did for her and Malika informs Sahiba that Ranveer is also in this hospital. Sahiba panics and Daljeet asks what do you care what happened to him, Sahiba says that he is my suhaag. Sahiba leaves to meet Ranveer and Daljeet thinks that Ranveer will not accept my child. Sahiba is looking for Ranveer and Ranveer sees Sahiba standing out of his room and tries to call her. As Ranveer tries to get up, he falls down the bed while Sahiba searches for him. Malika admits to Daljeet that she lied to Daljeet and she knew Sahiba is expecting his child. Sahiba goes to Ranveer. Sahiba informs Ranveer that she wants to tell him a truth which she have been trying to tell him.

Part 2

Sahiba informs that she is now expecting Daljeet’s child and don’t mistaken her. She have been trying to tell him but she could not tell him. Ranveer is slowly closing his eyes and Sahiba says Daljeet ji loves me while i love my child and i want a good future for my child. Please forgive me and the nurse says you are speaking to the patient? But he is not concious. I had given him an injection just now and the nurse leaves. Malika informs that she had changed the reports and she is a horrible person. Daljeet says its alright and Malika says you would not scold me? Daljeet says he would not as he is really happy today that nothing can come in between of him and Sahiba. Sahiba receives call from Ranveer’s mother asking where is she and Sahiba updates that she is in hospital. The mother panics asking what happened to her and Sahiba says that one of her friend meet with accident and she came for a visit. Ranveer’s mother asks if she had meet Ranveer and Sahiba says that Ranveer is with her in the hospital and the mother says she would be coming to meet them at the hospital. Daljeet’s mother comes to the hospital and slaps Sahiba and says because of you, my son doesn’t even wants to speak to me. She scolds Sahiba and the nurse comes asking her not to make noise and Daljeet’s mother says just like how i am suffering for my son, you will also suffer for your child one day. Sahiba says she wants to speak to Daljeet while his mother doesn’t allows while Daljeet goes with Sahiba. Daljeet says he is very happy and holds Sahiba and Sahiba says i am Ranveer’s wife. Please do not tell about this to anyone and Daljeet is in tears.

Precap : Sahiba says once this child is born, it will be mine and Ranveer. This child have no relationship with you.

Update Credit to: Visha

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