Rab Se Sona Ishq 4th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Part 1

Daljeet’s mother says to Sahiba if she remains here, she will not let the Baarat leave from here and ask if Sahiba itself wants to spoil Beauty’s life? Daljeet comes saying maa and she says don’t speak Daljeetm do you want me to break this wedding and Sahiba says i would leave, please bring the baarat and Sahiba goes to her room while Beauty leaves the house doing her bidaai ceremony which Sahiba watches and cries. Beauty hugs Sahiba’s mother and asks for Sahiba while she tells Beauty that she is going to start her life and may she have no problems and hugs her family members. Beauty leaves with harry. Sahiba is crying in her room and thinks of her promise to her father and recalls where everyone talks bad about her and says that she needs to tell Manmeet that nothing happened. Manmeet is so angry saying that Beauty is getting married after so long and Sahiba could have spoiled the wedding. Sahiba had left the house in the night to meet the Daljeet and she is good for nothing which Sahiba is hurt and leaves while Ranveer sees Sahiba running out of the house. Ranveer runs behind Sahiba. Daljeet is thinking of himself that all happened today because of him and as Daljeet is walking pass Sahiba’s house, Sahiba’s brother informs Daljeet that Sahiba had run and Daljeet goes after her. Ranveer is also running after Sahiba calling her name and the brother informs the family and everyone is scared if Sahiba had listened to what they said. Sahiba keeps recalling what her father said and how everyone pushed her away. Both Daljeet and Ranveer reaches Sahiba in opposite direction and Sahiba asks both of them to leave. What are they fighting for? Sahiba says now she doesn’t deserve to show her face to anyone because of both their fights and what sort of love is this? She askes both of them to leave her and cries. Ranveer says what did i do? He created a scene there and Daljeet says you started it Ranveer and Sahiba is mine and Ranveer says no, she is mine. Sahiba shouts to both of them to stop it saying they would never change and Sahiba walks back and a car hits Sahiba and she is bleeding. In the house, the photo of Manmeet and Sahiba falls and the glass cracks while both Ranveer and Daljeet runs to Sahiba and she is unconcious. Daljeet stops a car and both of them carry her to hospital while Sahiba is bleeding badly and Daljeet is praying for Sahiba to recover. Ranveer also prays for Sahiba asking not to take Sahiba away from him.

Part 2

Sahiba is brought to the hospital and the nurse comes to Daljeet asking him to sign as her relation and Ranveer signs in. Treatment begins for Sahiba where the doctor says her condition is bad. Ranveer is about to call everyone in the house to inform and Daljeet says don’t inform them yet as they would get worried and Ranveer says this is my family and i know what to do. Daljeet says she only loves me and Ranveer is about to punches Daljeet and he stops recalling his promise to Sahiba and a doctor comes asking both of them to stop it. In the operation hall, Sahiba’s condition is getting bad with bleeding. Beauty is with Harry where Sahiba says she have been waiting for years to be with Harry and she is missing her house now. Beauty starts telling about each of her family members. Deep calls Beauty and informs about Sahiba leaving the house and asks Harry to ask Daljeet as Daljeet would know about it. Harry calls out Daljeet and his mother says he had left out and Harry says he would find out and wonders if is Daljeet with Sahiba. Harry calls to Daljeet and asks if is Sahiba with him and Daljeet informs about the accident and Harry informs Beauty of the accident. The doctor comes out and Daljeet and Ranveer asks how is Sahiba’s condition and the doctor informs that Sahiba is out of danger but she is still under observation and only one person can stay here. Both Ranveer and Daljeet say they would stay and the doctor says only one person. Ranveer says i am her husband and Daljeet says but she don’t love you and Beauty asks both of them to stop. Beauty asks what happened to both of them? Both of you don’t need to stay, i will stay here. Sahiba is brought out and Harry brings Daljeet and Ranveer away saying what happened now because of their fight. Is this how people love? Because of both of them, Sahiba is now in this condition. What is this fight for? Both of you don’t deserve her and if they keep fighting like this, Sahiba could lose her life. Both Daljeet and Ranveer are left thinking.

Precap : The doctor says the procedure was complicated but Sahiba would be happy to learn this but her child is fine and Sahiba is shocked and says my child?

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