Rab Se Sona Ishq 4th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 4th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 4th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Malika brings some water where Daljeet calls Sahiba to wake up and Malikka asks Daljeet to bring her to a hospital. In the prison, Ranveer faints and the police asks to say that he meet with accident and admit him in a hospital. Ranveer’s mother and Sahiba’s mother comes bringing some food saying they want to give Ranveer to eat while the police says they can’t. Ranveer in the meanwhile is taken away by the police. Daljeet brings Sahiba to the hospital and admits her while Ranveer is also brought to the same hospital. Daljeet recalls Malika’s words that Sahiba is expecting Ranveer’s child and Daljeet is sad imagining Sahiba and Ranveer with a child. Sahiba suddenly wakes up and is worried asking is her child fine and Malika says all

is fine. Sahiba asks how is Daljeet and asks Malika if she can meet Daljeet? Malika says i will call him as she is about to leave, she thinks to herself how if Daljeet learns the truth? Then she can’t be together with Daljeet. Malika says i can call him but he is still angry with you. Sahiba says then its alright, i will not meet him as how if he hurt me again and anything happen to my child? Malika asks Sahiba to take care and leaves. Malika comes out and Daljeet asks how is Sahiba? Can i meet her? Malika says no, she is very angry and she only wants to meet her husband. As Daljeet and Malika is about to leave, Daljeet meets the police and asks what are they doing here and Daljeet sees Ranveer in the ward as the police were planning to leave Ranveer in the hospital saying he meet with accident. Daljeet asks what is Ranveer doing here and the police updates that he had hit a police on duty, so they had hit him in return.

Part 2

Daljeet thinks to himself that he can do anything for his love but he will not be as bad as Ranveer. The police says to Daljeet that the complain Daljeet made was a lie and it will not be good if its known to others. Malika asks the police not to put fake blames on Daljeet and Malika asks Daljeet to leave and as Daljeet is about to leave, he walks into a nurse who is bringing blood and Daljeet thinks to himself that this must be for Ranveer, looks like the police hit him badly. Daljeet decides to meet Sahiba and Malika asks why should he meet her. A doctor comes to Sahiba asking does Sahiba knows her husband’s blood group as its important for her child and Sahiba recalls asking Daljeet what is his blood group and Daljeet says its AB- where its very rare to find. Sahiba says its AB- and the doctor says that is good and there will be no complications and he will keep her on observation. One of the nurse asks Daljeet to sign for the bills where Daljeet pays for both Ranveer and Sahiba and Daljeet says he have caused many damage and he needs to end this here. Daljeet asks Malika to wait and goes to meet Sahiba and Sahiba is not in her room. Sahiba is shown walking out of the hospital. As Daljeet is about to walk out, Daljeet sees Sahiba’s medical report and is shocked. Daljeet goes looking for Sahiba and calls Sahiba. Sahiba cries upon seeing Daljeet and keeps walking. Daljeet goes to Sahiba asking why is she running after seeing him while they used to be so close. Daljeet admits that he himself have made some mistakes and asks Sahiba to forgive him. Sahiba walks to Daljeet asking him not to say that as she can never be angry with him. Daljeet says that he have seen Sahiba’s report and knows that the baby is his. Malika is watching this and Daljeet hugs Sahiba saying i am so happy and even Ranveer can’t seperate us now and you have made me happy now. Sahiba sees Malika crying.

Precap :
Sahiba says to Ranveer that i want to tell you a truth, i am expecting Daljeet ji’s child and someone holds her from the back.

Update Credit to: Visha Dhami

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