Rab Se Sona Ishq 30th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 30th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 30th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Daljeet wakes up wishing Sahiba Happy Lohri, Sahiba wish Ranveer. Rajjo explain to Roop & Beauty things will be different this Lohri as they don’t have much. Ranverer wish his mom, he apologize that he can’t get her jewellery. Daljeet gift his mom an necklace set ad she is all happy. His dad then comes and tols Daljeet, he has so much but his heart isn’t as big as before.
Everyone is wishing each,Sahiba is very quiet, Ranveer comes and eat her sweet.

Part 2
Harry give Beauty pair of bangle for as her Lohri gift, she is very happy. Daljeet & his family id discussing that they will have a big Lohri. Ranveer bought woodsand is heading off to work, but hi mom, deeps & roop insist he stay home to which he agrees. Daljeet ask Harry everything is set, Harry replied yes, as this lohri is very special as Beauty is here..A few children came homw to wish Deep, but he told him they can’t get anything as they don’t have much, so Sahiba said they can have halwa. The kids then ask Sahiba is she was the one who usually drive the tractor, and do all the mischievous things to which she agrees. Then everyone start dancing with the kids, Sahiba falls into Ranveer, he said everything have changed, Sahiba thinks she want her child to get both a mom& dad’s love, and tell Ranveer she have something to say, he said he wants to promise her that he will stand by her just like how she stand by him.
Daljeet is thinking of Sahiba, as she talks about her, features of a woman is showen then Daljeet saw that a girl looking like Sahiba is sanding in a room, thinking its her comes up behind her saying he knows she will come, he knows she won’t be able to forget him only to lok into the mirror to see it Malika, he then apolozgies. Malika make him aware Sahiba doesn’t loves him, as she have moved on. He leave.
Ranveer and everyone is celebrating Lohri, Ranveer wish Sahiba. His dad then urge them to hurry as Harry is waiting..
Everyone arrive at Daljeet house, they greet each other. Daljeet sister in law keeps telling Sahiba and Roop to look at what she is wearing and how much they got since they move into the house.

Part 3
Daljeet dad ask Bebe & Maneet for what happen. In comes Malika, Daljeet sister in law starting non stop, telling Sahiba how Malika is, and how she & Daljeet share a close relationship, and point to which room belongs to whom. Beauty bought tea, and Daljeet’s mom told her to serve Malika and out the rest down.

Pre Cap
Ranveer dad is in a room taking out the jewellery, as he locks the cupbroad a file fall out, but he left it. Malika arrive and pick the file up and open it, she remind shocked as it’s Sahiba pregnancy report…

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