Rab Se Sona Ishq 29th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 29th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 29th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Mallika puts bandage on Daljeet’s hand while surrounded by Daljeet’s family members while Daljeet recalls Ranveer’s words and Daljeet’s mother admires how Malika looks after Daljeet. In Ranveer’s house, everyone is having good time and laughing while Roop seems angry and Ranveer asks her what happened that she is showing sour face and Roop says that Sahiba’s mother sent her to a shop while the shop keeper didn’t talked to her while Sahiba calms Roop who is crying. Manmeet says to Ranveer that she plans to sell his shop as the money can be used for some business and Sahiba suddenly feels like vomitting and everyone wonders what happened. Everyone asks Sahiba what is wrong with her and Bebe says to Manmeet that your daughter is not saying anything but i can tell by holding her hands and Bebe says congratulations, there is a good news for everyone. Ranveer is shocked and recalls how Sahiba asked him not to come next to her and Sahiba seems scared. Ranveer says Bebe, there is nothing like that and it must be due to work that her health is effected. Daljeet’s mother talks to Malika asking about her family where Malika updates that she lives alone after the death of her parents where she looks after her business alone. Malika tells to Daljeet’s mother that she really likes Daljeet and his mother is happy. Daljeet’s mother asks Malika to not stay alone and stay with them and Malike hesistate and Daljeet says this is also like your family and everyone will look after you well and Malika blushes and Daljeet’s mother is happy. Ranveer brings Sahiba aside and asks if is she fine and Sahiba says she wants to tell Ranveer this for something and Sahiba hesistate to say.

Part 2

Sahiba says what Bebe said just now.. and Ranveer says i know you need more time. You had taken good care of me and this is important for me. Ranveer takes out some bangles saying he bought it for Sahiba and he could only afford this for now as it was bought using the money earned in the right way. Sahiba also recalls Daljeet giving her bangles and cries. Ranveer says its alright then and Sahiba takes the bangles and puts it on her hands. Ranveer thanks Sahiba for wearing it and holds Sahiba. Daljeet keeps some clothes for Malika and Malika says i hope you don’t mind me staying here and Daljeet says you are my very good friend and Malika says you are saying you are my friend but you don’t even know my real color. Daljeet explains that he knows he have changed this days and says Blue color which is his favorite color. Malika wonders till when will Sahiba keep thinking of Sahiba? Beauty and Harry comes to Ranveer’s house to invite everyone to attend Beauty’s first Lohri at their house. Ranveer asks who send them? Auntie ji or Daljeet? Ranveer’s father says so what if who called? Its our Tutti Frutti Beauty’s house and we need to go since she is calling us with love. Ranveer says this is our house and we are not going anywhere, Ranveer says then what about gold and changes the topic while everyone thinks.

Precap :
Everyone is dancing for Lohri in Ranveer’s house and Sahiba nearly falls and Ranveer holds her saying i am here to look after you.

Update Credit to: Visha

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