Rab Se Sona Ishq 28th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 28th May 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 28th May 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Sahiba convinces everyone that Fateh and Ranveer is not the same person and Bebe agrees for the wedding of Fateh and Sahiba. Roop asks Fateh to give sometime as Sahiba may have lost her memory but not them. Roop asks to give sometime for Sahiba to regain her meory and Sahiba says Fateh loves her and that’s more than enough. Bebe asks Fateh to call his family members and Mayur enters saying he had already called everyone. Daljeet’s mother says to Beauty that she wants to go and ask Sahiba for Daljeet and she will be happy. Daljeet’s mother says that she is afraid if she gets heartbroken and Daljeet enters. Daljeet’s mother asks what happened and sees Daljeet’s upset face asking what happened? Daljeet recalls the DNA test not matching and thinks of Anu and Fateh

together. Daljeet’s mother says this can’t happen again. Daljeet’s mother says that she can’t remain quiet to see this happening. Sahiba is thinking on what dress to wear and Roop asks Sahiba to wear a grand dress since Fateh’s parents are coming. Fateh’s mother arrives and his mother looks around and wonder what happened to Fateh’s taste. Her Manager says that this will surely not last since Fateh always has so many girlfriends. Daljeet’s mother tries stopping his mother from going to Sahiba’s house. Mayur introduces Sahiba’s family to Fateh’s mother.

Part 2

Fateh’s mother is feeling warm and Sahiba’s mother asks her to sit and Fateh’s mother says its alright. Fateh’s mother says that she wants to meet Sahiba soon as she needs to leave. Sahiba meets Fateh’s mother and Fateh’s mother says that now she knows how come Fateh was crazy over Sahiba as she is really pretty. Sahiba sits next to Fateh’s mother and asks if can she bring back Sahiba with her? Sahiba’s mother asks the meaning and Fateh’s mother says she wants to bring back Sahiba as her DIL and decides to hold the wedding and Fateh asks his mother to do the wedding soon. Fateh’s mother agrees and decides to do the wedding the next day but places a condition. The wedding will take place at her place and Sahiba’s mother seems unhappy but Bebe agrees. Fateh’s mother says then this wedding is fixed. Daljeet’s mother and Daljeet arrives and puts a bangle for Sahiba saying that she is her DIL. Daljeet and his mother is shocked and Daljeet pulls his mother way and says that everything is over now. Daljeet says perhaps Sahiba is not made for him and Daljeet’s mother says that she will made Daljeet marry to a girl who will make him happy. Daljeet says he agrees and he is ready to marry anyone and Daljeet’s mother says good.

Precap : Fateh and Sahiba are getting married and Ranveer’s father comes in asking to stop the wedding as the wedding can’t take place.

Update Credit to: Visha_Dhami

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