Rab Se Sona Ishq 28th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 28th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 28th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Daljeet arrive at the place Ranveer is asking for job and Daljeet walks to Ranveer and Daljeet asks Ranveer what happened? He wants a work? Ranveer says look, i have came here to look for a job, don’t waste my time. Daljeet says i will give you a job and one of the guy who breaks the stone falls down and Daljeet asks the rest to bring water and gives the guy some water to drink. Daljeet asks the guy to go back and rest. The manager asks Daljeet who will now do this work and Daljeet says he will do this work and refers to Ranveer. Daljeet asks Ranveer will he do it and Ranveer says he will. The manager asks what is his name and Daljet says Ranveer and leaves. The manager orders Ranveer to start his work and Ranveer thinks of Sahiba and removes his vest and shirt and starts breaking the stones. In Ranveer’s house, all the ladies are cutting vegetables and Ranveer’s mother says its really good for all of us to be together. Why must the family be divided? Sahiba’s mother says our time is now bad and Ranveer’s mother says its good for all of them to be together. As they cut papaya, Roop says she don’t like to eat papaya and they give Sahiba and as Sahiba is about to eat, she stops as its not good for her child. Her mother asks why and Sahiba says she don’t feel to eat it. Sahiba’s grandmother asks if is there a good news that you don’t want to eat papaya? Sahiba says that she is not feeling well and her mother asks are you sure its not good news and Sahiba leaves saying she needs to make food for Ranveer. Daljeet sees Ranveer working and Malika brings Pizza for Daljeet and sees Ranveer breaking the stones and asks why did Daljeet give this job to Ranveer? Daljeet says please Malika, i know what to do and Malika says you did this on purpose and yet he is doing this. Love changes a person and Daljeet says once a person is bad, they always will. Daljeet calls the manager and asks to give Ranveer the hardest work on the site while Malika watches. The manager calls to Ranveer and says that the boss asked to give him harder job and Ranveer says he will. Sahiba arrives and sees Ranveer working and asks why is he doing this? Ranveer says its a job and it doesn’t matter if its big or small.

Part 2

Sahiba updates that she brought food for Ranveer and gives her hands to Ranveer. Harry gives a necklace to Beauty to wear it for Lohri and Beauty says she will accept it if it was from Harry’s salary. Harry says but he don’t have much money to buy such neclace and Beauty says she would happy even if Harry buys her bindi from the money he has. Daljeet watches Sahiba giving good for Ranveer and Sahiba wipes Ranveer’s face while Daljeet is angry. Sahiba says your boss is so mean to make you work like this and Ranveer says that he will manage the boss and asks Sahiba to go back home and Sahiba leaves. Ranveer goes to Daljeet and says that he can’t afford expensive pizza but he got rotia with love for lunch. Malika says to Daljeet that he is doing a mistake again as Sahiba and Daljeet are happy together and please leave Sahiba alone. Daljeet leaves in anger and Malika thinks to herself on how long will Daljeet keep thinking of Sahiba instead of thinking of him. The manager asks everyone to to back and Ranveer says that he needs some time break as he wants to buy some bangles for his wipe and leaves while Daljeet breaks a glass and hurts his hands saying Sahiba only belongs to him. Malika comes to Daljeet and brings him. Ranveer returns and his mother sees Ranveer’s hands hurt and Sahiba leaves to bring medicine and applies it for Ranveer. Sahiba also feeds Ranveer while Ranveer looks at her.

Precap : Sahiba’s grandmother holds Sahiba’s hands and says congratulations, there is a good news and Sahiba is shocked and looks at Ranveer.

Update Credit to: Visha

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