Rab Se Sona Ishq 26th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 26th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 26th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Daljeet says that this is your house and hands over the documents to Bebe and Ranveer grabs it away saying he knows Ranveer’s intentions and he doesn’t need the house. Ranveer throws the document away and asks Daljeet to leave, Daljeet looks at Sahiba and Daljeet asks Sahiba to make Ranveer understand and Sahiba asks Daljeet to leave. Daljeet says that he shall leave and this house will always be Sahiba’s and leave the document while Ranveer’s father looks at the documents. Sahiba takes the documents and stops Sahiba that he wants his baby to have good environment and Sahiba says that everyone is angry now and says that she will meet him later which Ranveer listens and is angry. Sahiba’s mother asks what is the use of crying now. You should have thought

of it before saying that you would meet Daljeet. Aren’t you ashamed? You got a good husband and yet you are meeting Daljeet? Is this what i taught you? Ranveer is sitting alone and recalling what happened and Sahiba updates that she has came to say a truth. Sahiba updates that Daljeet was almost going mad and he is not eating or drinking anything. He even went missing and i found him. That’s when i convinced him and said to him that i would give him the child once its born. That would have been best for all three of us and he would have had a new lease of life. He is not completely cured now and how will i tell him the truth? He would die. Please give me more time till he recovers to tell him that his child is not alive.

Part 2

Ranveer says that he is proud that Sahiba is his wife. Daljeet’s father asks if has Daljeet gone mad? Everyone is angry with Daljeet and Daljeet says that he have already decided. Daljeet’s mother says that Daljeet have decided and he wants to return it, so let him return it. Harry says that this house is not just Daljeet but also Malika’s house. She needs to voice out her opinion too. Daljeet asks Malika to tell what she feels and Malika says when you wanted, you brought everyone here and now you are giving back the house which doesn’t makes any sense. Daljeet says thank you for saying it. Harry asks why is Daljeet doing this and Daljeet says that Sahiba is now pregnant and she is in that house because of him. Daljeet’s sister in law asks what is his relationship with Sahiba and that she is also pregnant. Daljeet says alright, the day Ranveer gets money, we shall return the house to him. Ranveer goes to Malika’s office to get some sign and sees Malika upset. Ranveer asks if he can help her and Malika says about her situation. Ranveer says something to to side Daljeet and Malika says i can’t understand how come one moment you hated Daljeet and now you are talking good for him? You are perhaps talking because you don’t know what he wants. Ranveer says he wants Sahiba’s child and hoping that Sahiba would come with him right? Malika asks Ranveer that he knows everything?

Precap : Daljeet gives a bag of Gold to Ranveer’s father.

Update Credit to: Visha

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