Rab Se Sona Ishq 25th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 25th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 25th January 2013 Written Update

Eisode starts with daljeet crying and chachaji is with him.. He says he has everything now.. Wealth home but sahiba is with ranveer… I will not spare ranveer becoz he forcefully married to sahiba.. And sahiba loves me… Chachaji stops him and says that u think that love is easy.. Love gives lot of pain.. I understand ur condition but whatever u r doing is wrong.. U r hurting ur family and sahiba as well.. Everybody is in ranveers house.. Sahibasmother says that we all will sleep here in hall.. Ranveers mother says that i m going upstairs to get more bedsheets… Ranveer father is not happy.. Ranveer says that we also sleep in hall we dont want room give that room to bebe becoz she is old and its very cold here… He goes to get bedsheet… Someone tells daljeet on phone that everybody is in ranveers house…everybody is trying to sleep.. Sahibas mother says to bebe to try to sleep.. She says yes but this place is new so will take time… Ranveer and sahiba are in hall upstairs… Ranveer sees stars and says do u remember when we were getting married i came to meet u.. And asked me to pray watching broken star.. I asked to go to london.. What did u ask.. She says i asked the same… Ranveer says u always asks everything for me… She says i have changed.. Ranveer got call from his friend about the job.. He gives this news to sahiba she is happy.. Ranveer puts pillow between them but sahiba removes it and says that its not necessary… Daljeet is sleepibg with chachaji he thinks about what ranveer will be doing with sahiba ji and leaves in anger.. Ranveer says to sahiba that its ll becoz of me.. But i will make u and everybody happy.. I will work honestly and everything will be ok..

Daljeetsother wakesup and worried about daljeet she goes to see daljeet but he is not in the room.. She cries chachaji wakes up and says i don’t know where is daljeet gone.. Everybody comes there.. They r worried about daljeet.. Bhabhi says i hope daljeet didn’t leave from this house… Daljeets mother scolds her and calls malika.. She says not to worry she knows where he is… Daljeet is outside ranveers house.. Mallika cones there and scolds her for his behaviour towards his family.. He says he can’t leave sahiba i know she is not happy with ranveer.. Mallika says that u r becoming mad becoz of sahiba.. He says yes and only sahiba can remove this madness… Mallika says u have to be storng and work hard on the project.. Both goes from there… Ranveer puts his hand on sahiba while sleeping.. Sahiba tries to remove his hand but then stops.. On the morning ranveer wakesup and sees sun is bothering sahiba.. He puts his hand near her face and watches her lovingly… Sahiba walesup and ranveer removes his hand…he says that he is going for job.. Sahiba says that she will pray for his success.. Ranveer goes from there sahiba smiles… Roop is banging on the door to take bath.. Ranveers father says that he will go first becoz this his house.. Roop says that she is a lady and ladies first.. He diesn’t agree.. Bebe scolds him for stopping roop to take bath first.. He scolds him and tells him to leave.. He goes from there.. Ranveers mother asks sahiba about ranveer she says he is gone… She says he didn’t take his lunch.. She says that she will go there and give it to him.. She knows the address.. Ranveer thanks his friend for the job.. His friend says to wait for the boss.. And boss is daljeet ranveer sees him.. Daljeet is smirking…

Precap: ranveer is hving lunch and sahiba is sitting near him.. Ranveer sees daljeet and smirks.. She wipes his face… Daljeet sees this and not happy…

Update Credit to: camjs

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