Rab Se Sona Ishq 25th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 25th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 25th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Daljeet is about to leave when Roop ask why is it he bought badam for Sahiba when Ranveer is here. Ranveer then tell Daljeet, why don’t he understand & don’t come back here, as Sahiba is his wife wedded wife. Daljeet apologize to Sahiba, Ranveer push him out the house & Malika caught him they leave. Everyone keep questioning Sahiba & Ranveer why was Daljeet here. Sahiba keep mum while Ranveer said I will tell you. He then tells everything that happen between them, then added Sahiba was friend with Daljeet but he mistook it as love. Leaving everyone shocked, Ranveer assure them at Sahiba is not to be blame its Daljeet as he loved her, and still can’t get over her. Ranveer mother tell Sahiba mother, atleats now nothing is to worry about, and nothing

didn’t happen between them. Malika ask Daljeet, What is wrong with him. He replied nothing, he only went to meet his wife. Malika and him argued a bit on that then he tell her whatever he will do, will be for everyone benefit. Sahiba is sitting ang remembers daljeet giving her badam, Ranveer arrive and she told him, he shouldn’t have treat Daljeet that way, Ranveer is shocked and angry and start on her, then go to sleep, he was about to tell her about her kid, but then stop. Sahiba became sad, Ranveer the apologize she then start talking about Daljeet.

Part 2
Ranveer then stop her and say he don’t want to hear about him and leave. A song plays while all 4 is sad (Sahiba, Daljeet, Ranveer & Malika) and remember moments with each other. Morning time, Daljeet arrive at the table for breakfast and asked about everyone, his mom then feed him and said he is her child always, and she had so much with him. She added when he becomes a dad, he will also get those feelings. He will do everything for his child. Daljeet then feed his mom. Ranveer then came down stair asking for his lunchbox, Sahiba mom calls Sahiba, to get Ranveer lunchbox, and one for her dad. Conel then come telling bye to Ranveer and Sahiba dad. Sahiba give Ranveer his lunchbox, while leaving Daljeet arrive, Everyone is shocked. Ranveer ask why is he here to take? even after he clearly tell him not come. Daljeet said he is here to give not take and goes to Bebe, saying he realised his mistake, and give her the house paper saying its her house, & it will always be. Ranveer the take the file from Daljeet saying he doesn’t want the house. Daljeet ask so you don’t want the house.

Pre Cap
Daljeet give Sahiba the file saying he is giving her back her house so that his child can always be safe. Sahiba then replied I understand but please leave.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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