Rab Se Sona Ishq 24th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 24th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 24th January 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with everybody is in gurudwara…sahiba and ranveer goes near bebe…sahiba says to bebe to give them punishment but forgive them…ranveer says that i accept that its all his fault but deep roop and everybody is innocent…i was trying to give better life to my family…whenever he wants to do something good everything goes bad…he asks for forgiveness…bebe finally forgive them and says to eat something and then we will go home…everybody is happy…at sahiba house daljeet is upset…his bhabhi comes and says that she has seen the house and one room is very big..she will take that room…but if he doesn’t want them to live in this house then not to worry…daljeet mom scolds her and says that u should be happy…beauty is crying and says that the people used to live here are outside how can we live here now…daljeet’s mom scolds her saying that forget about them…we are ur own…beauty’s husband takes her side but bhabhi says that daljeet didn’t snatch this house he bought this…and if he didn’t buy them someone else would be the owner…what’s wrong in this…daljeet is crying…he goes to beauty and asks for forgiveness…he says that he never wanted to snatch this house from her family…he wanted to help them…but everything went wrong…i want tonsee her and her family happy…because i love sa…and then he stops…beauty feels bad and says to forgive her as well…she is thinking only about her family…but u have lost the most precious thing in life(she was talking about sahiba) daljeets mom scolds her…

Everybody is working in gurudwara…ranveer gets a call from his friend and says that u have helped me a lot i m trying for ur job…just wait for my call…ranveer is happy and give this news to his family…everybody is happy…he says to sahiba that everything will be ok because she is with him…ranveer father is sleeping when his wife screams and says that there is rat in kitchen…he says her to catwalk in front of rat…she gets a call from ranveer and is happy…she give this new to ranveers father that whole family is coming here… Ranveers father is not happy…in gurudwara sahiba meets a baba with whom she met before…he asks her that did she tell the truth…she is upset and thinks that how can i tell the truth…my family is in bad condition…this truth is very bitter…they will not tolerate this truth…its about family’s reputation…baba tells her that truth is bitter but its better than anything else in the world…ranveer comes there and says what truth r u talking about baba…sahiba never lies…sahiba is upset…daljeets bhabhi goes to a room and ses sahiba and ranveers pics there she calls daljeet and says that come her this sahibas room…daljeet runs there and sees sahibas pics there.. sahiba and her family reach ranveers house..ranveer mother does arti and says to sahiba that her daughter-in-law is coming inside first time…ranveer says that he made a promise to her but couldn’t fulfill it…sahiba mom says that we are burden on u…ranveers father says that u r right.. he says to sahiba to kick rice slowly becoz in dinner he wants toneat pulao..and they have less rice…daljeets bhabhi goes from there and calls her husband to show him the room…daljeet closes the door from inside..daljeet in sahiba and ranveer’s room and thinks about sahiba and his moments they spent in london..he also feels her presence there..he thinks how ranveer said that sahiba is his wife and how sahiba went with ranveer.. He thinks sahiba and ranveer sleeping together…he gets angry and removes bedsheet from bed…and says he hate ranveer…bhabhi is knocking on the door and calls evrybody that daljeet has closed the door…daljeet is angry and throwing everything…he collects ranveer things and fire them…everybody is knocking at the door…chachaji breaks the door and everbody is trying to take him outside the room…sad bg music…ranveers house everybody is working when sahiba feels dizzy…ranveer holds her and ask what happenend…sahiba says that…ans sees everybody is looking at her…she stops..ranveer says u doesn’t take care of urself…now take some rest…and don’t do anything just take some rest…episode ends..

Precap: ranveer mother asks sahiba where is ranveer she says he is gone…ranveer thanks his friend for the job…ranveer sees daljeet there looking at him and smirking…it seems like daljeet is the boss…

Update Credit to: camjs

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