Rab Se Sona Ishq 22nd January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 22nd January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 22nd January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Deep asks Ranveer if he also have to change the house address in his school and Ranveer apologizes that all this was because of him. Bebe gets emotional and cries againg thinking that they are going to lose this house and Sahiba’s mother gets emotional too and Manmeet leaves to console her. Ranveer looks at Sahiba and feels bad. Sahiba then comes back to the living hall and looks around the house and recalls of all the happy moments they used to have in the house and starts crying. The next day morning, preparation for the auction is being held in the house while Colonel asks for more time and the guy says you should give the money and as they start speaking about the house, Manmeet’s family gets upset. The guy also talks about the plates and cups where Sahiba’s mother gets angry saying its ours and the guy says its now ours. Harry and Sahiba arrives and Manmeet says Harry, you are here? Manmeet says i could not help with the money but i can at least be with you at this moment and nothing is more important that family. Everyone goes and pack their bags and Ranveer helps with Sahiba’s bag. The auction begins and everyone starts bidding. The rate keeps increasing as the bidding goes on and Daljeet comes in and bids for a high price and everyone is shocked to see Daljeet.

Part 2

With no one else bidding higher than Daljeet, Daljeet buys over the house and the auction ends and Daljeet is given the house keys. Daljeet takes the key and gives in Bebe’s hands saying here you go, take your house keys and you can stay here as this house used to be yours and will always be yours. None of you need to leave the house as you can all live here. Bebe cries and thanks god for this miracle and thanks Daljeet and says because of our son in law (Ranveer), we lost this house and now because of you, we got back this house. Colonel comes to Daljeet and says he wants to speak a secret. Colonel says i have spoken bad to you before but you and Ranveer are not different. I also want to stay here and Daljeet says alright while Bebe is happy that they got back their house. Beauty asks Sahiba if is she happy now? Sahiba asks why is he doing all this and Beauty says for you. Sahiba asks Daljeet, why are you doing this and Daljeet says i don’t want everyone to suffer for the mistake of one person. Bebe is happy that Beauty is married in a family that has a person like Daljeet and Ranveer stops everyone saying this house that all of you want to stay is not ours. Bebe says that Daljeet said this house is ours and Ranveer says but this house is bought over by Daljeet. Its my mistake for losing this house and no one should stay in this house. Bebe says but Daljeet has helped us. Ranveer says that if Daljeet really wanted to help us, why didn’t he give us the money when we really needed it? How come he only came on time for the auction? Bebe asks Daljeet what was the reason he didn’t give the money yesterday? Daljeet recalls the gun incident with Ranveer and Manmeet says anything that has happened, we can’t stay here. This house now belongs to Beauty’s sasural and i could not give anything for her wedding. How can we live in her sasural now? Ranveer takes back the keys from Bebe and returns back to Daljeet saying our family is together and you can’t break it.

Precap :
Sahiba is promoting Saregama’s finals.

Update Credit to: Visha

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