Rab Se Sona Ishq 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 20th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Malika is packing her bags, and Daljeet comes and tell her if he say don’t go if she will still go. He goes on she is very angry on him, and his mom was right. As she is the only person who stand by him during all times, and he is sorry for the way her behaves and if she can forgive him and whatever he did was that he was angry and she should go. She said she won’t go, and she hug him saying she will be with him, he then tell her from today onwards not to say anything about Sahiba & the baby, and how he trust Sahiba.
Ranveer and Sahiba is sleeping his hands are around her, And everyone arrive home, and calls for them. They both wake up, and Sahiba is shocked to see what.

Part 2
She got up and took her clothes, Ranveer did the same. Sahiba

is in a corner and Ranveer is trying to talk to her but she doesn’t want him to touch her. Ranveer said whatever happen was wrong but they are husband and wife. Sahiba say but it shouldn’t have happen as its wrong, Ranveer says he know it shouldn’t have happen but they shouldn’t blame themselves. Ranveer say no one shouldn’t know about this. Ranveer then goes downstairs; everyone says why is it Ranveer looks happy, he then said he will make tea for everyone.
Sahiba remembers what Ranveer said, what happen between them. She remembers her moment in London with Daljeet, how she promise him, how she lose her baby. She then says she have to talk to Daljeet and tell him what happens.
Ranveer is in the kitchen and the ladies them are giving him things to make tea, Sahiba mother ask where is Sahiba. Bebe said she must be sleeping.
Tea is serve to everyone, Ranveer wonder where is Sahiba, and he goes upstairs. Roop notice the kerosene bottle empty. Ranveer goes upstairs to look for Sahiba but can find her but can’t find her. Deep goes upstairs to look also then call everyone and say she isn’t there and tells how the clothes is all over. Bebe ask Ranveer where is she? Everyone keep asking her where is she? He then calls her, but the phone is upstairs
Sahiba is at Daljeet’s place. He is happy to see her, she ask if he is okay. She remembers him she will not be with him, but she will always be there for him, she also reminds him of how he promises her he will move on and be happy, then why is he sad.
Daljeet say how he can be happy, then look into the mirror and Sahiba is gone. He imagines her all the time.

Part 3
Daljeet home is serving food, she said she will go to his room and give him food, but he comes downstairs and eat, and tell Malika he will go to office today. His mom is very happy. On the way to work Daljeet saw Sahiba walking on the road, he immediately ask to stop the car, but malika ask what is wrong, he say he saw Sahiba, Malika said there is no one there, and why would Sahiba be walking on the road so early in the morning.

Pre Cap
Sahiba is at the dagar, about to walk on the pathway of hot coals, and Ranveer pulls her, she say she have to repent for her mistake, he said he should be the one to repent and took her in his arms and he walk over the pathway with her.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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