Rab Se Sona Ishq 18th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 18th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 18th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Daljeet says i will find a way to help Ranveer, lets go and please bring Sahiba ji together with you and Sahiba says i am not going anywhere. Bebe and everyone convince her to go since Ranveer is also going and Sahiba thinks to herself that she can sense something bad is going to happen and Ranveer holds Sahiba’s hands which Dajeet watch and Ranveer asks Daljeet what new game is he playing now and Daljeet says you shall see this now. Daljeet, Malika, Ranveer and Sahiba meet at a deserted place where Daljeet says you brought me in the car and said you would decide the fate and today i am giving you another chance. Daljeet takes out a gun and puts in a bullet and gives the gun to Ranveer saying there is only one bullet in this and only one of us will survive. Ranveer asks so you want to play a game and Daljeet says yes and Sahiba gets tensed as Daljeet hands over the gun to Ranveer. Malika says no Daljeet, don’t do this and Ranveer takes the gun while Sahiba and Malika is worried. Ranveer says this is not Mahabarat and just to prove your love, i will play this game and gives back the gun to Daljeet saying your chance first. Daljeet takes the gun and points it to Ranveer. Sahiba stands in front of Ranveer saying that i will not let you play this game, no one will win in this while Daljeet asks Sahiba to stay away and Malika pulls the gun from Daljeet saying i never expected you would be doing this. You think you can earn back your love by doing this? Daljeet says i feel this is right and Ranveer tries Sahiba’s hands to a tree while Daljeet ties Malika to another tree saying i have no choice but to do this. Daljeet points the gun to Ranveer while both Sahiba and Malika ask them not to do this and Daljeet press the gun and it didn’t fire. Daljeet gives the gun to Ranveer and Ranveer points the gun to Daljeet while Sahiba asks Ranveer to leave Daljeet. Ranveer press the gun and it didn’t fire and Ranveer gives back the gun to Daljeet and it didn’t fire again this time. Both Sahiba and Malika are trying to untie the string and Ranveer this time didn’t fire the gun too. Daljeet press the gun and it didn[t fire and Ranveer smiles while Sahiba is crying and Ranveer points the gun to Daljeet while both Sahiba and Malika asks Ranveer not to. Ranveer says fate had decided once again and Daljeet says i am wiling to die for my love. Shoot me now. As Ranver is about to shoot, Sahiba pushes Ranveer’s hands away and Ranveer shoots in the air.

Part 2

Sahiba asks if are you both satisfied now? Malika asks Daljeet if he called her here to see this as she is shocked? Is everyone going to be happy by this drama? You are wrong and Ranveer says i want to prove that no one can take Sahiba from me, even death as she is only mine. Sahiba says lets go away from here and Ranveer returns the gun to Daljeet and Sahiba leaves with Ranveer. Daljeet says to himself that he knows how much his Sahiba ji loves him. Sahiba thinks to herself that Ranveer must be angry on why i pushed Ranveer’s hands away and Ranveer says today is the last day i am driving you back as we will not be having this car from tomorrow. Sahiba says lets go for a ride and Ranveer is happy while Sahiba thinks that she thought wrongly about Ranveer. Malika says to Daljeet that Sahiba has moved on, its time for you to move on too and Daljeet says no, she still loves me. Malika gets a call and says to Daljeet that she needs a favour from him. Its night and Ranveer says thank you to Sahiba. Sahiba says you have been thanking me too much these days and Ranveer says i have too and Sahiba says can i ask you something/. Ranveer says do ask, Sahiba says you are not feeling bad for me saving Daljeet’s life? Ranveer stares at Sahiba and Ranveer says you know i would kill him but still, i would not do it. Because i want to stay with you always and Sahiba says i want to tell you something. Thank you for what you did today as you are doing everything for my family. Ranveer says i want to hear something else from you as all i want for you to forgive me. Please and Sahiba looks at Ranveer and Sahiba thinks that Ranveer has changed a lot. Ranveer gets a call and Maninder saying he has an event in Banaras and as he would get paid. Ranveer calls to the person who says he would mortgage the house and Sahiba wants to follow Ranveer to Banaras.

Precap : No Precap

Update Credit to: Visha

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