Rab Se Sona Ishq 17th January 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 17th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 17th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Episode starts with the man threatens ranveer that if he couldn’t pay the money he will auction his house…everybody is shocked.. Ranveer says that u gave 1 month to pay the money but he denies and threatens again.. He goes from there and calls daljeet that I have done whatever u told me to do.. Daljeet is happy and smirks.. Sahiba’s father scolds ranveer and says what have u done.. U destroyed everything.. Ranveer’s father says to ranveer that see u were thinking these people your own and now what they r doing… Sahiba comes there and takes ranveer’s side and says that everything will be ok.. U also made mistake when u gave our house to ranveer’s father.. We shouldn’t fight with each other.. But we should fight with the situation… Ranveer is happy… Bebe comes and says that now beauty will not have Maayka.. And this is sahiba’s first lohri.. She can’t celebrate it.. Sahiba’s consoles her and says everything will be ok… Everybody gets there jewellery money to help ranveer and ranveer is crying… Sahiba’s smiles and consoles him…

Part 2
Ranveer is trying to get help from someone and calling his friends but nobody helps…daljeet thanks Malika for her help.. Malika says that sahiba’s is with ranveer and happy why r u doing all this.. Daljeet says she is with ranveer because of her compulsion.. Ranveer is not genuine and he will leave sahiba once again for money.. He accepted sahiba because he was just acting and I will win this time… Ranveer is upstairs and very upset.. Sahiba comes there and consoles him.. She says that why did u mortgaged the house.. Ranveer says that he asked her but sahiba says that she doesn’t remember… He says when we came from hospital I asked u .. She says that I was on medication maybe I was not conscious when u asked me…ranveer cries and says u thought that I didn’t ask u and mortgaged the house still u took my side.. He holds her hands and sit on his knees and says I tries but can’t make u happy… Sahiba says nothing to worry and everything will be ok… Everybody is downstairs and sahiba’s father says sorry to ranveer for scolding him.. Ranveer says nothing to worry.. Bebe says how will they get that much money who will help us.. Daljeet comes there and says I will help u.. Bebe says how he says that ranveer come with me and take sahiba as well…episode ends

Precap.. Daljeet put one bullet in the gun and says to ranveer that if u lives than u will get 2.5 crores and if I lives than I will get.. U know what and points the gun on ranveer..

Update Credit to: camjs

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