Rab Se Sona Ishq 16th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 16th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 16th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Jazz walk out in anger while tears roll down daljeet’s face. Ranveer apologize to Sahiba and ask her to promise him she will stand by his side always, Daljeet then move forward and start slapping Ranveer, for what he did to Sahiba is london and why is he putting on an act here, Daljeet keep hitting Ranveer while Ranveer just took everything until Sahiba stop Daljeet, and told him to leave her house. Daljeet is hurt and remind Sahiba of what Ranveer had done to her, Sahiba told him again to leave, Daljeet said he won’t. Ranveer said he have to listen to her, and he reminds Daljeet of his 30 day challenge, & said Daljeet won’t even be able to separate in 30 lifetimes even, Daljeet say Ranveer had loss and he can’t even Ranveer can’t separate him from Sahiba, and a few days are still remining, and Daljeet leave while Sahiba also leave & Ranveer thinks of what Daljeet told him, and what his dad said and what Sahiba told him.
Manmeet is happy of Ranveer decision, while Ranveer mom told Manmeet people get influence of the sake of money and Ranveer took such a decision just because he has someone like Sahiba as his wife. Sahiba is at the door hearing the conversation.
Ranveer dad is scolding him as to why he chose Sahiba, Ranveer told his dad he can earn alot of money but Sahiba he can’t lose & he leaves while his dad said he loss.
Malika is thinking what decision Ranveer took, while Daljeet arrive and told he what Ranveer did, Malika advice Daljeet to move on but he said he can’t and ask Malika to help him get back Sahiba’s house Ranveer had morgage, she then agrees and said there are friends & she have to help him, and she will need something someday and hope he helps her. Daljeet agrees while he thinks now he won’t loss.
Sahiba is thinking she must tell Ranveer she is pregnant. Ranveer then tell Sahiba what will they do now, he loss everything. Sahiba said she wants to tell him something but she said he is every sleepy.

Part 2
Sahiba she will go outside, but Ranveer said he will go outside and sleep. Outside Ranveer is thinking what will happen now to Sahiba and the entire family. Sahiba is thinking should she tell Ranveer that she is pregnant or not. She can’t near to see Daljeet in such a condition while Ranveer had done such a favour for your & her family. She decide she will tell Ranveer, when she goes outside Ranveer is sleeping, she bought a shawl to cover him.
While at Malika, Daljeet is drinking talking about Sahiba and he sleeps way.
Next morning, Ranveer wakes up and goes to get ready after which he comes back and wake Sahiba, she immediately wakes up and run run to the bathroom as she wants to vomit. Ranveer ask if she is okay, she said yes and came out said she couldn’t sleep lastnight. Ranveer apologize as he left the door open so she was probably cold, incomes Deeps telling Ranveer some one here to meet him.
It’s the guy and loan Ranveer money in exchange of holding the house as a morgage. Ranveer dad claims he knows nothing ask Ranveer. Ranveer ask the guy why is he here? He replied Ranveer have 24 hrs to give him back his money or else he is taking the house lefting the entire family shock.

Precap: Everyone brings their money and jewellery so that Ranveer can have enough money, deep also bought his share while Ranveer is sad.
Outside the guy then calls Daljeet saying the work is done.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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