Rab Se Sona Ishq 15th May 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 15th May 2013 Written Episode , Rab Se Sona Ishq 15th May 2013 Written Update

Anu is drunk, while Fateh is in his car trying to stop her.
Sister is asking for Anu, the girls are worried.
Fateh got Anu but she insist on drinking, she push him the other side & goes into the driving side.
Daljeet is driving then stop to see if the agent publish Sahiba’s photo, he then pass Anu photo & put the paper back then realize it’s Sahiba photo & is very happy.
He try calling the number on the paper, but the number is unavailable.
Fateh is smiling at Anu’s weird behaviour.
While driving, the car is out of gas. They start walking, while Anu is telling Fateh he likes her. Anu start asking for a lift.
Daljeet then pass, while Anu’s face is cover with her veil as Daljeet look at the face his phone rang & Fateh comes for Anu.
Rajjo calls Sahiba asking if she found Shaiba, Roop comes in & took the phone & scold Daljeet. Rajjo then scold Roop
Roop the express herself saying if they can’t forget about Sahiba then they might lose the other one.
Mother is still looking for Anu, while the girls are scolding Fateh friend.
At night, Fateh then make a phone call while Anu taking a man cup its alcohol.
Fateh then pulls Anu away. Fateh friend, then receive a call it’s Daljeet.
The friend then ask who is he? and anyone could do something for a reward, & he must be a fake. Daljeet got angry & cut the call.
In comes, Mother asking for Fateh & Anu. He said Fateh is out while Anu must be sleeping.
Mother head to see Anu while the girls try to stop her, they enter the room & is shocked.

Pre Cap: Anu got up & see she is somewhere else, she then saw Fateh. She ask where is her clothes & how did she reach in the clothes she is wearing while Fateh said her clothes is outside, she got angry & pull him, his cup fall out his hand.

Update Credit to: Amanda

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  1. Pls that charter Daijeet of a guy should not succeed in his plan Mr writer. He is a pin in d neck, pls his character should not spoil d fun The new Anu and Fetch is having. Those two re mean to be together, pls Daijeet should be deleted from dis scene. Always parades himself as massisahi to that family and is due to him dat family never had peace. Shiba was married yet will not allow them be. God I hate that character.

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