Rab Se Sona Ishq 15th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 15th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 15th January 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Jazz comes in being happy saying finally Ranveer have realized what is best for him and Ranveer’s mother scolds Jazz who is she to come in between while Colonel scolds Ranveer’s mother to make something to drink for Jazz. Ranveer’s mother says this girl have to leave and Ranveer says that Jazz is our guest and we need to respect her and Jazz says that Ranveer is made for bigger things and not stay in this village. Ranveer is thinking while Colonel asks Ranveer to leave Sahiba for Jazz. Ranveer starts thinking while Sahiba’s family convinces Ranveer not to leave Sahiba and Colonel says that Sahiba is not meant for Ranveer and Ranveer says that he had decided and made a decision. Jazz thanks Ranveer and Ranveer says that he wants to meet his wife before announcing his decision and Jazz says sure. Daljeet and Malika are eating where Malika serves Daljeet and Daljeet says that he is happy today and thanks Malika for celebrating it for him. Daljeet gets a phonecall from Ranveer. Ranveer says to everyone that they need to forgive him as his decision is going to hurt everyone and Ranveer sees Sahiba entering the house. Ranveer says while i married you, i promised you that i would always keep you happy but now, i am not able to do anything like that and both Colonel and Jazz smiles. Jazz asks Ranveer to tell what is his decision and Ranveer says that he is waiting for Daljeet and everyone wonders why and Ranveer says its because he started this game and Daljeet comes in. Ranveer goes and holds Sahiba’s hands and says that his decision had changed change his life to go to UK and earn a lot.

Part 2

Ranveer says that his decision is to be with Sahiba who is his happiness and his life leaving Daljeet and Jazz shocked. Sahiba’s family is happy for Ranveer’s decision. Jazz says Ranveer, you choosed her and Ranveer asks her not to come in between and turns to Manmeet and Manmeet thanks Ranveer and hugs him while Colonel fumes in anger and Ranveer asks him to forgive him for all the mistakes he have done. Ranveer asks everyone to go inside and everyone goes inside leaving only Sahiba, Daljeet, Jazz and Daljeet. Colonel is angry with Ranveer and says we had mortgaged the house and if we don’t have the money, we would be chased out of the house and Sahiaba is shocked. Ranveer asks Colonel to leave and Colonel says im not finished and i will talk about this again. Jazz goes to Ranveer and slaps him saying you had cheated me and i came back all the way for you and to bring you back because i love you. Ranveer says i know that but i never loved you since i had always loved Sahiba and Daljeet is in tears. Jazz says you are not thinking properly, you need my money or you would be nothing. Ranveer says i know and that way gave me so much of problem but if i have my Sahiba with me, i would win all the battle. I don’t love you and you must know this and Jazz cries saying i truly loved you and you hurt me. You would never be happy and you too Sahiba. To hell with both of you and Jazz leaves while Sahiba looks at Daljeet who is in tears.

Precap : Daljeet keeps hitting Ranveer asking him to stop acting and Sahiba asks Daljeet to stop it and leave from his house.

Update Credit to: Visha

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