Rab Se Sona Ishq 12th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 12th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 12th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Ranveer says that he needs to leave to work as the family is getting bigger and Sahiba looks at Ranveer. Beauty and Daljeet’s sister bumps into Sahiba and Daljeet’s sister in law says i heard you are going to be a mother. Do you know that our Daljeet is almost like a mad person and it doesn’t makes any difference to you right? Anyways, take care of yourself and i am leaving. Sahiba asks Beauty if Daljeet’s condition is so bad and Beauty says yes, he is lost in his world. You are now going to be a mother and not part of his life, he needs to realize this. Sahiba thinks to herself that if Beauty knows the truth, she would not say this. Daljeet is in tears recalling what happened between him and Sahiba. Daljeet hears some prayers sound and

walks out of the house. Daljeet’s mother goes into his room and panics to see him missing while Daljeet follows the group of fakir which is heading towards the mosque. At work, Mallika hears a few of the workers talking about Daljeet gone mad because of a girl which Ranveer is also listening. Malika decides to ask them not to speak about Daljeet while Ranveer asks them not to speak about Daljeet and everyone has bad time. Malika wonders how strange it is that Ranveer can understand Daljeet’s situation and thinks that Sahiba had made the right choice. Daljeet’s mother calls to Beauty and informs that Daljeet had left the house without informing and Sahiba asks what happened and Beauty informs that he left the house and he is capable to do anything in his current state. Sahiba wonders whether is she making the right decision by leaving Daljeet and what is she going to do. Ranveer meets Malika where Malika had called him to her office. Malika says she is going to promote Ranveer as he is over qualified. Ranveer asks why all of a sudden? Malika says that Daljeet is not in the state to make right decisions now.

Part 2

Malika updates that she is going to make a new agreement and Ranveer says that Sahiba had always asked not to lose hope and Malika says that she is right. Sahiba is still at the gurdwara and Ranveer’s mother says that once Sahiba had given the good news, she had made prayers to do offering at the dargar (mosque) and they leave. A guy has came to ask for a work saying he needs the job badly and the manager says that Ranveer has just got the job. The guy recalls Ranveer as the person who splashed the mud on him and looks at Ranveer in anger and Ranveer says i didn’t meant to snatch your opportunity but my wife is now pregnant and i need the job badly and Ranveer leaves while the guy vows to take revenge from Ranveer. Daljeet is at the darga. Daljeet’s mother and Beauty is looking around for Daljeet. Daljeet is sitting while the song ‘Kun Faaya’ from Rockstar is played and Daljeet sings along as he cries. Sahiba arrives at the place and starts giving offering to everyone there. Sahiba comes to give offering to Daljeet and is shocked to see his state.

Precap :
Sahiba says if there is anything that i need to return, that would be our child. I will return your child back to you. Daljeet’s mother arrives.

Update Credit to: Visha

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