Rab Se Sona Ishq 11th January 2013 Written Episode Update


Rab Se Sona Ishq 11th January 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 11th January 2013 Written Update

To begin with, Sahiba tells Daljeet that she has to tell him something very important, while Ranveer is watching them from a distance. Daljeet asks her “whats the matter?” Sahiba staring at Daljeet with eyes wide open and thinks about the FB(where the doctor tells her that your child is safe and next time you come please bring your husband) Sahiba is stammering…”Woh main…” Ranveer asks them “what are they talking about?” Sahiba quickly looks up at Ranveer. Daljeet tells him that Sahiba slipped. And tells her to take care of yourself since you just came back from the hospital. Also, she should not work in this state. Sahiba’s eyes widen as soon as he says that. Ranveer wants to talk to Sahiba and takes her to the corner. He starts off by saying that “Look, I trust you but your eyes are telling me something else. And again they have started to have something for Daljeet.” Sahiba reassures him that “Whatever I had for Daljeetji in my heart is gone just like my tears. And I was just thinking that you are with me but Daljeetji theres no one with him. Infact, sometimes I feel that because of me his whole life is ruined. But do you know something, today after seeing him it felt like someone is coming into his life. Maybe Malika likes him. Ranveer tells her that Daljeet will definitely find someone for himself as there is always someone made for everyone. And tells her to concentrate on her family. Ranveer asks Sahiba that she wanted to ask something since you called, and in the morning. Ranveer asks her is there something she wants to tell? Sahiba quickly says No, theres nothing to say. Someone calls Sahiba and she quickly responds back and excuses herself.

Malika tells Daljeet that shes hungry and asks him if he wants something to eat. Daljeet nods yes. Malika goes to get it. Ranveer’s dad is talking to some sardar uncle about how he has ordered this food from Chandigarh Harry & Sharry caterers. And one plate is worth Rs.225. While Deep goes to the food and is talking about how the village people have never seen this kind of food. He is laughing and smiling how Deep is dying on the plate and tells the sardar guy that his son-in-laws family eat a lot and as long as they are here the food can never go to waste and how this is like a challenge. Deep turns around and heard what he said. Ranveer comes to his father and tells Deep to eat. Ranveer tells his father that it’s the moment of happiness so why is he behaving so weird and cant he talk normally to people instead of making statements about others.
Sahiba thinking about Ranveers words. Daljeet comes behind her and calls her. He tells her that she wanted to say something. She tells him that she doesn’t have to say anything to him and she has work to do.

Malika says hi to Sahiba and congratulates her since her husband received a big tender. Sahiba thanks her and asks her if she ate anything. Malika tells her that she was just about to take it for Daljeet. Sahiba asks Malika that she really likes Daljeet right? Malika says since you’ve started this topic she would like to ask her what is in her heart? And if she doesn’t have anything for Daljeet then why doesn’t she tell him. Atleast that way his life will be saved from getting ruined. “Day and night, he only talks about you and in your heart afar from love you don’t have any sympathy on him. Why don’t you agree that you love him? For the world to see, you are with your husband and family but your heart is with Daljeet. That’s why it makes a difference to you if someone else is with him.” Malika leaves and Sahiba thinks about her words.

Daljeet asks Malika what happened. Malika tells him “nothing”. Your sahiba thinks there is something between us two. Daljeet says that means shes getting jealous. Malika tells him to leave it and tells him that the party is so boring and that they should leave. Daljeet says not right now because the party is about to get interesting. Ranveer taps a spoon on the glass, trying to get everyones attention “Excuse me, and thanks everyone for being here today on this moment of happiness. And there’s this saying that behind every successful man there’s a woman behind it but in my case there’s two women. One is my mother. And second is my Sahiba. Ever since I controlled my senses and wanted to become something or have become it’s all because of her. Good or bad, success is because of her and because of her. He calls the waiter and takes the glass and says this one’s for Sahiba “CHEERS! With you my first win”. And offers the glass to Sahiba. Sahiba stares at it while holding her tummy. Daljeet stops him, saying that she can’t drink this because she belongs from a good house and doesn’t drink alcohol. And takes the glass from him and says cheers. Ranveer smirks. Daljeets phone rings. Malika asks about his plan.

They show a woman walking in with heels. Ranveer wants to thank one more person that changed his defeat to victory. His fathers smiling. Ranveer says that person whom he trusts more than Sahiba. His father still smiling liking an idiot 😛 . And says that person name is myself. And raises his glass and says CHEERS! All of a sudden someone splashes him with the glass of water, (JAZZ ENTERS THE SCENARIO). Ranveer shocked.

Jazz staring at him angrily. Daljeet turns and faces them both. Jazz calls Ranveer “a blo*dy cheater.” She tells him that he deceived her for this girl (pointing at Sahiba) he ruined all her happiness. She won’t spare him. And if within 24 hours, He does not leave Sahiba then she will bring him on the roads. This wealth, this property, and this blo*dy tender is all on her name. They have all been given to Ranveer by Jazz. And now he has to choose between her or Sahiba. By tomorrow morning by 11 she will come to ask for his decision. Either you choose Jazz as your wealthy property or this girl and that roadside life. Choice is yours. Malika tells Daljeet so this was your special moment. Daljeet says CHEERS! 😀 Ranveer’s mother steps in and tells Jazz who is she to say that to her son. Jazz tells her that I am the girl whose money your son has been living and chilling with. I am the one who your son got engaged to in London. Ranveer remembers engagement with Jazz. I am the one who your daughter-in- law knows about. But maybe in India all the mothers don’t find anything wrong with their son or else you didn’t think how your Ranveer got so rich. She tells him how she met him in London as a complete Hindustani type and because of this her dad got impressed by him. Because he considered himself a true indian. While trying to be rich, her father never cared about her mother or his daughter. That’s why she was frustrated and started taking drugs and to fix herself, her dad sent Ranveer as a bodyguard. And had a 1 million dollar deal but Ranveer took advantage of this, he tried to be nice and made me fall in his love trap and trusted him more than the whole wide world. After her dads death, she gave him the whole power of attorney and he sent me to Paris. I didn’t know he would go to India and marry this Sahiba. But now, I have come back and I am going to take you back. You have 24 hrs, either choose me or my wealth or this girl. And if you choose this girl then she promises that she will make him into a beggar!!!!!!!!

PRECAP: Jazz thanks Daljeet. Daljeet stares at Ranveer happily. He tells her that “Making two loved ones meet is an auspicious thing”

Update Credit to: lovey93

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