Rab Se Sona Ishq 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Rab Se Sona Ishq 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Rab Se Sona Ishq 11th February 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Harry says that if Daljeet is like this, he could even die and Beauty says what about Sahiba? She can also die and Ranveer listens to it while Harry and Beauty leaves. Ranveer’s mind voice says to Ranveer that he loved Sahiba since small but she is about to be the mother to another person and Ranveer says he knows and that is why he has no rights to keep her with him. The mind voice says but Ranveer loves her and she is his wife and Ranveer shouts in anger and says she is about to be mother to someone’s child and how if she doesn’t loves him? Daljeet’s mother serves Daljeet food and Daljeet doesn’t eats and Malika tries asking Daljeet if he is going to follow her to her site the next day and Daljeet is lost in thought and in tears.

Daljeet’s mother asks him to eat and Daljeet eats with his left hands and Malika asks Daljeet to stop all this and come out of his depression. Daljeet gets up and leaves without eating. Ranveer is about to go to sleep and sees the lamp that Sahiba protected. Ranveer takes his pillow and sleeps on the floor and Sahiba asks what is he doing as he will fall sick sleeping on the cold floor. Sahiba says fine, its my mistake and i will also sleep the same way and Ranveer says the mistake was mine and why do you need to punish yourself and Ranveer sleeps back at his place. Daljeet’s mother is worried to see Daljeet’s condition and prays.

Part 2

Ranveer wakes up the next morning and sees Sahiba sleeping. Sahiba asks Ranveer to forgive her and Ranveer says he had already forgiven and takes out a knife from under his pillow and stabs Sahiba’s stomach and Sahiba shouts only to realize that she is dreaming and sees Ranveer still fast asleep. Sahiba thinks to herself that Ranveer won’t hurt her and her child as he have changed. Sahiba coughs and Ranveer asks if is Sahiba alright and Sahiba almost falls and Ranveer holds her. Ranveer makes Sahiba sit and gives her water to drink. Beauty goes to Daljeet’s mother saying look at herself and not to lose hope and remain strong. Daljeet’s mother cries that she made a mistake and she herself spoiled Daljeet’s life and asks to bring Sahiba to meet Daljeet and Beauty says how can she do it as Sahiba is now married. Daljeet’s mother asks who else will help us now and Beauty says god will and i am going to the gurdwara now to pray for Daljeet and all will be fine. Beauty leaves with Daljeet’s bhabhi. Malika comes to Daljeet’s mother saying she is leaving to work now and don’t worry. Ranveer asks if had Bebe taken her medicines and she says she has not and Ranveer gives Bebe the medicine and Sahiba is happy to see Ranveer being caring to everyone in the family. Sahiba says that she is going to go and make food for everyone and Ranveer’s mother says that she will go and cook. Ranveer says that he is leaving to work and Sahiba’s mother asks him to take rest and Ranveer says he needs to go to work since the family is getting bigger.

Precap : Daljeet is at a prayers place crying and Sahiba is at the same place.

Update Credit to: Visha

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