Rab se shiqua nahi *sanveer os* part one


Hi guys I m vrushti back with new os. As I love veer’s character in sdch but verrry much loves kanchi. I request all the readers to comment and also kanchi fans too to please please comment and tell how is the story. My dear sanveer fans this is for u and all lovely readers too. The title is what came from my heart.

So now lets start.

Veer standing in front of his moms photo.
His eyes are closed.
Veers imagines….
He has kept his head on his mother’s lap and he is talking to her.
Veer-maa do u know today again mr. Malhotra scolded and insulted me in front of everyone. I hate him.
Savitri-u should not say like this beta.
Veer-(sadly) mom do u know how I have spended the dreadful nights without u. I was carving for u. My heart was full in pain which was eating me day by day saying me veer u dont have anyone to care about u. Mr. Malothra has made me orphan bringing a step mother in my life. He doesnt believe. I m waiting for love maa. I m dying for love to come in my life who truely loves me. I will never let her go away from me…..
Savitri(in shock)-what r u saying veer ? Cant u see ur love standing in front of u?? My bahu!
Veer get ups and finds sanchi in front of him!
She was wearing a beautiful red saree with red bangles. Her hair line was filled with pinch of sindhoor and she was wearing mangalsutra and her smile was convencing him”I m there for u”
Imignation ends.

Veer is in greater shock.
Veer-what?! Do I love sachi? Yes ! Yes ! I love her . I love sanchi!
He rushes to the hospital.
He runs in hospital searching sanchi madly and finally finds her in one ward. She is cheaking one patient.
He stops seeing her and his heart starts to beat faster and faster seeing her.(jise zindhagi dhoondh raahe hai kya ye woh mukam mera hai yaaha chain se baas ruk jaaun kyun dil ye mujhe ketha hai.)
He was just standing and seeing her remembering movement he has spend with her.
When she was enjoying every drop of rain touching to her body.(naya mausam ki sehar) and veer to joined her. He caught her hand and they had eyes lock. He insisted her to come under shed and was taking her with him so she should not get cold but she said veerrr please…(yaa sard mein do pahar. Koi mujhko kyu mila hai jese banjare ko ghar.)

When he was crying in a corner like a small child due to his father’s disbelife on him sanchi came to him and hugged him.(jaise koi kinara deta ho sahara mujhe woh mila kisi mode par).

When she was putting lighting wires and due to lose in balance she fallen in his arms and all the switches turns on and dark room becomes bright.(koi raat ka tara karta ho ujala aise hi roshan kara woh shehar)

When once he was sad and sanchi gave him a paper in which she has drawn smiley and marked with her fingers to smile. He smiled slightly.( dard mere woh bhula hi gaya kuch aisa asar hua jeena mujhe phir se woh sekha raha..)

When she got cut with knife when he noticed it he went running to her.he brought bandage and banded her hand. His heart was literally crying and she can see it on his face. She was looking at him.(chot lagi hai usey phir dard kyun mehsoos mujhe ho raha hai. Dil tu bata de kya hai iraada tera.)
He stops remembering and sreps forward smilingly.

Friends hope u liked this part and please comment. I will post another part in few hours.
Love u all a lot.

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  1. Nice story

    1. Rajnandini

      Thank u dear

  2. awesome wow
    i loved it , the music plus the dialogues poured my heart out
    my veer loves my sanchi wow

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot lot dear. Soooo happy u liked it. It seems u r big sanveer fan. Please do read the next part. Love u.

  3. Niyaaa

    Hey rajnandini i m big big fan of kanchi but afterall that i love ur os a lot its wonderfull specially dialogue with songs that perfect combination of song n dialogues u r amaz dear keep it up i dont mind if u r sanveer fan everyone has own choice n likes keep it up continue n u r the ist for me who writes ff or os on sanveer n i commented

    1. Rajnandini

      Ooooh myyyyy godddd! That’s such a biggg complement Yarr.thank u sooo much. Its beyond the words for me.and I m not sanveer fan dear. I m too a kanchi fan. loves veer’s character but not sanveer dear.

  4. Richa1496

    I am big fan of kanchi….. But I loved this os…..Because u r superb writer…. And moments between sanchi and veer… Were same as in song….. Superb OS….. Eagerly wating for next part… ?

    1. Rajnandini

      Soooo sweet of u dear.thank u from the core of my heart.I was a bit nervous for it so ur encouraging words means a lot for me and same pinch I m too a kanchi fan.

  5. Rehmat

    superrrrŕrrrrŕrrrrrerr song combination is amazing keep writing thanks for update

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot bro. I m soooo happy to know u liked it. And u r most welcome dear.

  6. Trisha139

    Hey vrushti superb fab mindblowing dear words r less for this love u continue soon pls

    1. Rajnandini

      Omg… !Omg…. !My happiness has crossed the bounds.complement from my ideal is such a big thing for me. Thank u sooo much dear.

  7. Moonlight25

    Vrushti..this was really good but could you plz tell me what does the title mean..i don’t know Hindi that s why….plzz post your next part soon…??

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot sweetie. So happy u liked it. And the meaning of the title is I have no complain with god!I was really don’t know that u don’t know Hindi. I m sorry the song is also in Hindi.

  8. vrushti dear, u r just amazing………..the way u combined banjaara’s lyrics with the dialogues, just mind blowing………..keep up the good work & eagerly waiting for the nxt one…………

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a lot sweetheart sis. Its always difficult for me to reply u because u always gives such a sweet comment. Its always for me beyond words!

  9. Hey I am big fan of kanchi but I like u r os

    1. Rajnandini

      Thanks a loads dear.it means a lot for me.

  10. Rajnandini

    Omg….. such a big relife my heart has received reading ur comment.I m soo glad u liked it.thank u soo much for such a big comment and encouragement. The author always need reader’s support to continue and thanks a lot for giving it d

  11. Rajnandini

    Dear. Sorry for replying half.

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