Rab ne na Di jodi khwabir episode 6 (last part)

The doctor came out and said Mr and Mrs kapoor I am sorry we couldn't save her her blood has been flown In a very high rate we tried our best he went away for khawish and kabir their world was ended they lost their daughter all the moment spent with her kabir remembered that how she jumped on him when she was òf 3 how first time he took her how she was the sign of their love they both were broken veer said to them but still you both have to think about kanish he is young and you both have to take care of him they both agreed. After few hours khawish was in her room caressing her kavya's photo and tears were flowing. Kabir was in kavya's room he took his teddy bear and hugged it and remembered how she used to sleep with it he than saw a diary which was having a drawing he took it out and saw kavya made her family and wrote I love you mama papa the most you are the best than he started reading it
In first page
I am kavya kapoor and my father's name is kabir he is the super hero of my life he loves me lot he is the best nucroelogist and my mama as so beautiful I got her eyes my Papa says that she does so much make up na that's the reason but I know she is beautiful by heart and face.
Seeing her handwriting and spelling mistakes he smiled and bit he kept on reading until he reached the page 52
I am became of 4 years and I got a brother kanish I am happy but sad because mama papa loves him more than me they are either with him or work i like to stay with dadi but I love to stay with mama papa..
He noticed a few tear drops dried in that page and that was the last page kabir cried whole night he says I am sorry kavya bacha please come back suddenly he saw a little Angel and she was kavya she said Papa I am always with you now some one else needs u she took his hand he was just looking at his little princess she take him to his room and he saw khawish was crying bitterly revan and kanish was also kavya says papa they all need you na promise me you will never leave kanish alone he bent down and says promise I will never leave him alone she says and mama also he nodded and hugged her but she disappear he was imaging her he went and hugged khawish and kanish together.
5 years later
Kabir was working in his cabin suddenly a small boy of 6 came and hugged him he was kanish he said Papa I am selected in my football team and I am the head I am so happy he hugged him kabir said very good kanish I am happy but practice hard to win okk he said okk and gave a high five to him kanish said Papa I am going for practice so bye and haa come in time for dinner warna mama will kill you he said haa by the way ur mama has gone for surgery and go fast for practice he said bye he also bid him bye suddenly a voice came saying why did you never love me like this Papa he turned around and saw angel kavya he said come back kavu I will love you even more she starts laughing and said I was joking Papa and bhagwanji will not allow  me to come and left. Kabir closed his eyes and said sorry kavya please forgive me he took her picture frame and screen stops on kavya's photo.
So guys kavya’s dead was the most sad part in fact when I was writing tears were coming in my eyes. I have completed this ff and I will write one os I am confused shoulder I write or not so please tell me ???

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  1. Each me yaar ae bhot sad tha ……..years also fall from my eyes…………but story bhot sweet tha…..please write some another ff please use kavya ko jinda rakna ………

  2. Yaa dear will surely u write os & come back with another ff .You make me emotional…….I will cry a lot……But it’s a beautiful & sweet one story . Love u dear.

  3. Neha7873

    Although I never commented but i must say it was awesome and sweet story ..you really made me emotional .

  4. Riyarocks

    feel so bad for khwaish & kabir…………btw, we would luv to read ur os………..plz update it soon……..luv u sweetuuuuuuuuuuuu………..

  5. this was emotional and sweet awesome os

  6. Abhilasha

    Really heart touching but indeed beautiful… Loved it!!

  7. Awsome yaar per tumne rula diya ab jhat se hasao hamein nd sweet sa happy sappy os post karo..hehehe.. Just kidding post nxt one tc

  8. Dhruti

    i just comment on previous ff that i hope kavya will fine but now she is death……so sad………..
    this was a little emotional ff…………..
    come back with next one os/ff……….
    till then bye and tc……….

  9. Jessicca

    This was so emotional ending… Feeling extremely sad for lil princess… Was so heart touching ❤ loved it… Plz don’t stop writing.. You’re an amazing author… Wish to read many more amazing concepts of yours … Love you?❤

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