Rab ne na Di jodi khwabir episode 5

Kabir pinned her to the wall she tried to move but can't and soon he started putting his lips on her neck finally she pushed him and said jao apni riya ke he said you know what khawish when you are jealous you look even more cute she glared at him he said ohh hmmm..I am scared darpok she said I am not darpok you only gave me dare to visit you he said I know and I will never cross our lim its until you are comfortable she says thats the reason kabir I love you a lot you respect me and my decision she hugged him he said and I will always he caress her hair and than she leaves as he had a important surgery he kissed her forehead.
So guys I will skip to engagement

There all were present riya was in her room she looked lil bit sad than she thought if she will marry kabir she would never have any financial problems and that too he could give her extra marks as she would be his wife but what about 7 love yes she loves a guy nikhil who also loves her but due to her problem and mom she has to marry kabir. Gaytri came she said riya forget him she said but mom I love him she said kabir is more better than him love him more. suddenly a servant came and said all are waiting for them khwahish was also there but hiding kabir made riya wear the ring but that ring was fake he intentialy wore a bandage in ring finger so riya made him wear the ring in his other finger. So all the rituals went on and finally the wedding day came .
Riya was ready and thinking about nikhil she said no riya you can't betray ur love he loves you more than anything. With kabir he said riya i am going to expose you and your mom and than khawish would me mine and I of her. Riya suddenly saw a window and decided to run away she was going to but got a tight slap from Gaytri she said now do not think to do anything other wise ur nikhil would be killed riya was shocked. Meanwhile khawish also came in wedding wearing a heavy red lehnga with jewellery as that she was the bride but her hand was not covered. Priest said to call var vadhu they came riya Did not wantEd to marry him kabir said I am not going to marry riya all were shocked he said nikhil he came kabir continued so may i tell you all that riya loves nikhil not me she is marrying me for my property as savitri mam has came back he revealed all things whole malhotra family was shocked   savitri went and gave a slap to Gaytri and said what kind of mother you are for your benefit you used your daughter all mothers will doubted as if she would be like you in heart and conduct. Khawish said it wasn't riya's fault she never wanted to marry kabir but nikhil. She took nikhil's hand and put in riya's hand and said you both deserve each other and it was my and kabir's plan so I am sorry riya hugs her and says thank you so much. Kusum says one more thing is left they asked what she put a chunari on Khawish's head and said meri hone wali bahu. First riya and nikhil got married. Now it's our khwabir turn they took seven vows around fire and kabir puts sindoor on Khawish's head and she looked at him he smiles than he wears her nuptial chain and the priest called Khawish's father for kanya dan she said her parents are dead kabir looked at her than savitri said are hum Hain na you are like daughter to us they did her knya dan and placed her hand on his hand they smiled finally they got married and kabir found his true love.

A girl of 5 is seen with grey eyes and fully Milk body and wearing  a frock she screams mama papa please come out please from back Kusum came and said her kavu mama papa are with kanish na she pouts her face and said okk I am going Kusum says but where she said to surbhi for playing and let them play with him she goes In a angry mood Kusum says kavya rukh jaa. With khwabir khawish said kabir kanish ka fever badh gya he said wait and brings and syrup and both together made their 2 years son to drink it. He slept they did came for dinner kavya was upset and next day an important surgery that to on their princess birthday and they didn't came she was even more upset and locked her in the room and And didn't eat anything whole day they came home and was angry at them they went to her room she was in floor sleeping and wiping at both time kabir lifted her and put her in bed and suddenly noticed that she has fever khawish somehow made her eat something and kabir gave her injection. Next morning she did not talk to them and went to school binding good bye to only Kusum both were upset but kanish made them smile. After few hours working in hospital they got a call that kavya met with an accident they hurriedly went to the place where she was admitted kabir was tensed seeing so many machines with kavya and khawish was crying bitterly saachi consoled her and veer tried to console kabir. The doctor came out.

Precap what will happen to kavya and a new beginning

So guys next episode wiLl be the last episode and it would be lil sad and thanks to all who read my story you all courage me to write have a nice day ??

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  1. So so sweet story

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    nice episode……..enjoyed it a lot……..hope kavya is fine……….luv u a lot sweetuuuuuuuuu…………

  3. Sorry for late commnt hope so u did happy ending lovv u post nxt asap

  4. Btw epi is mindbowing but lill bit in wetro speed… Its ok post nxt dear tc

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    superb ff……….i enjoyed a lot but felt sad for kavya……..hope kavya will fine soon………….update next one soon

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    Awesome epi dear… Finally Khwabir got married… Hope the little Kavya gets fine… Keep going dear..

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