Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 8


episode 8 of rab ne banadi jodi:
kunj taunts yuvi for staring at maahi…
yuvi’s self talk u r right mom, today i found my life here, he keeps staring at maahi while maahi smilingly plays with children…yuvi
comes out of fb when chinki called him to hv a cup of coffee
4days passes
its four in the evening
twinkle finished her work and about to leave when rahul comes to her saying
R:ms.twinkle u hv to stay back and complete the design that we hv to produce tommorrow at show
twinkle gets dissapointed as she thinks her plan of sight seeing was ruined,she calls kunj and informs that she will be late dont come to pick up her
she goes back to work
6 pm: twinkle was involved in her work as usual, she is not aware that rahul,her boss eyeing her lustfully
twinkle is confused at one place what she should use there, suddenly some one holds her hand to make her complete the missing part twinkle stunned and takes her hand back
R:winks and what twinkle u r so much reserved if u wan to be a famous designer,then you hv to be move freely in society u hv to be to do every thing with out hesitation
Twinkle was stunned at his words she is unable to understand what he mean but gives a reply
T:sorry sir my aim is not being a famous designer but best designer and i will be happy even i dont become famous
R:fumes and says then well and good finish the work fast……he goes to his cabin ,she almost finished her work
9pm:suddenly lights go off, all dark in a second twinkle who has fear of darkness was scared she hears someone who is walking here and there,
she remembers words of rahul and gets too much scared and about to cry when her ph rings she goes hurriedly to pick up
hears a voice
T:k…k …kunj…..in a scary voice
K:twinkle this is too late and it was about to rain r u not finished with work
twinkle who was still in fear not getting a word to speak and again says kunj….i …
K:k if u r finished with work then come down i am waiting here…
T:…….sees at window,she sees kunj on his bike talking over phone she gives a sigh of relief, comes down like running reaches kunj,
Kunj who dont aware of her condition sees her and gives a smile at her, suddenly she hugs him tightly
kunj just stunned and cant understand her,T:why dont you come before u know how much i am scared,u know i am scared of darkness
K:but u said that u will be late T:ya i said but how can u leave me alone am i not ur responsibility,she hugs him more tightly
K:kunj smiles at her childish ness but says twinkle please leave me yaar,dont crush me in your hands
twnkle gets concious and leaves him but she didnt give any reply to him
kunj understands that she is really scared and says arey baba i am sorry i am really sorry
twinkle keeps silent and didnt see at him
K:k i promise i will never leave u in darkness pakka i will be with u all the time my whole life i swear holds his throught
twinkle surprised at his words and gesture
K:understands what he said and says i mean until u will be here and starts his bike and she sits on backseat still in surprise at his words
sajna veee plays and its starts raining ……….

PRECAP:twinj cute moments, yuvis proposal

sorry friends for short epi but i am thinking to give short and sweet epis and thank u soo much for liking all my non sense and giving comments and
please give comments it will be my boost

Credit to: Ramya

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  8. Good one and please don’t make that Rahul succed in his plans I don’t like villan and Last but not the least you are an amazing writer

    1. ya salma rahul will make them come together but will not separate them

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