Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 7


hai friends i am sorry for a late update and thank u so much for ur comments and love u my friends
here starts episode seven of “Rub ne banadi jodi”
director offers a chance for kunj in his movie
K:i am very glad that u r impressed with my music and personally came to meet me……….but i am sorry sir i cant do it
DRT:shocked initially…but later smiles and says how i think u didnt get me,i am doing very prestigious movie, many musicians wait for a chance in my movie
and if the remuniration is not enough u can demand what u want and u will be provided five star treatment through out the shoot

K:please try to understand me sir, money is not my motive, music is my passion and my dream,so i made it as my carrier i like to sing my heart felt feelings but not
to an already written story and i cant write lyrics to present trend movies
DRT:look mr.kunj sarna a lot of talented singers and best musicians waits in queue at my office and you r showing arrogance
K:please pardon me sir and dont take my self respect as arrogance and please give this chance to the the poeple who r waiting at ur door so that they treat u as god
DRT:i am trying to please u and talking politely but ur showing ur ego now u will see how ur so said passion and success comes to ground and u will come to an end this
is my challenge

kunj staff sees that director miss behaving with kunj and one of them says
so go and do what u can do but if u not left the office in two minutes then we hv to throw u out after a nice treatment
director was about to say something but stops seeing the anger in their faces,he leaves angrily saying i will see your end kunj sarna
all of the staff support kunj in his decision,but one of them is dissapointed who is none other than MAYA,she was not happy as kunj refused to do music to the drt’s
movie which gives them a lot of money but she didnt dare to talk with kunj but she is making plans so that kunj accepts the proposal

days passesss it is almost 15 days since yuvi not seen maahi he was too busy in project work and not even going to flat at nights
yuvi closes his eyes for a while and a smile came on to his lips as he saw maahi in his eyes he thinks about the day when he first saw her
fb shown:

yuvi’s phone rings
Surjeeth:happy birthday my dear yuvaraj
yuvi:thanks dad, S:now u go and check in ur balcony to find ur gift,yuvi goes and finds a meroon colour car and says wow dad that was my fav sports car and u…
S:ya yuvi i know it so i gave it as ur birthday gift, yu:thank u soooo much dad
S:here ur mother is taking phone
A:happy birthday my dear(she is an social activist and helps poor and needy very good person at heart)
Y:thank u mom and where is your gift
A:i want give a gift which gives happiness to ur soul will u accept it
Y:ya mom anything given by u is special to me
A:then today u go to near by orphanage and spend ur day with them make them feel like ur there for them u can find what life is
Y:k maa i will try as u wish me to do so
yuvi along with kunj goes to a orphanage”little souldiers” he is distrubuting chocalates among them

suddenly some one starts singing hpyy bthday to u hpy bday to u hpy bday to u…yuvaraj along with all children
he finds a beautyful girl in white dress (maahi’s intro dress) he was mesmerised by her beauty
and stares at her kunj comes there and coughs what r u doing uv Y:nothing yaar he goes from there after some time he hears a child crying tries to find from where
it is coming he finds a girl sitting and crying he was about to go near her but stops seeing the girl there
M:y u r crying
G:i dont know my birthday and i cant celebrate it(yuvi feels guilty)
M:understands her pain she says he came here to spend his day with u and ur making him upset is it nice
g:i know he came to meet all of us but i wish i know my birthday
M: accha say me onething who i am
G:maahi di
M:k,what i am doing

G:u r a doctor
M:nice, but do u know another thing even i dont know my birthday
Y:shocked to hear this
G:is it true
M:sach me i too lost my parents in an accident,when i was a small girl and i dont know my birth day but i never cried like this
M:why ,because i know that my parents cant see me crying,they feel happy only when i am happy and get my success so i studied hard and made them happy and wht about you
G:wipes her tears and says i too make my parents happy i will never cry and i dont allow any one to cry
Maahi hugs her and says u r sooo nice choti G:like u dii
yuvi was moved by this and his eyes became wet

kunj goes to him and asks whats going on bro but this time uv says she is so nice K:says very interesting with his one eye brow expression

PRECAP:yuvi proposes maahi and twinkle hugs kunj

thank u soo much friends for ur support and i wish u will not get bored with this epi and i hope i get good response from u and love u all and telly updates

Credit to: Ramya

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