Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 6


Epi 6 of Rab ne banadi Jodi:twinkle comes out of her office and finds kunj who is waiting to pick up her
K:smiles ,hw was ur day
T:awesome ek dam special
K:chale,T:sure,but stop at some stationary shop
K:stationary shop??will u buy pencils and erasers,r u going to join in school
T:shut up and do as I said
K:k maha rani ,as u said
They stop near a stationary shop ,where twinkle buys charts,sketches colours etc required for her work,they leave from there

At flat:chinki yuvi and cherry r busy in preparing a demo for their upcoming project,
Cherry observes chinki ,she seems to be upset but he don’t know why ,he calls her she does nt respond
CHR:I think we should connect them in series it will be better(he knows it’s a blunder)
C:yuvi,don’t go on his words,its just a big blunder,cherry understands that she was angry with him only
CHR:chinki make a tea yaar ,it will be nice to hv a tea now
C:yuvi tell him no one is sitting leasurely here,if he want anything he can make on his own
CHR:ithna gussa,k I will make it,I will also make for u as I am sitting leasurely,he goes towards kitchen
Yuvi (shouts )cherry for me also
Chery comes back with three cups of tea
Yuvi was about to take a cup ,he signs him to take another one yuvi says k
Cherry takes his cup and sits silently chinki looks at him she takes the third cup
She spills it,spontaneously after taking first sip,starts yelling at cherry
C:cherry u r just an idiot,cant do anything properly,don’t u know dfrnce btw sugar and salt,stupid ,if u don’t know then don’t do it ,I am here na I wl do it
Yuvi and cherry starts laughing,chinki was irritated wih them but later understands that he knowingly added salt to break her silence,she was silent again
CHR:chinki plz talk to me say me why u r upset,she still keeps silent
CHR:k don’t say anything but scold me ,yell at me until ur anger comes down,if it not enough then beat me but plz talk to me plz plz don’t be upset I cant see u being upset
Finally she smiles ……..kunj and twinke reach the flat with a lot of luggage(twinkle stationay shopping)
C:hi twinkle hw was your day and what is all this stuff,twinkle starts saying

FB shown
Rahul(u can imagine nikil from kkb)is checking twinkle’s profile
RA:well,nice profile but being topper at college is not enough to become a famous and top designer you hv to prove your talent and work hard
T:I will try my level best to be a best designer sir
RA:k then ,I used to give a test for every student who comes to me but many of them fail in it and just go out with half knowledge ,what about u???
T: I can do it sir ,say me what it is ?
RA:well then ,one of my friend is going to get married in two days she asked me to design her wedding dress,now u r going to design it if I am impressed with it then I will teach u special skills and my success secret ,will u do it?
T:yes sir, I will
RA:u hv only one day and all the best….. twinkle says thank u and leaves from there
Fb ends

A small village near bangaloor,an old model ,small house in btw farms
Maahi standing in balcony ,she lost in her thoughts(u can guess about whom she is thinking)
Some one calls her maahiiii……..maahiiii………….finally pats on her head
Maahi turns and says babee
B:where u lost buddy ….say me who is in your thoughts….teases her lovingly
M:no one babe why r u teasing me
B:k then don’t tell me I thought show u something but I will too maintain secret
M:surprised and asks her please babee show what it is plz plz
B:k I will show, she shows a medical book for which maahi searching for months and all are saying out of stack
M:maahi was very happy , hugs babee and says thank u babee
B:from when u became formal ,saying thank u to your babee,achha I made food and come down fast
M(self talk):babee,I know hw u raised me alone,working like a man in farms ,you gave me every thing, u understands my heart without saying a single word ….now its my turn I will study and work hard so that I make my babee sitting like a queen and ordering every thing I promise babee she hugs the book given by babee
11pm :at flat;all of our youngsters are sleeping except twinkle she is making a drawing of wedding dress,her concentration is like a yogi,kunj comes out of room and sees her,he was about to go near her but stops seeing her involved in it ,he admires her concentration
12.30 am:twinkle still doing her work,she feels sleepy,kunj comes with a cup of coffee
T:kunj..u here she sees coffee and gives a happy look
K:u r feeling sleepy na so I made it for u
T; thank u but where is ur cup,….she makes it one by two and offers half to him
K:sees her drawing ,wow twinkle it is very nice u r great yaar
T: I know kunj I am the best and I will make him impressed
Kunj smiles ,finally she completes her drawing,a netted green colour lehanga and same colour blouse with golden border and pink shining duppatta with small golden border and she added hanging to lehanga which ncreased its beauty she gives a look at it and says finally ,she sees at kunj sitting next to her who slept in sitting position she smiles and makes him sleep properly in sofa without disturbing him
Next day:9 am:kunj drops twinkle at her office and he was about to go
T:kunj…..he sees like what
T:wish me all the best;K:surprised a bit and says all the best twinkle goes inside while he stares at her smilingly
W&w software company:cherry chinki yuvi all are tensed while cherry uploading their demo and waiting for a call,,,,finally his phones rings,
CHR:ya sir ya sir…k sir ya sir k sir thank u sir ,he completes the call and gives a sad look
YUVI :whats the matter why r u sad
CHR:u know what now onwards our happy days are gone
C:what u mean cherry
CHR:we hv to work over timeto complete the project so we will hv less time to do maasti
Yuvi:that means we got project wooowwwwwww
CHR:we got a prestigious project of ten crores and if we do it well then our company gets a good name in the entire karnataka
C;wow that’s great ,they celebrate it with their staff they thank them and encourage them to work like a team,chinki says friends we hv to work together and get success in it they holds their hands together
Arora fashions: rahul sees twinkle’s drawing and says great u hv the talent now I am promising u that I will teach u every thing which I know and u r going to be best
T:thank u sir its my pleasure….she leaves from there
RA(self talk):twinkle first day u mesmerized me with ur beauty now u impressed with ur talent lets see what will u do in future …….he smirks
SArnA’s music world:kunj discussing with maya about their next album,a boy comes there and says a film director came to meet him kunj says to send him in
Director comes inside
K: please be seated
D:hello mr.kunj sarna I heard a lot about u ,and went through ur albums I am quite impressed so I thought to give a chance in my film and remuneration will be higher than ur expectation

PRECAP:director warns kunj for being rude to him

Thank u friends tara sanam prati star srija,harna thank u sooo much and hope u like it ,and please give me ideas to make it interesting and thank u so much

Credit to: Ramya

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