Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 5


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epi 5 of rab ne banadi jodi; kunj releases twinkle
K(keeps his hand on forhead):thinks,its paining that means its real,such may twinkle!!!he sees chinki and says this chinki ne twinkle ke sath sath muje be surprise de
diya lekin….
T: pinches kunj hardly,he screams in pain,she says its paining it means its not a dream u r really kunj sarna…..
K:still in pain… ya i am kunj but twinkle…. u here and ur marriage???
T:it was cancelled……but, wait a second…. how you know that i am twinkle i didnt send any of my pictures to you??? she sees a photo on wall behind him
(a selfee of threo and chinki),she recalls how chinki used to ask her about kunj,his letters,songs etc etc she understands every thing and turns back to find chinki
who was slowly moving from there to escape,twinkle comes to chinki,,she hides behind yuvi,cherry stops twinkle and says
CHR:jansi ki rani,i can understand ur emotions, take this(he gives her a rod with which he was beaten) and points towards kunj, he is the who kept his identity a secret,he was responsible for every thing,carry on twinkle,she goes towards kunj
kunj smells upcoming danger and starts running,she runs behind him,all the three enjoys it, they runs all over the flat (leaving behind bathrooms),
at last reaches kunj’s room,where kunj successfully takes the rod from her hand by tickling her and throws it away
twinkle(who was still angry)takes a pillow and starts beating him until it tears and wool comes out of it,finally they look at each other and smiles
twinkle shifts to chinki’s room
10 PM:kunj in his room recalls every thing from he getting twinkle’s letter ,his dream ,park scene,chinki saying how her marriage was cancelled he was extermely happy knowing that she came to him
takes his phone and makes a call usha:kunj puttar,itna rath me kya bath thi
K:nothing maa…i wanted to talk to you
U:kunj,it seems that u r very happy whats the matter dear,
K:smiles, maa..say me one thing u used to say that dreams which come early in the morning will come true ,is it true???
U:of course dear,when i am pregnant i got a dream that i am going to get a cute,loving,caring,responsible beta and i gave birth to you my kunj
K:he feels her love and says i love u maa…bless me all the best
U:my blessings are always with u kunj,take care
K:k maa u too take care,he sleeps peacefully after many days

Next morning:(6AM) sun toh jara hum ko hai yeh kehna,
wake up sid sare pal kahe…
wake up sid…..
kunj wakes up hearing to the song which is from his own album ,he smiles by understanding who was playing the song,he comes out and finds twinkle
in the balcony drying her wet hair, he was mesmerised by her beauty….after a while all of them get ready to go to their jobs
C:kunj,you are dropping twinkle at her office as it is on your way,kunj makes faces and finally says k as u said,chinki yuvi and cherry leaves
K:twinkle….i know i am cute,handsome,hot and every girl likes to be with me so please becareful as i cant be responsible if u fall for me and
dont try to fall on me when i am driving, twinkle(remembers the words) gives an angry look and says
T:hello mr kadoos kunj sarna i am not a girl of that kind dont even think that i will fall for u u know i am too ms amritsir,she keeps her bag in btw them as a border
kunj smiles seing this, they reach” Arora’s fashions”,twinkle leaves while kunj stares at her
K:twinkle…..she turns back, he says all the best…. she says thank u kunj…. he leaves from there while she looks smilingly at him

afternoon(1PM):W&W(will& work)soft ware company:lunch break:
cherry sitting on the lunch table and 5to 7 girls arround him he smilingly talks with them ,chinki comes there
C:cherry take ur lunch box,cherry takes it and was about to open it but some girl offers him her box saying she made some special dish
CHR:wow it looks yummy,i will hv it he keeps chinki’s box aside, chinki turns sad and goes from there
in her cabin:she tears a paper into pieces,what he is thinking of him self,he kept my box aside for that girl stupid idiot ,rascal etc etc etc
yuvi comes there and sees her he coughs she hides her face and wipes her tears ,i think something is burning here
C:nothing like that i am just….Y:i saw every thing C:angrily says i made his fav food but what he had done, he even didnt look at it, he is just an idoit
Y:come on chinki u know him well,he didnt do it knowingly,he does nt understand that it hurts u
C:i am saying same thing he dont undrestand anything (she is in anger cum pain)
Y(smirks )if he cant understand then you make him understand that…
C:what should i do what u mean
Y:i mean to say, you make him understand that you……..love…..him
C:turns her face away, me..nothing ..like that
Y:chinki,i know every thing the way u look at him,ur care for him and now dont try to hide things from me…but you hv say to him that you love him
C:k yuvi i admit that i love him but i will not propose him, look at him(sees through the glass) all the time flirting,let him go to hell just an idiot disguisting
yuvi smiles seing her jealous&possessive (radha ky sena jale plays in the background)

yuvi sitting in his cabin,thinking deeply,what excuse should i make to go there,yuvi what happnd to you,yuvaraj luthra think think make a plan ,ya i got it i will
say that i am hvng severe headache…no yuvi not at all nice one…think again,cherry comes there and says yuvi this twinkle na such me ek rowdy rathod thi
see my bodypains r still there ,yuvi gets glad hearing this but says cherry u still hv pains… lets go to hospital,
CHR:its k yaar,i had medicine it will be fine by night
Y:what r saying cherry we should not neglet it we should consult a doctor lets go i will come with u
cherry agrees and they both go to hospital “care hospitals”, yuvi parks his bike and looks at meroon colour scooty there
cherry was about to visit doctor singh yuvi stops him and says
Y:cherry dr.singh!!!,he was not at all good his operations always fails, lets visit some other dr,cherry was scared and agrees to meet other dr(who is jr to dr. singh)
Y:may i come in doctor,a beautiful girl says “come in” she is wearing simple violet chudidhar with pink duppatta,titan watch on one hand,single bangle on other hand,
she tied her hair,wearing fulframe spects,she is non other than our maahi, she looks up and sees yuvi,
who is staring at her lovingly(tuje dekha he tho jaana sanam,pyar hotha he divaana sanam plays in the background),she looks down
M:(smilingly)plz be seated,whats ur problem,she asks cherry
Y:body pains,she looks at him for a sec and asks what happend,cherry was about to say,
Y:accident,he fell from bike
CHR:why you lied,
Y:hw it ll be saying u beaten by a girl,cherry nods his head
M:checks cherry and says nothing serious happnd,i will prescribe an inj he ll be fine by tmmrw
Y:will you do it?? of course,it will not be paining if u do.. maahi gives an angry look at him and says
M:sister will give it Y:ohoooo…..
M:take this antibiotics for three days,
Y:when they hv to be consumed,i mean after breakfast or before
M:(controls herself)i wrote it in priscription
Y:K they get up to go,but yuvi stops
Y:hw can we contact u if anything happens after taking tablets,give me ur mbl no so that we can contact u
CHR:thinks,hw lucky i am ,my friend thinks a lot about me(he was in air)
M:no need of it ,you can contact hspl reception they will connect to me,yuvi gives a sad look and goes from there while maahi stares at him
suddenly he turns back and finds her staring at him,maahi turns her face away yuvi gives a noughty smile……

PRECAP:our youngsters works hard to make their future

thank u sooooo much for loving it and keep commenting i hope you people will like this epi too i am thinking too change title,
give me your opinions about it ( i will remove caption our twinj ka),as i want to focus equally on three pairs but i promise a nice chemistry btw them

Credit to: Ramya

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  1. di dhamakedar epi! muah love u…nd abt the title u can just keep rab ne banadi jodi nthng harm in tht…nyways ur wish!

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  3. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    Nice episode. It shouldn’t be a problem for the title.

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    keep it up
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