Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 4


epi 4 of rab ne banadi jodi :
Kunj music room:he was lost in thoughts
Maya:(kunj’s friend&his manager):kunj come on yaar every thing is set for song
kunj goes to sing song (a love song describing a girl and what she mean to him)
he closes eyes and starts singing (tum se hi song from jub we met)
twinkle appears in his eyes(same violet dress in which he imagines her) she is shown from feet to neck then her lips, smile, eyes and spark in her eyes finally
her face she revolves round herself,rose petals rain on her,she smiles looking at him,she comes close to him…..the song ends, he opens his eyes
and goes to his chamber….he looks at twinkle’s last letter, he takes it into hands
K: i know you r married to someone else,even taking your name is a sin but my thoughts, i cant resist them

fb shown
a place is shown
fully decorated with candles,red and white heart shaped balloons are hanging from the roof,floor having heart shape and arrow mark decorated
with rose petals, a table and two chairs are arranged kunj gets a chair out and asks her to sit he sits opposite to her,he takes her hand in to his hands
he presses it gently
K:you know what u mean to me,i lost my self on the day i saw u,u r cute, innocent,lovely,beautiful and ur smiling face makes me feel better,
when u talk continuously i feel like i am listening some melodious music, i can live without food and water but i cant live with out u ,u r like my breath finally
i realised that i love u and if u too love me then say it with ur smile
she smiles and he feels like he is in air, he takes out the ring ,kneels down in front of her and proposes her “i want to spend my entire life happily with u,
will u marry me twinkle”
now her face is revealed she blushes and says yes, he gets up and makes her wear the ring they both come close to each other and share an eye lock and finally
he kisses her while she closes her eyes (sye ya ra o sye ya ra plays in the back ground)
kunj switches on the lights, drinks a glass of water(it is 4 am and he is sleeping in his room)
K(self talk):what is this,kunj what r u dreaming yaar,she is going to get married in two days,but u r dreaming something else, he consoles him self
finally come on kunj dont think to much its a random dream let it be he goes into sleep
fb ends(but his feelings for twinkle were started), a week back from present time
present time:
kunj takes his bike keys
K:maya i am going out plz u take care about remaining things
M:k kunj you carry on i will manage

Rail way station:
twinkle and chinki comes out of station chinki gets a call she recieves it
C:ya k ya i am coming in five minutes she cuts the call and says twinki i hv to go urgently, until then u wait in the park near by
T:k chinki u go
c: i am sorry twinkle but i will come back in 20minutes please yaar
T:dont worry u go i will wait
Kunj comes to the same park he is parking his bike and sees twinkle at the entrance,he hurriedly goes near her but finds someone else
k:kunj pats on his head,how she will be here ,he goes inside the park
twinkle is enjoyng the nature in the park,walking here and there
kunj sees her but moves ahead,he remembers something and turns back but by the time she is gone from there
he sees twinkle every where but every time it turns out as his imagination, he says kunj u r going to become mad….
chinki calls twinkle and asks her to come out
she passes from his front but confused kunj thinks that it is also his imaginaton and laughs on him self
Chinki’s flat:
they open flat keys and goes inside and finds that there is no power
suddenly they hear some sounds like some one going here and there and get scared
C:twinkle it seems that someone is there inside the house
T:ya chinki may be some goons
C:whattttt goons….. come on twinkle let us go out they may harm us
T:shhhhh why r u so muchh scared this is your house let us fight
C:no twinkle we cant lets go out and call for help
T:shut up chinki she sees a rod and says u came with me,they both go in direction of sounds, finds some one near the kitchen she beats him like jansi ki rani
she is about to hit on his head
some one switches on the lights they turn to find yuvi there and the one who was hardly beaten by twinkle is none other than cherry
C:cherry u, what r u doing here in this avtar
T:drops the rod and tensed
CHR:i thought to welcome twinkle in different way instead she gave me a welcome treat
CHR:sorry…. u beat me hard and now saying sorry no i am not accepting it he comes forward and twinkle moves back he then gives a thums up to yuvi,
yuvi bursts the balloon above her head and flowers fall on her,they together shouts
they all share a happy moment, get relaxed and starts chit chating while having snacks
T:i am so happy to meet u all but chinki u said that u r living with three of ur friends where is the third one yaar
kunj reaches flat with a tired face
chinki yuvi and cherry smiles looking at each other finally chinki is about to reveal the secret but some one knocks the door
T:u people carry on i will go and check
she opens the door
she is hell shocked to find kunj there, unable believe her own eyes and stands like a statue mean while
kunj:sees her and thinks that she is like hutch dog where ever i go she follows,he is sooo casual as he thinks he is in last stage of hallucination , he goes
inside the house,collides with her…..,their heads bang into eachother
twinkle is about to slip and he holds her on time by her waist, they share an eye lock( sajna ve ……plays in the back ground)
finally they realise that it is not a dream but real…..

PRECAP:twinkle chases kunj

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Credit to: Ramya

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