Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 3


hai friends here i am with epi 3 of rab ne banadi jodi and thank u so much for ur response and support
episode starts with chinki smiling on seeing ‘from address’ she recollects an incident hapend years back
fb shown
Bangalore:exactly 2yrs back from present time
kunj just started his carrier and his first 2 albums are super hit and he became famous
Kunj’s office/music room

he is checking letters which came from his fans,most of them r from girls saying he is handsome hot cute so they like him, love him ,want to marry him, atleast of want
to be a one day girl friend to him
Kunj self talk:(smilingly)nowadays girls are too much,if it continue like this new laws should come in favour of boys,but dissapointed as that no one is saying about his music
his looks fall on a drk blue colour envolope he takes it and says lets see which crazy girl wrote this,opens the letter

hai mr.kunj sarna
i know you r very handsome,cute,hot so many girls propose u and date with u so,i want to clear one thing to you that i am not a girl of that kind and
i wrote this letter to appreciate your
lyrics,your voice and feel in ur singing.i start my day with ur songs ,i celebrate my happyness with ur songs,when i am sad i hear to them so mood gets better and
i spend my lonely time listening to those songs so i wrote this letter to thank u as ur songs fills most of my day….. dont be too glad i am not saying about u
but about your songs

and i want to give a suggestion sum times i feel it feels better if u replace a word in your song with some other word and (she gives some examples for same) by the way
ur really handsome, u can try as a model too,and dont go on date with too many girls, be cautious
TWINKLE taneja (a fan of ur songs but not ur looks)
knuj was surprised and shocked at the same time he smiles and says she is really crazyyyyyyyyyyyy
someone takes letter from his hands who is revealed as chinki
chinki reads the letter and surprised as it is from her cousin and she shares same thing with kunj
she was about to call twinkle kunj stops her saying
KUNJ:no you cant call her,after all she is a fan of my songs,if u reveal this to her i will miss my fan ,let me deal with her and
promise me that u will not share it with her
CHhinki:but kunj she will be very happy knowing this i cant keep this secret
K:even i want to meet her but after some days let us give her a surprise
later kunj replies to her letter

hai miss twinkle taneja
itna tashan ,kuch jada he soch dethe hi app apne bareme let it be i am too much pleased by ur letter and it is best letter i got till now
by the way i am not a kind of guy u thinking of , me too from a good family and still i am vir…. ,i feel happy if u keep writing to me and
ur appreciation bring new strength in me and i am writing this as ur letter and words touched my heart but not ur beauty (ha ha ha)

KUnj sarna(fan of ur apreciation but not u)
fb ends and from that day twinkle and kunj used to write letters to each other, chinki kept her promise given to kunj
twinkle and chinki leave to bangaloor leela was too much upset that she crying like twinkle is going to her sasural,pinni and dadaji consoled her but rt was very happy
even raman was too happy as she is going to fulfill her dreams bubbly asks her to sends her pics from bangaloor and to shop for her
finally chinki and twinkle reach bangaloor (by train)

PRECAP:you all know that twinj meet for first time

friends thank u soo much for ur support and tell me if u feel it boring and
finally friends i am unable to find time for reading ff and commenting but when ever i get time i will read it and give comments as i know comments only become strength of writer

Credit to: Ramya

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  1. plz post the next episode as soon as possible
    loved it to the core

  2. Such a boring epi it was……

    1. k am accepting ur comment and will try to bring sum humour but mean while say me what will be interesting read it i am say ur suggestion i will accept and try to write according to

  3. Star ( Dayne Reddy )

    applause for the storyline not for u..
    hahaha, just kidding !
    very nice, ramya.

  4. Ramya..its really very waesome epiosde..l.l..plss try onto post the nxt part today…eagrly waiting for the next episode

  5. it is awesome…. very new concept loved it….

  6. Bore r u mad …I am still smiling??????

  7. Thank u friends for liking my ff and giving beautiful comments thank u so much

  8. Thank u friends for our cute comments

  9. today’s episode feel like crying 04.03.2016

  10. Awesome…..

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