Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 2


hi friends this is epi @ 2 of rab ne banadi jodi,hope u people will like it

episode starts with chinki being confused with twinkle’s behaviour
twinkle returns with alu bajji and tea
c:twinkle may tuje kuch poochoon
t:ya chinki pooch
c:tuje ye shaadi pasand ni ye kya
t:chinki talk in low voice,tuje yesa kyu lagtha hi
C:kyu ki thu thodsa be upset nahi ho
t:eisa koyi bath nahi hi chinki what i can do if i am upset
C:i know that u r ambitious but muje e bi patha hi ki hamari twinkle rishithonke be jada kyal raktha hi aur unka shadi
thod gaya fir o thodasa be upset nahi, muje lagtha hi ki koyi our bath thi
T:yesa koyi nahi hi chinki(she turns her face other side)
C:thu muje bathade, nahi tho me maaa ko bathadungi
T:k chinki calm down i will tell u,…….if i helped them to get married then why i will be upset
C:(now super shocked) what twinkle what are u saying
T:chinkiiii..calm down
c:twinkle i am very much confused e sub kya hi twinkle
T: rj told me every thing when we met for first time as he was help less he agreed to marry me, he left decision to me
and me too impressed by his honesty agreed for marriage
but oo tho hamesha us ladiki ki yaadome kojatha tha, oo tho shadi ke liye ha kardi lekin us ladiki ko bool nahi paya
after seing all this i thought to meet that girl, first she denied that she still loves him,not at all bothered if he married some one else
but after all i suceeded in convincing her and made a plan that if she tried to commit suicide so he will definitely come to her …..
twinkle smiles and says
finally our plan is sucessful and i am happy that i made true lovers get married and hope that i too get a loving one (my majnu)
C:kisses on twinkle’s cheek and says u are awesome twinkle
T:lekin chinki promise me that you will never reveal it to any one if maa get to know about it then she will kill me
a voice comes lekin muje tho patha chal gaya
they turn to see leela there they are tensed
L:so u did all this and she catches twinkle’s ear and pulls it thu tho ek no ki “syappa queen”i ho lekin ajj ithna bada bath tum hamse chupakar raka
t:maa i am sooooooory plz plz plz muje maf karde plz maaa….
leela leaves her ear and starts crying
L:this is all my mistake i should have given time to you so that you can make a decision instead i emotionally black mailed u
T:nahi maa is me tumhara koyi galthi ni please maa rona math agar app rona band nahi kiya tho may be rona shuru kardetha hoon
L:wipes her tears and says no puttar tu rona math lekin papa kaisa react karegi ye sab sun kar unke tho lagtha hi ki family ka naam barbadh hogaya
RT:comes there (angrily)ha muje tho meri family ka ijjad per jaada kyal hi isliye me twinkle ko yaha rahne nahi doongi
all are tensed T:am so….r….r..y…..papa….
he continues
i decided that twinkle will move to bangaloor……….to work with her fav designer rahul arora
and he hand over a letter to twinkle (appointment letter) all are happy
RT:meri twinkle ke happiness is more important for me
twinkle hugs rt and thanks him

after a week
twinke’s room:
chinki helps twinkle in packing her luggage
C:twinkle i am very happy that u r coming to stay with me now i can do everything which we did in our childhood being with each other i will roam entire bangalore with
my bestie
chinki opens twinkle’s cupboard her looks fall on twinki dvd colection most of them are kunj sarna’s albums
chinki looks at them and reminds something then she sees colourful letters which are arranged very neatly she takes one letter into hands and smiles seing from adress
where it is written as from Mr.KUNJ SARNA

PRECAP:kunj gets a letter from twinkle

friends please let me know if my fanfiction entertaining u people or not if u are bored please suggest me some ideas so i can make it better
after all i am writing it to entertain u so please comment

Credit to: Ramya

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  1. Till now it ws a little dull without our Kunj . I was thinking that how they will meet . But what a connection u hv made !!! Fav !! Are e bohot interesting he . Now I m thinking about their romance . What a twist !! Salute .

    1. thank u chandra i know twinj is incomplete with kunj but it is neccessary for my storyline but in next epi our twinj r going to meet

  2. Its just amazig..plzz update next 1 soon

    1. ya akanksha sure i ll will try

  3. amazing di…u r too good..btw i wrote my first one shot…plzz have a look
    this is the link…plzz tell how is it..

    1. tara i will definitely go through it but i am little busy now thats the reason that i am not commenting on any ff but i will definitely go through it and all other ff and ill share my opinion yaar

  4. Nice….plz… Post next episode today plz …..

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  8. Your ff is realy amazing..
    Upload faster eagerly waiting to know what is gonna happen.

  9. awesome episode

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  12. very interesting. . 3 cheers
    hip hip hurray !!!
    Ur ff is very unique. .. loved it
    keep it up

  13. I wonder what is written in the letter nice going

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  15. Amazing epi…

  16. thank u for ur support now i hv to be very careful to keep the track interesting and please give me ideas which will make u people feel good

  17. Please try to avoid Hindi

    1. k i will try

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