Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 11


hi friends i am soooooo sorry for the confusions which i hv created in previous episode,sorry for the inconviniance and
here i am presenting with epi ten of rab ne banadi jodi i hope you will like it
RECAP:yuvi and kunj saves maahi and kushi from acid attack
yuvi proposes maahi
twinkle asks kunj’s advice regarding rahul’s proposal
and here this epi starts
K:what???????? how can he………propose you
twinkle smiles seing his anger jealous and possessive nature but her smile fades away when
Kunj composes himself,tries to be casual and asks
K:wooooow……… then what did you say?????
kunj thinks babaji i am sorry for not visiting your temple,plz plz plz babaji i promise from today no no from this moment i am ur devotee i will run arround your temple
and i will pray u every day plz plz dont take revenge in this manner
T:she feels sad seeing kunj’s casual behaviour
K:tensed,hello miss twinkle taneja what u had said to him (tries to smile)
T:irritated with his casual behaviour what will i say??? dont u know that i…….
K:surprised…… thinking… what she…..
twinkle thinks when he is not ready to confess then why should i after all i am ms.amrithsir
T:i mean that he is just my boss i hv no feelings on him,hw can i accept his proposal
kunj feels relaxed says problem solved
T:no….. problem started (gives a sad expression)
kunj gives a ?mark expression

fb shown
twinkle says sorry sir i dont have any feelings on you i am sorry
R:its k twinkle take it easy
T:gives a sigh of relief but rahul continues
R:its k if u dont hv feelings now lets date for some days….. may ur opinion changes later on if not then we can break up
T:twinkle looks on
R: its common now a days
T:sir so….rry….i …cant accept it
R:in an angry tone so i am not a right match for u,u think i am not suitable for u i am just an idiot is it what u r thinking
T:no…..sir not like that actually actually
R:what actually
T:i got engaged sir
R:is it true ??u never said about it (gives a suspicious look)
T:actually we got engaged and marriage date not at fixed so i didnt informed u about it,she adds that after long time he is coming to see her so she want to go fast
R:ho really then congratulations and i am sorry for troubling u,go and enjoy
T:thinks ho god buch guy thank u babaji for saving me ,she turns to leave
when rahul calls her twinkle….
twinkle turns to his side
tommorrow is my birthday

T:ho adnvce happy birthday sir she shakes hands with him
R:plz come to the party arranged by me i will introduce u to my collegues
T:sure sir
R:and why dont you bring ur fiancy to the party
R:yes,u said he is coming to bangaloor so bring him to the party after all he is going to marry u
T:(thinks what mess i hv created)sure sir
she leaves
fb ends
kunj starts laughing
K:now i got it….. thats why ur mother used to call u syappa queen it suits u better than twinkle
T:shut up kunj dont u dare to call me syappa queen (she gives a childish look)
K:controls his laugh and says do u really got engaged with sm one i mean secretly
T:wt r u talking…..i said it for name sake
K:then why did u added that he is coming to meet u
T:ho i thought he wil leave me fast but he invited him to party(she makes faces)
K:burts out laughing he is unable to control
she throws a glass of water on him
K:what…ru doing
T:i shared my problem with u but ur laughing i didnt expect this from u she leaves in anger
K:ho no kunj u r an idiot he goes behind her
at w&w company:

finally they completed their project and submitted it to the respective company and waiting for result
yuvi checks on laptop for email which is yet to come finally it arrives
YUVI:reads it loud sayng they liked our work want todo more projects with us and they transferred the amount to their company
hearing this all got happy and excited
cherry who was super excited lifted chinki in his arms and made rounds arround he placed her down and suddenly he kissed her on her cheek(very sweet pek)
he left from there leaving chinki surprised
chinki keeps her hand on her cheek and still in shock
yuvi sees this and smiles
Y:ahem ahem what’s happening here
CHINKI blushes
Y:chinki you know what?he is seing at cherry celebrating with his staff he is childish,he may look like flirting but his heart is clean and like mirror and if u see in that mirror you will find some special person
chinki sees like who it is
YUVI points at the corner of the room
chinki sees there and finds a mirror (she sees her self in it)
Y:yes chinki…. it is you in his heart and u know what? he cant live for a second in ur absence dont miss him for silly reasons just go and say ur feelings to him
yuvi leaves
Chinki stares at cherry lovingly remembering their past moments

at flat:
twinkle in her room kunj comes there
twinkle turns her face away
K:i am sorry twinki i am really sorry
twinkle didnt looks at him and involves in her work
K:i am sorry yaar plz forgive me
T:still not listening to him
K:so u will not talk to me i had a plan to break ur silence
twinkle looks like do u think so
kunj sees like yes i will
he moves towards her,close to her
T:twinkle remembers the rainy night and gets scared
ku…nj what r doing why r u coming close
kunj didnt speak and moves even close to her
he starts tickling her
she controls her laugh and tries to avoid but finally gives up and smiles
kunj says finally u smiled and lets think about it we together can make a plan

after a while
K:twinki i got an idea but u will not agree
T:say it yaar
K:no u cant agree for it
T:come on kunj first say it
K:k dont blame me after wards
K:actually ….actually why dont i mean shall we…. u and me
T:what u and me say it fast
K:k what if i act like ur to be husbend in party………..he is tensed…..
twinkle gives an angry look ….
K: i dont mean…that…..
T:she laughs and says its a greatttttt idea
K&Tsmiles at each other thay share a thums up
then cherry chinki and yuvi enters house shouting
they share their happy news with twinj….. all of them will hv a nice time(actually party time)

PRECAP:some cute moments btw our three love couples

sorry for any grammer mistakes and please give ur valuable comments and support me

Credit to: Ramya

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