Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 10 (original)

hai friends i am here with my original story line of rab ne banadi jodi which is based on my dream sequence
here it goes
twinkle:ambitious fashion designer ,only doughter of rt and leela she canceled her own marriage to unite true lovers rajesh and reeta
u know about that sequence
Kunj sarna:singer started his carrier by producing his own albums,and impressed by twinkle’s letter nd used to write to her

chinki uvi cherry being kunj’s friends and software engineers
rt encourages twinkle and allows her to go a head on her ambition so,she is going to bangaloor with chinki
upto here all the story line is similar but original starts here
chinki’s look falls on kunj’s letter, she remembers a past event and smiles but her smile fades away by remembering the present situation
twinkle comes there and sees chinki seeing the the letter
T:takes over the letter and says see chinki this idiot stopped writing to me dont know what happnd may be very busy with his girl friends

chinki looks her with a fake smile …… lost in her thoughts chinki……chinkiiii……….twinkle calls her
T:come on chinki we r getting late we can talk later come on soon chinki follows her
they reach bangaloor and reaches their flat yuvi gives them a grand welcome they started chatting and time passes, its by 8 pm when some one knocks the door
C:twinkle please open the door yaar i am busy in kitchen
twinkle goes and opens the door she sees kunj there just like very tired and she says kuuuu…..nj
kunj was not at all concious and he was about to fall on twinkle, it was cherry who holds him on time and moves towards his room to make him rest there
Twinkle was super shocked (not due to seing kunj there but knowing the fact that kunj was “DRUNKEN”

this is my actual story line for rub ne banadi jodi but changed it thinking that i cant carry sad emotions exactly but after all it is my
inspirstion to write an ff and keeping the title rab ne banadi jodi so i decided to present it to you ppl please give suggestion whether i should continue it
(rab ne banadi jodi original)along with rab ne banadi jodi our twinj ka ya i should stop it

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  1. m bit confused di..can u plzz explain…

    1. actually imy story line is different exclusively on kunj and twinkle and it is a bit sad initially
      there will be no twinj knok jok and so that i changed storyline after twinkle arriving to bangaloor original story is that kunj becomes a drink addict due to some reason,what is that reason,what changes twinkle’s entry bring in his life and how twinkle and kunj will become twinj………in this story there is yuvi chinry

      1. i got a dream some days back in which a girl’s(like twinkle) marriage was broken……. her friend( like chinki) convinces the girl to come along for climatic change where she will meet a boy(like kunj) with whom she will fall in love………..i cant say more about my dream as it will be the climax so now its your turn shall i continue it with different name r should i stop it here

      2. sorry not yuvi but no yuhi i mean maahi,it will be short and may be 5 or six episodes ,but i will continue if u want me to continue

    2. i think i cant proceed with title rbj as it will create many confusions

  2. I am confused…plz explain

  3. yes ramya plz continue it…

  4. Ummm I didn’t get u ramay dii…cud u plzzz explain

  5. Muskan{News reporter}

    Nice one

  6. I m confused pls explain

  7. The episode was nice n I would like to know about your dream sequence..everyone else who is reading the comment I wanted to say sorry to all of u coz I’m not able to comment on all your ffs due 2 internet issues..otherwise u also know that I always comment on your ffs. Once again sorry:(

  8. Kind of confused but I like the concept

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