Rab ne banadi jodi (our twinj ka) Episode 1

Taneja mansion :all are busy in wedding preparations
raman and bubbly were attending guests,dadaji comes there and asks about pinni, raman and bubbly sees each other and smiles
raman:she is busy in her work it may take hours,dadaji understnds and smiles(pinni was busy with her friends showing her sarees that were designed
by twinkle specially for her)
twinkle is in white and blue dress(she wore in episode of exposing purvi)doing puja
says babaji u always stood on my side and now i am starting a new relationship and i hv to be part of a new family please give me strength to get some place in every
ones heart there bless me babaji she does aarthi and gives prasad to every one and takes their blessings

T: maa ..shall i go to gurudwar today
L:ha puttar ja lekin jaldi aaja she asks pinni and bubbly to accompany her

after some time raman comes to leela who is very busy in making preparations for twinkle’s mehandi function
R:di i want to talk to u
L:ha raman bhol kya bath karni hi raman was about to talk but leela feels dizzy drinks water she asks raman to speak
he says nothing and goes to rt
rt was on phone

R:jiju i hv to talk to u
RT:no raman i am busy now we cn talk later
R:no jijaji i hv to talk rt says i hv to call many guests we can talk later
raman bursts out there is no need to call any one
RT looks on and asks what did u say
R: (he shouts) this marriage will not happen as rajesh already got married……… all are shocked
some glass breaking sound comes and they turn to see leela who was about to fall but twinkle holds her on time (who just came inside the house returning from gurudwar)
they make leela rest on sofa, drink something she wakes up,sees twinkle and about to say something
T:maa please take rest we can talk later
R:pur puttar…….
T:raman mama please i dont want listen anything and leaves to her room all become sad
same day in the evening
every one in the house was sad and lost in their thoughts
fb shown
raman gets a call from rajesh
R:kya rajesh it seems that you are missing twinkle but cant make her talk to you as she left for gurudwar

RJ:no uncle i want to talk to u
R:with me what do you want dowry or anything else say no prblm
RJ:no uncle i called u to say something imp ..after a small gap he says i am sorry
R:sorry lekin kyu
RJ:kyu ki…..may twinkle se shaadi nahi karsakthi hoon
R:(confused and shocked) what did u say
RJ:uncle i am already married so i cant marry twinkle
R:what the hell r u talking if ur married then why you accepted to this marriage what is this nonsense
RJ i had a girlfriend but my parents didnt like her so they fixed my mrrg with twinkle and forced me too
R:in much angry if u hv guts to get married to her then why did u accept twinkle and why u didnt do it much before engagement and all… i will not leave ur family
RJ:can understand ur anger but my girlfriend attempted suicide and admitted in hospital i cant leave her in such situation and please forgive me
R:dont even dare to ask forgive ness u played with hearts of two girls and finally saying sorry u are an idiot thank god my twinkle buch guy tumse
rajesh was about to say some thing but raman cuts the call and feels helpless and thinks how to tell all this to family
fb ends
chinki comes to taneja’s house

she didnt find twinkle any where and asks leela
L:chinki accha huva thu agay ja jakar twinkle se bath kar ye tho subha se akela rahgay
twinkle’s room
only a bed lamp is on she is sitting on her study chair near window with closed eyes
some one switches on the lights and keeps hand on her shoulder she turns around to find chinki
T:(smiling)arey chinki thu kab agay k bet ja i will bring u something
to eat
chinki was shocked by twinkle’s behaviour she was not at all upset infact she is listening to songs and on table in front for her has a drawing (actually a new costume which she is going to design)

PRECAP:twinkle is going to fulfil her dreams

thank u so much friends for ur response which gave me strength to write second episode and i thought to write it on march 2 as i am going to write my exam on sunday but u made me to write it today it self

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  1. The storyline is very unique, different than all of the ffs, all the best and I must appreciate your thoughts and writing skills

    1. thank u soo much

  2. di will ywinj meet..can’t wait for that..anyways ur ff is really very diff and i liked it very much..
    btw all the best for xams

  3. ya tara they will meet but it takes atleast two episodes to show them together

  4. wow…awesome plot

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  6. Nice one

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