Rab ne bana diya Jodi – part 2


Okk guys..here’s the 2 episode..

I had joined my job and i used to go everyday by bus.but papa forced me to travel by vehicle.i agreed and he bought me scooty.it was that day i saw him first.i wasn’t good at riding and he was cmng in bike from the opposite side.i couldnot contol my vehicle and we both collided.i got few bruises and i looked at him,
Sam:hey L Board!!can”t u see……….ur dad didnot teach u to put indicator??
Su:srry sir…..,i quitely went off.the next day unexpectedly we met again at the same place ……i had hit his bike again!!!(she smiles…).
Sam: ho god!!!this girl seems to be insane….why always me??u seriously ve a licence?
Su: yes….hello its not just my mistake…i guess ur blind mister…
Sam:whatever girl…next time the same thing happens…
Su:hooohooo..what will u do?will u slap me??
Sam:its better leaving …bye L BOARD…

LATER i saw him again…his bike was punctured and he was in a hurrry..i slowed down and lent him help..
Su: help??
Sam:unless u don”t kill me…we both laughed…
From then we had become very close friends……in fact he even helped me learn to ride fast .those r unforgettable days.few day later i had to attend a meeting at mumbai…i was perfectly alright when i left..but slowly i felt very uncomfortable..i was missing his smile,his calls,his laughter….HIS COMPANY..
I reached mumbai,finished my conference and went to balcony to refresh myself .i just couldnot stop thinking of him.there was heavy rains.there wasn’t signal to call him.suddenly i heard some noise down.
It was him…the security was shooing him away but he was trying to tell something.he was kneeling down with open arms(mad fellow…she smiles) saying,”suhani….i don’t know if im acting normal..but one thing..i’m going mad of u since yesterday…I LOVE U SUHANI!!!Can u cure my craziness please??

I was awestruck ith what just had happened.i had happy tears runnimg down my cheeks.i couldn’t believe he had all the way just for me..i immediately rushed inside .took a big piece of cardboard and wrote” I LUV U TOO”…AND ran back to balcony.there he was waiting for my reply.i lifted the board and showed him my answer….and from then we became one happy couple…but i not expect god would snach away all my happiness very soon..
3 months later…
Sam:suhani ….pplease lend me ur hand..
He made me wear a beautiful ring and said” suhani..u made my life crispy this past 3 months..and i luv to be like this forever wid u…..but i ve to tell u something..i’m leaving to U.S Next month..i’ve got my dream job finally..its a contract of 6 years..
I started weeping …he gave me another ring and i made him wear that.we had got engaged..i was to get seperated from him for next 6 years..bt what ahppened next seperated us forever…
1 month later…sambhav’s friend called me saying he had met wid an accidnt in U.S and his parents had bought him bacjk yesterday..i immediately left to meet him..

At his home..he was partially laying down on his bed and had no expression on his face.i started shivering as i neard him.
Su:sambhav…how r u??
Sam:yeah…i’m ok now….i’m sorry but mom said i’ve forgotten everything that happened recently…so u r??
My head started spinning…..i felt like the earth had becomr still suddenly……my vision went blurry….
Then it started …my problem…even today i see him…we act like we r just old friends…(she cries…)
Shardh comes in and lends tissue paper to yuvraj…he feels really bad for her
Y: suhani….super love story…now u take rest…ill see u today evening…

At cash countr, suhani is paying her bills while yuvraj tries stopping her kindly and says he’ll pay the bills.
Su:mister!!i don”t need any sympathy here…and don’y u dare take advantage of me..i already said u i can’t forget him..

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