rab ne bana diya jodi (part 11)

Hey friends…….. sorry guys for posting late….. actually I am going an educational tour from my college so I don’t write anything……….so guys today I came with 2nd last episode of this ff ………..

Recap:some romantic scene of kanchi

So let’s start today episode

?Ring + sangeet ceremony?
So 7days passed away and today is our Sanchi’s engagement.(actually I am very poor quality writer to describe wedding ceremony.if i do some mistake please forgive me friends.)

Sanchi wearing a white and pink colour mixed grown with matching earring.she is looking like a princess.kabir wearing a white shirt with black colour blazer and black pant.he is looking so charming and handsome like a prince who came to took her princess.every girl wearing white or pink colour dress and every boys wearing black or white colour dress.kanchi are standing in middle of the engagement hall.sunil,jaya,sunny,dadi, ashok,khusboo,pragya,isha,priya,riyastanding besides sanchi and mr.kapoor,kusum,veer,karan,savitri,dadi,sanket,virkant ,Garv standing besides kabir.sunil give sanchi a beautiful ring and say it put on kabir finger. Sanchi took the ring and hold kabir hand put that ring on his finger looking at his eyes and kabir also looking at her.then kabir turn came.kusum give him a ring.kabir kneeled down in front of her and took her hand.

Kabir:sanchi today I want to told you something……. Sanchi you are the 1st girl for whom i feel something in my heart after my mom.i love you as much that much i love my mom,dad and bhai and as much that much i respect sunil sir sorry sunil papa……I wants you as a life partner in my every birth amy every breath…..I love u so much sanchi………I always try to protect you from every danger….. You are my life sanchi my mishri……..will you marry me sanchi…….will you ready to accept this khadoos as your life and death partner……

Hearing his words tears came from her eyes.

Sanchi:yes…..(saying she stands up kabir……..Kabir wearing the ring on sanchi finger……and sanchi hugged him tightly.this is the tears of happiness.kabir also reciprocate her hugs.everyone clapped for them.then our gang doing a special performance for our kanchi.sunil,jaya and mr.kapoor,kusum are also dancing on a song.isha and karan performed a romantic dance(kabira song fromYJHD film). praveer doing a beautiful and romantic dance.(tum hi ho ),priya +sanket and riya + virkant dance on (rabba rabba from hero panti film),then our kanchi dance on a romantic song dil diya galliyan.at last every one dance on kaala cheshma song with black sunglass.

?Mehendi ceremony?

Sanchi wearing sky and white colour long kurti.kabir wearing a sky and white colour combinate dress.pragya and isha put mehendi on Sanchi’s hand.kabir stared at her from some distance.sanchi also looking at him.pragya notice that and signal isha.isha quickly take kabir there and asked kabir to find his name on Sanchi’s hand.told him if don’t find that then he also write sanchi name on his hand.kabir agree with them.then he start to find his name on her hand but he failed to find his name on her hand.so pragya and isha write Sanchi’s name on kabir hand by mehendi.then everyone dance on mehendi laga ke rakhba song from DDLJ film.

After sometime sanchi went to her room with pragya and isha.sanchi wash her hands and saw her hands mehendi colours is so dark and the middle of her hand where kabir name is writing is so dark and turn a beautiful colour.
Prasha taunts her so much.pragya and isha also write their lover name on their hands and their mehedi also take dark colour of love.then prasha going from Sanchi’s room.sanchi stay there because she wants to change her dress.then she change her dress and going towards the ceremony hall.but in the middle some one pulled her on storeroom and he puts one hand on her mouth.s o he is none other than our kabir.he locked the store room.he pinned sanchi in the wall.the he holds her by her waist and pulled her towards him. Sanchi wrapped hands on his neck and he puts his hand on Sanchi’s waist.they lost into each other eyes.
Sanchi:why you speak lie……

Kabir:what I speak lie…..

Sanchi:i know you found your name on my hand……then you told them you didn’t find your name…….

Kabir:ohhhhh…….if I don’t speak lie then how I put your name on my hands…….. Sanchi i wants to see you something…… please you closed your eyes……..

Sanchi:i also wants to see you something…….

Kabir:first i told ………so 1st chance is mine understand sweetheart…..

Sanchi:ha……..my dear pati dev……

Saying this she closed her eyes.then kabir unbutton his two 2 bottom of his shirt and took Sanchi’s hand put her hand on his barely right chest and then he asked her open her eyes.so she slowly open her eyes and shocked to see her and kabir name is writing on his chest.

Sanchi:what it this kabir……..why you do this stupidity thing

Kabir:sanchi you are not happy to see that
Sanchi;kabir it is not my happiness which hurt you ………I know you feels so much pain kabir….
Saying this she caressed that place of his chest lovingly and tears came down from her eyes.kabir quickly cupped her face by his hands and wiped her tears and hugged her tightly.she also reciprocate his hug.

Kabir: sanchi please don’t cry ……it’s hurt me so much more than that pain……. it’s not pain me sanchi……when I write your name on my chest ………I remember only you then all my pain gone sanchi………but some little pain is still there……..I think they wants some medicine(say with a naughty look)

Sanchi understand his intention and she kissed on his chest.

Kabir:now all pain is gone sweet heart…….by the way you also say about something.

Sanchi breaks the hug and turned into backside and put her hair one side.then kabir saw same sanchi love kabir write on her shoulder.he was also shocked seeing this and he going to say som but before that sanchi put her finger on his lip…….
Sanchi:no any other questions why I do this………I do this because I want you with me everytime.

Saying this both lost in each other eyes.this time an emotional and wonderful eye lock.t hen their lips came close.then what is happening we are all know friends a cute and beautiful and wonderful and passionate liplock.

So today I end here

If I do grammatical errors and spelling mistakes then please forgive me friends…….. Thanks a lot all my friends for supporting me….lots of loves,hugs and kisses for all my dear friends……..take care yourself friends……….☺?☺?

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