rab ne bana diya jodi (part 12) last part

Recap: kanchi’s ring,mehendi and sangeet ceremony

Today is the last part of this ff

Haldi ceremony

Both kabir and sanchi dressed up with yellow colour dress and everyone also dressed up with yellow colour.first everyone put haldi on kabir face then they applied haldi on sanchi.then everyone one busy with playing holi with haldi.

Now haldi ceremony is end.its time for kanchi marriage.
So now directly we go into kanchi’ ka wedding place

Both sanchi and kabir sitting besides each other.sanchi wearing a red color laehenga with beautiful jewellery and she is looking gorgeous. Kabir wearing golden colour sherwani.he is also looking handsome and gorgeous.both groom and bride looking at each other and a sweet smile appears on their ‘s face.sunil came for kannya dhan.then jaya do their ghutbandhon.after that panditji told them for stands up and do phera.they do the phera.they promise each other that they always standing each other side every bad and good time.then kabir fulfil Sanchi’s hairline with sindoor and wears her nuptial chain.then panditji say that from today they called husband wife and told them for take blessings from their elders.they take blessings from their elders.

After that bidai ritual came

Sanchi crying hugging jaya,sunil,sunny.they are also crying.
Then kabir took her from there and now they came to kapoor’s mansion.there kusum and isha do sanchi’s graha probesh.

Now we came to our kanchi room.its their own 1st night.

Sanchi sitting on bed.then she heard someone opened the door.he is none other than kabir.kabir came inside and closed the door.sanchi feels some nervous when she saw kabir came to her.kabir came towards her side besides her and lay down and put his head on Sanchi’s lap.sanchi slowly carries his head.they are busy in talked about each other feelings.then they involved in a romantic passionate liplock.then you all know which is happening.

Here i take 2years leap

After kanchi’s marriage it’s their 2nd anniversary.in this 2year many things is happen.after 1year of kanchi marriage kapoor’s family gets a new family members.friends this new family members give by our karan bhai and isha bhabhi.isha gave birth twin beautiful baby girls. Sanchi named elder girl ishika and isha named younger girl radhika.then praveer marriage is happening.

So now came to present

In kapoor mansion
Everyone standing in front of god idol. Kabir and sanchi doing arti.then they took blessing from god.then they took blessing from their elders.

At night in kanchi room

The room is decorated with flowers and candle.sanchi standing in front of mirror wearing a red color sari and she is looking hot.then some hugged her from behind.iys ofcourse kabir.

Kabir:sanchi you are looking hot in this sari.i can’t control myself sweetheart.(,saying this he romantically kissed on her neck.)

Sanchi:so I am looking hot only on this sari…..(say with fake angry tone)

Kabir:no baby you are looking hot in every dress.you are the most hottest lady sona…..

Sanchi:so I am hot not beautiful……..(saying with a fake angry tone)
Kabir:no baby you are so beautiful but still hot……(saying this he continue his romance)

He turned Sanchi’s face towards him.then he put his hands on her waist and she puts her hand on his neck.they look at each other eyes and lost in each other eyes.slowly slowly their lips came closer.but suddenly sanchi feel something dizzy so she hugged kabir tightly.

Kabir:what happens sanchi……tum thik toh ho na…..

Sanchi:i don’t know kabir ……what happened i am feeling dizzy….

Kabir lift her and lay down her on bed nd he also laydown beside her and hugged each other tightly and they fall asleep.

In morning at break fast table.
Kabir,mr.kapoor and karan,kusum eat their breakfast.isha in kitchen.and sanchi feeding ishika and radhika. suddenly she rush to bathroom and vomiting.everyone is worried seeing her like this.isha and kabir also go behind her.samchi wash her face and turned to go but she fainted and kabir holds her and pick up her to their room.isha checked her and say she is pregnant.sanchi get her conscious.everyone is very happy they congrats kanchi.kabir hugged sanchi and kissed on her forehead.

After 9months sanchi gave birth a beautiful and cute boy and pragya also gave birth a beautiful and cute boy.kanchi named their son vikram and praveer named their son varun.and they all lived a beautiful life.

The end

So friends i end this ff here.sorry friends for update late please forgive me.and also forgive me for any mistakes in the episode.please yaar put you opinion by likes,dislikes and comment s.lots of love,hugs and kisses for all my sweet friends.takecare all my friends.

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  1. Hey anu it’s amazing dear. Please come back with next ff or fs whatever you want. What you decide about god make pairs please tell us if you have interest then complete that one but decision is all yours. Take care

    1. Anu88

      Thanks a lot dear…….I will try to post on that ff yaar……love u lots dear

  2. that was lovelly
    do come back with new kanchi ff
    will be waiting

    1. Anu88

      Thanks yaar

  3. Swethaa

    aww sooo amazing…beautiful ending…
    waiting for your next story dear..

    1. Anu88

      Thanks a lot yaar

  4. Ziyarasheed

    Happy ending…sad and happy. Happy ?because it ended happily. Sad? because it ENDED. It was good episode dear. But I felt you rushed it a little bit…loved the cute nokjhok in hot saree…?
    Do come back soon with a new one

    1. Anu88

      Thanks dear……I will try to post soon

  5. Its a beaitiful ending….. Loved it very much

    1. Anu88

      Thanks a lot yaar

  6. Aafiya

    Happy ending…
    Do come up with a new ff..
    Take care…

    1. Anu88

      Thanks dear

  7. Priyanshipp

    Amazing one anu yaar sari wala nok jhok se mujhe swarda vikram ki offscreen interview ki yaad aa gyi same aise hi hua tha but I’m sad yaar ye end ho gya… come as soon as possible with a new ff… take care ☺☺

    1. Anu88

      Ha yaar……I write those lines remembering their interview yaar……I love this interview so much……. Thanks a lot dear

  8. Beautiful ending….loved it to the core….Waiting for ur next off or fs….lots of love to u ?

    1. Anu88

      Thanks dear

  9. Riyarocks

    Anu………..full on express train ki speed………..haha………..amazing dear………….finally kanchi ka beta…………vikram………wow…………..luv u a lot sweety………….& jaldi ek aur amazing plot ke saath loutna hai tumhe…………bye………tc & keep smiling

    1. Anu88

      Thanks a lot dear…..I will try to post soon dear

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