Rab ne bana diya Jodi – part 1


So guys I’m karthik this is my first ff, I would like to give a new flavor of love to suhani and yuvraj character. So lease do comment and let me know ur views.

At suhani’s home
Suhani’s parents discuss about her new alliance.
L:suhani they seem to be very good family. Who doesn’t know BIRLA House! Tell me.
P:Yes suhaani, what do u think??
S: papa ur Happy right? Then even I’m happy!
She gets up and leaves for her job.
2 months later, At wedding night
B:suhani just forget everything and begin this new life God has given u.. I’m sure ull be very happy here.
Suhani smiles and looks at yuvraj.
He looks at her and gives a fake smile.. Sharadh looks on
Sh:guru u promised me that u ll take this marriage seriously.. Please don’t keep ur face like this
Yuvraj grins at him. Later after their marriage everyone bid suhani a happy farewell.
At Birla house
Pratima, rags and menaka take the newly Wed couple’s Aarti and welcome them home.
P:sharadh why haven’t they still spoken to each other??
Sh:mausi don’t worry.. Things will change soon.
P:no beta I’m worried.. Was he really interested in this Marriage?
Sharadh console Pratima and takes the newly Wed couple inside.

3 days later, both yuvi and suhani r on their on ways… They still r strangers… One night…
Yuvi’ ‘s prov
I guess she’s really stubborn and silent whatever I don’t care… I’ll never change for anyone! I did this just for mom.
Suhani comes inside the room and avoids looking at yuvi. She quietly removes a cute teddy bear from her bag and places it next to her bed and smiles looking at it. But then suddenly becomes sad and lays down on the bed separating herself from yuve using pillows.
Yuvi looks on and sits down on the bed and starts watching TV.
She gets really irritated as he keeps changing the channel at high volume. She simply gets off the bed and calls bhavna
Su:hello? Don’t u have sense. R u human or an animal?? Can’t u see someone is next to u? U senseless idiot. Just shut the TV and sleep..
B: hello(in a sleepy tone).. Suhani what’s wrong wid u?? What bakwaas?
Suhani cuts the call and goes back to bed.
Yuvi is puzzled and realizes she had scolded him indirectly.
He gets angry and puts on more volume. She starts crying and covers her ears wid pillow.
Suddenly suhani starts shivering and she falls off her bed.
Yuvraj gets tensed and immediately rushes to check her. She starts suffering from serious FIX. HE calls on sharadh and admitts her at hospital.

At hospital
Nurse:* sir may I know ur wife’s name?
Yuvi is blank”, sorry but I don’t know her name”
Sharadh interrupts and says “suhani Birla” and looks on at Yuvi angrily.
Later suhani recovers,
Yuvi goes in and asks her, “suh now that u ve dis problem it’s necessary for me to know the history of ur problem?… Friends??… He puts his hand forward expecting a hand shake..
She doesn’t react, she just turns off her face and tells,

Precap : su:his name is SAMBHAV…. my first love of my life… It is because of him I’m like this today… She breaks down and cries…

Credit to: Karthik

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  1. Awesome.. continue soon….

  2. i watch rajarani 5 times

    1. Resiel

      Ya me also think that its story of rajarani but continue its pleasure to see YuvAni as them

      1. Nithu

        Yea..i was also going to tell the same…its same as rajarani..but its gud..nice idea…

  3. karthik its a scene already in tamil movie.. RAJA RANI film directed by ATLEE.

  4. karthick here so many tamil fans also here so dnt cheat us.. anywag all th best fr u new ff

  5. Jenny_moon

    Guys u can’t do this he have written this even if it is a part of raja Rani he have depicted it well it’s really nice karthik and continue……..

  6. Plz continue karthik

  7. but i also like theway he write so please cont the ff,,,fighting,,,

  8. Karthik neenga tamil ah

    1. Yes I’m from chennai

  9. Yea me too loved it, 😀 ,,,bt plz don’t show Nagin Soumya as Yuvraj’s ex-lover if it’s lyk Rajarani

    1. roz superb 😀 😀 😀

      1. 😀 😀 😀

  10. komal sontani

    Superbbbbb continue dear

  11. frnd. this is same as rajarani.u can wtite differently.hospital thak k.uske baad alag write karna.warna bore hai.Anyway nice starting.

  12. Sorry guys ???… Was really bored so tried something like this.. Thanx for ur support

    1. Resiel

      Continue but add something special out of Rajarani

  13. Nithu

    Yea i also agree wid both jenny n ci…evn though v ppl saw that movie we all dint get an idea…to write a ff…

  14. suprb profile.Dint see ever.

  15. hi guys am glad to meet u all … ok karthick we ill keep supporting to u …

  16. Aqsxxh

    Amazing! I liked it! I have never watched the movie so please carry on the way you are going!

  17. Karthik if I’m not wrong then this is the Raja Rani movie’s story line right? Anyways continue writing. And one more thing Naanum Tamil thaan..

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