Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi……….. RagLak…..(Prologue)


hi guys… tq so. much for the comments you showed on intro.. guys I’ll tell it’s a revenge, love drama… I hope you’ll like it.. here’s the prologue and I’ll update 1st episode on next year…

scene 1,
a young boy, who’s about 16 age waking.. his face is pale and no expression.. the camera is running.. its was a video..
voice : who do you like most in this world..?
a girl’s voice chime from the behind of camera…by her voice, she thinks he’ll say her name.. . the boy looked at the camera..
boy : sharks!

the boy said…
boy :(explain what does he mean) there is no one who loves sharks.. all were thinking it as a horrible man eating animals… even a human has so many fans but shark are not.. in my view, I’ll say that’s sharks are pity as me..
the boy said and walks out of camera..

the scene cuts to real, a 26 years age young man is watching it.. while he watches it, he got tears in his eyes.. he off the camera and wiped his eyes.. he was in a plane..
voice :(the girl’s voice from the camera) what about if one day I dissappeared?
voice :(boyf from camera) I’ll search for you..
girl’s voice : what if you didn’t found me..
boy’s voice : no matter what, I’ll search for you till my last breathe.. as I have hope that i’ll find at any cost…
the voices echoed on the young man’s ear…

scene 2,
a woman is shown, wearing a white half gown dress.. she is smiling at the people. another woman of wearing the big elegant bride dress came outside of a room.. she came and stand beside the half gown woman…the woman is the bridegroom’s friend.
bridegroom :(happily) how am i?
girl :(smiling) looking beautiful..
she said and turns straight..

scene 3,
the same man comes to the wedding hall… he was looking down all the way as the people were passing.. he looked at them as he knows them well but didn’t want them to remember him.. he hopes that no one is watching him and makes his way up, up and to the bridegroom room..
the girl see his face through the throng …her face turns gravely.. they stare at each other, neither breaking the other gaze.. as the young boy answers the girl’s question in the camera..

boy : because, I’ll search till the day I found you… because, till I find you, I’ll not die..
in the wedding hall, the girl watches the man intently till the man dissappeared into the crowd…thr girl follow, even her friends called her, until she stands at top of the winding stairs while he stand at the below ..
but in the moments before she finds him… the man with clunching his fist and holding tears, his aloof facade melting for the briefest of moments, and then a flashback.. him holding his death father…him standing in the phone booth right before a truck careened into it..

the man uses the flash back to steel himself so that he can turn back to her with the most coldest and detached expression, one that stops her death at track.. words he want to say to her or maybe just himself, float through the air as he leaves from there…


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guys, so say how’s it? do you like it? I’m eagerly waiting to know your review? read and let me know… bye guys… wish you a advance happy new year to all my lovely silent and open readers…bye…

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  1. nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing plzzz be regular don’t be late we miss raglak so much so plzz give more raglak ff writer bcoz this is only way we can feel our raglak with us plZzzzzzzz and all those raglak writers

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  3. A.xx

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    It’s damn interesting
    Totally amazing update
    Nd it seems totally different
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

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    Interesting dear

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    Interesting start dr….

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    omg its quite interesting

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    interesting loved it

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    Superbbbb!!!loving it a lot…soo interestng yaaar!!!keep rockng n stay blessed 😉 😀

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    awesome akka….

  17. Interesting episode

  18. Happy New yr nd superb part


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