Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi……….. RagLak…..(Episode 1)

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scene 1,
12 years ago, laksh(his real through this story is namish but I’ll say Laksh only ..) is standing beside of looking like jungle.. he was in silence and looked up at the sky…
while he was looking up at the sky, Ragini who was in a run collapse on him without noticing each other… they fell down… ragini’s hair covered both sides without revealing a little side…
there is no one around… they looked at each other…
ragini : oops, sorry…
ragini said and get up from on him…. Laksh stood up and wave the dust away from his shirt..
ragini : hi, I’m Ragini! you?
Laksh looked at her…
Laksh : oh, Laksh..
they shook their hands with each other and smiles… there is a foot step sound suddenly… Ragini heard it and dragged Laksh behind a bush… Laksh looked confused…
Laksh : why are we here?
Ragini : shhh,
ragini signed at him… Laksh saw two men walking while searching something…
Laksh :(whispers) who are they? why are they doing?
ragini : shhh!
Ragini said… the two men walked away from there… Ragini sighed.. she looked at laksh..
ragini : come!
ragini walk out while Laksh followed her behind… Ragini stands in the middle of road..
Laksh : who are you? why you hid when they came here?
ragini : because they are behind me..
Laksh looked confused..
ragini : because, I’m running away from my house..
laksh looked shocked and looked at her… Ragini winks her one eye at him and laughs.. Ragini saw a food stall nearby and dragged Laksh there to eat…
they reached and Laksh looks scared…
Ragini : starving!
she looks around the foods and looked yummy…
ragini : give me the pani puri.. don’t you eat? (looking at laksh)
laksh nodded no… Ragini leaves him and took the pani puri in her hand..
ragini : hmmm, yummy..
she looks beside and noticed Laksh is nowhere to be found… she looks around and saw laksh walking away from her…

scene 2,
in present tense, Ragini and her bride friend, her husband and ragini’s friends were enjoying a party in the groom’s house… the house is filled with their laugh…
Rajveer : now, Ragini’s speech for our loveable couple friends!
Rajveer clapped and others follow him… Ragini looked shy and sat still… beside her the bride name shrishti…
shrishti : speak up…
she motivates her whine ragini said no… the others insisted and ragini okayed…
ragini stand up from her chair and looks around…
ragini : it’s a beautiful night and day for shrishti and her husband yash… I wishing them a happy married life.. for them, live a happy life with cute fights… because there is no interest without any twist..thank you ..
ragini looks… while other’s cheers to her… Ragini sat down on chair and looks…

scene 3,
there to the house where Ragini enjoying party came… he entered into the house… yash father omkr came to him..
omkar : come in, come in…
Laksh nods and greets him… he came to yash and shrishti and wishes them… Ragini remember him in the wedding hall… laksh looked at her and walks to the balcony…
ragini’s friend varun who’s inebriated and isn’t in his sense stood up…
others : make him sit..
ragini laughs… varun didn’t listened and starts to do things in his own..
varun : in this happy day, we’re missing our one of best friend, Laksh,!
the man beside him makes him sit down… ragini’s smiles faded to sad… shrishti puts her hand on ragini..
shrishti : don’t mind it
ragini : no.
ragini got up from the seat and walks to the balcony… while shrishti looked at Ragini concernly…
ragini tied her hands together and looked out from the balcony… the chilling breeze touched her suface and she can feel it…
Laksh who heard the whole conversation came to ragini… Ragini looked at him and remember..
ragini : you’re in the wedding hall, right?
Laksh : yes.
he nodded in a business man level… Ragini smile at him..
Laksh : I’m Lakshya Maheshwari
ragini : I’m Ragini..
they shook hands with each other and smiled…

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